Long hair styling. casual and solemn images of their own


In the female image, the appearance of hair plays a significant role, special attention is paid to their length. However, any beauty implies daily work, and therefore the difficulties with long curls are much more than with short ones. In particular, the issue of styling for long hair is particularly acute. How to solve it depends on the situation.

Casual styling for long hair

Complex hairstyles that can be created by all owners of long hair are not always relevant or comfortable. It happens that you need to tidy up the appearance and run for business in 2-3 minutes, or just the girl doesn’t like to collect hair too much. For such situations, there are simple styling, requiring a minimum of time and money, and giving a long-term result.

Girls with soft naughty hair should purchase a flat iron. Firstly, it is quite a multifunctional tool, and secondly, it is quick and easy to work with it. Sometimes it is easily replaced by a hairdryer and a round brush called "brushing". It is enough to spend 5-7 minutes to smooth the hair with a minimally heated iron (for thin hair it is 150-175 degrees), and the styling is ready.

Long hair styling

If the curls themselves are not inclined to curl and are not porous, even a special fixation is not needed. The result will last up to 2 days. With a hair dryer, everything will not be so long, however, until the evening just enough.

Girls with more dense and curly hair in haste to straighten them will not work. But not everyone has such a desire. Here it is enough just to eliminate the extra “fluffiness” and structure the curls so that the appearance takes on neatness and elegance. It will help solve the puzzle texturing wax or mousse. Just want to warn that it is taken a little bit, otherwise you can get untidy sticky strands. Although, of course, the "down" will be smoothed out.

Means is pounded in fingers, at the same time warming up (if it is wax). Hands should be carefully divided locks, running over their length. The main attention - the lower zone, closer to the ends.

And, of course, no one has canceled the classic styling that takes place in 3-5 minutes and looks best on long hair. These are various high tails, again the flickering trends for 2014, barely twisted ends of loose straight hair, bunches and “French” braids, especially in a deliberately disheveled form.

The ponytail does not lose its popularity, however, the well-known variation of it from diligently smoothed hair, perhaps even treated with foam or gel, is suitable only for owners of the ideal form of the skull and textured facial features. In other cases, it is necessary to divert attention from individual moments - head irregularities or cheek swelling. To this end, a small bouffant is created on the crown, and the base of the tail is placed slightly lower than usual. It will be especially spectacular if you walk through the free mass of the hair in the final with an iron.

Features stowage of the elbows with bangs

Long hair styling

Owners bangs and lucky, and no luck at the same time. This is certainly a powerful tool for correcting the shape of the face and eliminating its shortcomings. However, styling this item requires daily hairstyles.

  • Girls with soft and naughty hair make efforts more than all others. In the daily struggle for a neat bang, they need a hair dryer with a small diameter, foam or mousse and varnish. Simple smooth bangs up to the eyebrows of manipulations with easy twisting and fixing are enough. If the hair is thin and not thick, in addition, it is necessary to walk the same hair dryer on the root zone over the entire head to add a volume to the hairstyle. Otherwise, the contrast between the bangs and the rest of the hair will be too bright.
  • The asymmetrical bangs sometimes allow not so actively to follow its aesthetics, since it already by default hints at a certain negligence of the image. And yet, here, too, laying is not always ignored. The ideal option is to mix bangs with the bulk of the hair. For example, if soft waves broken by the fingers are made, the asymmetrical beveled bangs along the very edge are twisted by diagonally positioned forceps, so that the tips of it “fly” up and go even further sideways. This will open the face and make the bangs a part of the overall hairstyle.
  • In a variety of complex styling for long hair bangs are often woven into them. For example, it becomes the beginning of a harness or braid that will continue already in the main length. In such versions as "shell", the bangs can be turned into the main decorative element, if it has grown considerably. To do this, it is gently wetted in a fixing gel and placed in an arbitrary pattern on the head, applied to the top of the beam. In solemn occasions, rhinestones are even allowed on it.
  • If the tail is conceived, asymmetrical beveled bangs will be the perfect end to it. It is worth remembering variations of the tail on the type of that Jennifer Aniston is often seen: her hair, as if just from the beach, is deliberately not tight, and the bangs that stick out on the forehead only complements the playful image. This trend is already that season appears on fashion shows.
  • To bring it to life, it is enough to rub the wax or gel in your palms, with a squeezing motion, walk along the curls, wait for them to dry and collect just below the crown of the tail. Chelku desirable, too, slightly "wring." The longest strands of it will mix with the total weight, and the short ones will carefully frame the face.

Curls of various kinds

Long hair styling

Many girls grow their hair not so much for the sake of complex hairstyles, but for the opportunity to wear curls. What can I say - on short hair and at medium length, they do not look so impressive.

The reason for such popularity on them were the model Victoria’sSecret. Even barely decorated, only outlined by soft waves, they do not leave anyone indifferent and add to the image of chic and elegance. How to make curls right?

Often, girls complain that only 30-40 minutes have elapsed since the moment they were laid, and there is almost nothing left from the luxurious elastic curls. The problem lies in the fact that it is necessary to take into account not only the characteristics of the thermal device, but also the characteristics of specific hair. For heavy and thick curling is done by means of curlers. Time will require more, but the installation will last a long time. Before winding the strands, it should be carefully processed with foam, and immediately after removing the curlers - with varnish.

Soft waves are easily created by almost any forceps with a large diameter (28-32 mm). They can also be obtained with large Velcro curlers or flexible rubber curlers. Some girls even manage to get even curls with an iron, which, by the way, often last longer than those created by a curling iron. But here it is required to remember that the device is chosen with rounded edges: otherwise curls will find creases.

Doing hair graduation yourself

Long hair styling

Long hair styling

Graduation, especially at school, for most girls is the first serious celebration, for which preparation lasts a long time. Too lush and frilly dresses have long been replaced by lighter cocktail versions, and therefore styling for long hair also began to raise questions.

The most relevant on the final styling on the basis of curls, collected on the back of his head with a small hairpin in the tone of the dress or thrown on its side. You can turn curled locks into a soft side braid, slightly tousled and tied with a ribbon. It is rather restrained, but by no means boring and not official. And you can go through experiments and pay attention to the "Hollywood wave" that is gaining popularity.

It is made easy, from the thermal instruments requires only an iron, and from additional tools - long hairdressing barrettes, "duck" and a thin comb.

A little advice that hairdressers give to all owners of long hair, concerns the styling products. Since even with thin and not thick hair, a great length is a heaviness, the duration of preservation of any styling, especially curls, is always lower than that of short hair. For this reason, the locking means are required both after the laying has been created and during it. The best tandem - spray and varnish. You can find them in any professional brand, and special attention among stylists deserved copies of the Silhouette line from the brand Schwarzkopf.

Do not forget the main point - healthy and clean hair is the key to their attractive appearance. Therefore, any styling, especially with long curls, requires prior washing of the head. Especially since it adds a basal volume, so necessary for long hair. For the rest, hairstyles for luxurious curls - a matter of taste and your imagination.