Long square without bangs


Kare - a hairstyle that has long become a classic. This season is very popular elongated square without bangs. This haircut fits most types of faces, besides, it is easy to style and always relevant.

Classic square without bangs: what does it look like?

What is an elongated caret? This is an excellent shoulder-length haircut. Karea looks great on women and girls of absolutely any age, in addition, this hairstyle is suitable for different hair structure and face types.

Long square without bangs: how to care

You can make many original hairstyles for a hairstyle that will emphasize the beauty of your face and dress. Especially popular in recent years is the elongated quads without bangs. This hairstyle is a great way to demonstrate your femininity and charm.

In order for the elongated car to always look good, we need high-quality hair care products. Choose a professional hair shampoo that will not cause itching and dandruff. It will give the scalp even more health, and hair - shine. No less important are styling products: gel, mousse, varnish, hair foam. They will allow your hair to always look great, despite the rain or strong wind.

Straight bob without bangs: images

If you have a beautiful forehead, an oval or round face, a straight bobbin-free hairstyle is very suitable for you. The length of the hair to the shoulders will allow you to do a lot of different styles.

Straight bob without bangs is well suited for any type of hair. Even very naturally thin hair visually begins to look much thicker in such a haircut.

Adjustment of the car should be done at least once a month.

An elongated straight car looks beautiful in combination with different types of makeup and is well suited to absolutely any style of clothing. Therefore, this haircut at all times has been and remains very popular among the stars, both domestic and foreign pop.

The length of the square can be easily varied from the tip of the chin to the shoulder line.

Long car does not require special care, it does not create unnecessary problems. With this haircut is easy to do styling.

Classic and straight car

Making styling is simple. To do this, use a round brush with short bristles. First apply the styling spray onto the strands, then comb the curls along the entire length. Using the retainer, separate the upper part of the hair. Dry the bottom strands, curling inside the ends and slightly raising them at the very roots.

Having completed laying the bottom of the head, go to the top. To do this, separate a small part of the curls and lay it in the same way as the previous one. Keep up the good work until all your hair is laid.

For those who are thin, we recommend stacking with a pile - with its help, you can create a good volume. An important point: nack do only on completely dried curls. For girls with thin hair, it is important to follow the rule - use "heavy" styling products. They will help to visually increase the density of the strands.

Long tail bangs fit many girls. This haircut is suitable for most types of face and hair. The important point is that this hairstyle is easy to style, it does not require special care and fits easily into any image.