Long-term hair styling. technology features and care tips

The mysterious word "carving" in the hairdressers' lexicon appeared not so long ago, it flashed into the media even later, and therefore not everyone knows what it generally refers to. It turns out this is just a long-term hair styling, in the form of curls, fixed by special chemical means.

Long-term hair styling: technology features

Long-term hair styling

Today, time has become a particularly valuable factor, because any ways to save it for routine tasks are perceived more than positively. In particular, every girl knows what amount of time is required for elementary fees, which include not only personal hygiene, but also make-up and styling. Last in duration often overlaps everything else. And, proceeding from so customary women's problems, masters of hairdresser's art created an innovation called carving. In essence, this is the same styling curls, but using funds that ensure fixation not just for a day or a week, but for a whole month.

If before the carving, the total was the same for everyone, then today there is an opportunity to choose a version for yourself. The procedure is performed using hair curlers of various sizes and shapes: here you can find boomerangs, spirals, and many others.

But what kind of hair is suitable for such a procedure? It is shown by short or medium length hair. Curls to the waist to expose to chemicals is almost useless: even if they are thin, due to the considerable length they become heavy. Such curls very quickly lose their shape, straightening.

Although in comparison with "chemistry" carving is called a gentle procedure, it is undesirable to make it dry, porous and lifeless. The risk of permanently spoiling the already weak curls increases.

We do styling on short hair by ourselves

Carving can be done without the help of others, even at home. At cost, of course, it will turn out cheaper, although initially it will be necessary to spend money on the whole set of tools that are used during the procedure. However, taking into account their consumption for short hair and medium length, the benefit is felt considerable.

Long-term hair styling

Today, many brands produce their products for long-term styling, however, it is recommended to give preference to proven brands in order to eliminate the risk of obtaining a negative result. For example, products of the Schwarzkopf company, which once developed this procedure.

Work is done only with clean hair, free from excess moisture. Those. head previously recommended to wash and dry thoroughly. The wave is carried out by means of curlers, and, not electric. The nuance is due to the fact that the hair will be covered with the composition during styling, and not before or after it. Thermal devices for wet curls are prohibited. But the shape and diameter of the curler are neither recommendations nor limitations.

Strands neatly wound - any technology, depending on the desired result. For soft waves, the curl is separated more widely, and the curlers take a diameter larger. For small and elastic curls need thin strands and narrow curlers. The chemical solution is distributed through the hair, for which it is desirable to use a sponge. It will not overdo the tool and make the process of its application easy.

Once all the curls are covered with a special composition, they must be covered with polyethylene, and then insulated with a hat or any bath towel. Now waiting for the time, which is always indicated by the manufacturer on the box or instructions enclosed in it. Washes the head after the expiration date without using shampoo! Otherwise, all works will be in vain.

On top of the hair, which has not yet been removed from the curlers, it is required to process the other means, which is the final phase. It should fix the result. It is also washed off with clean water without shampoo. Only now allowed to remove curlers.

But what is very important to apply here is a nourishing balm. Although the preparations used for long-term styling are softer than for the classic perm, they definitely do not belong to the category of care products. And initially weak, porous hair can become stiff and dry. If necessary, you can use and indelible oil for the tips.

Features hairstyle for medium hair: photos and tips for care

Long-term hair styling

After each shampooing, the curls are dried in any convenient way - at least naturally, even with a hair dryer. Only at this moment they can not be rubbed in a towel: you just need to gently squeeze, removing excess moisture. You can put them round brush - on the result of such an action will not affect. However, in the future will have to follow some rules. Most of them are applicable to any chemical attack - curling, laminating, straightening, etc.

  • First, for the first 3 days after the procedure, washing the head is prohibited. If the roots become greasy very quickly and the hairstyle becomes untidy, you should use a dry shampoo. Secondly, in the future when working with hair in the shower, it is undesirable to use products with SLS and deep cleansing shampoos. They adversely affect the chemical composition of the composition, which keeps the curls, which leads to rapid leaching and shortening the laying time.
  • Hairdressers note that carving is not a substitute for 100% morning styling. Moreover, over time, the hairstyle will begin to lose its shape, you will need to update it. Those. should prepare for the fact that 2-3 minutes before going on the hair will have to spend. But these are the most elementary actions - combing or beating the curls with your fingers, emphasizing the locks with wax or mousse, and treating them with the gel.
  • In any case, even without such manipulations, the volume and overall liveliness of the hairstyle will remain. However, these actions will add to her accuracy. However, no massage brushes when combing! Only wooden combs with rare teeth.
  • And in order to pre-time styling is not lost, it is necessary in the daily care to use those tools that are focused on curly hair. If you want, hair that is prone to carving can be straightened with an iron, but it is necessary to use thermal protection. And since long-term styling is based on "chemistry", professionals advise to actively use nourishing masks and balms, do not forget about the indelible means.

Long-term hair styling

It is believed that carving is the same "chemistry", but softer. And per se, perm is already happening differently, the styling options are more varied. But is it? Is it true that hair does not suffer so much, and all the morning problems of hair formation are solved?

Probably, even such a controversial innovation, like lamination, did not receive a similar amount of extremely contradictory reviews. And if some of the negative comments can be explained by the insufficient level of professionalism of the master who performed the styling or the poor state of the source material, then the others remain incomprehensible.

There were posts of girls with initially healthy, lively hair, which, after long-term styling in a time-tested salon, became very bad. In addition, it was noted that the tools used in the procedure washed out henna. So, the composition of them is not the most benign.

But still, positive comments about carving are also present, and there are plenty of them. The main advantage, which girls call their reviews, is the length of the installation. In some of them curls held for 2-2.5 months, which is quite a lot. Special deterioration in the condition of the hair is often not noted, but their fragility, undoubtedly, increased. For this reason, mention was made of the need to use nutritional masks, especially homemade.

Long-term styling is really able to become a salvation for girls who are tired of daily spending a lot of time on their hair. However, if the hair is dry and damaged, as well as very long, it is undesirable to resort to this procedure. The disadvantages in this situation will outweigh any advantages.

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