Londa professional color palette

Can't find a hair dye with a perfect shade? The Londa Professional color palette can solve any of your problems. The range of colors is represented by 88 different shades, which allows women to choose the paint to their taste and fully enjoy the luxurious result.

On the way from ashy blond to copper-purple

The beginning of Londa Professional’s global career was the moment when East Germany’s Rothenkirchen company introduced the new Londa trademark with the well-known Wella logo in 1956. In those years, professional hair dye was available to few people, and it could only be found in beauty salons. But as the years went on, the products improved, and the pricing policy gradually gained a sound framework. You can see all the possibilities of staining in a specialized center, for example, here. Masters know how to choose the tone and apply the paint correctly. And you can spy on how to do it correctly for your hair type.

Today, the Londa Professional hair color palette is an easy and affordable way to express your unique style. The company manufactures products for 4 billion users in more than 200 countries. The color spectrum is represented by bright and fashionable shades (91), including 9 micones. Agree, few of the competitors can boast such a wide variety. Due to this, any category of women can choose for themselves the desired shade:

  • Blondes can pamper themselves with rich shades of wheat blonde or choose a suitable color from a matte palette.

Color palette

  • Pretty women with fiery red hair should pay attention to all shades of copper or mahogany. And if you like extraordinary colors, you can try blue, emerald or ash paint.

Color palette

  • Lovers of the classic "Londa" offers a huge selection of dark tones: from matte black to burgundy.

Color palette

  • The brown-haired women also did not pass by, they will appreciate the color of dark chocolate and Mocha.

Color palette

Each of the Londa Professional shades is based on the principle of interaction between the depth of tone and color nuance. You probably noticed that the paint number is indicated in the form of a fraction. The first number before the fraction indicates the color of the main coloring pigment:

  • 2/0 - black color;
  • 3/0 - dark brown;
  • 4/0 - brown;
  • 5/0 - light brown;
  • 6/0 - dark blond;
  • 7/0 - blond;
  • 8/0 - light blond;
  • 9/0 - very light blond;
  • 10/0 - bright blond.

The second number after the shot means an additional shade of the mixton, which can be chosen at the request of the buyer. For example:

  • 8 / x - light blond;
  • x / 46 - copper-purple.

Such a construction allows women to not only choose the desired hair color, but also add beautiful highlights to it.

Londa Professional: the advantages of the legendary brand

The composition of resistant paint from "Londa" includes microscopic coloring pigments that easily penetrate the depth of the hair. On one even the smallest and thinnest hair accounts for about 500 of such particles, so it is not surprising that the colors of the professional Londa series qualitatively dye gray hair.

In addition, using the professional series, you will receive a number of other advantages:

  • The paint provides bright and saturated colors for a period of 1 month or more after dyeing.
  • This cream paint is very economical: it has a ratio of 1 to 2 when painting. This means that one package is enough to dye long hair, or you can dye short strands 2 times without buying a new set over time.
  • The very consistency of the finished paint has the formula of thick cream, so that it is convenient to apply it to the hair, it does not spread and is well distributed throughout the length.
  • The composition of professional tools include wax, moisturizing elements and lipids, which, after dyeing, make the hair smooth and silky without flaws.

But that is not all. Professional series "Londa" offers its fans, who do not wish to dye their hair with durable paint, to use toning products on a non-ammonia basis.

Intensive toning from "Londa Professional"

For women who do not want to lose their natural hair color, but at the same time want to add to it a rich shine and brightness, Londa offers products for intensive toning. Absolutely non-ammonia agent is built on a soft formula, which consists of keratins and natural wax.

The perfect combination of coloring pigments and reflective additives allows you to refresh and give the depth of the natural hair color. And melirovanny and kolorirovanny hair get unique many-sided shades. A nice bonus of ammonia-free toning is a delicate aroma with citrus notes.

Toning from "Londa Professional" also has its own color palette:

  • Dark shades are represented by a wide range of colors - from black to dark blond with a brownish-red tint.

Intensive toning from

  • Soft palette begins its way from the intense brown color to bright pearl ashen blond.

Intensive toning from

As a bonus, "Londa" offers to try and extreme colors - rich blue and bright red.

Facts are facts, and what do consumers say?

During the work of "Londa Professional" in the beauty industry, many women have had time to try on themselves the products of this legendary brand. And here it is worth noting that the hair dye from "Londa" has high marks and positive reviews. It does not flow when applied, is inexpensive, gives persistent staining for a long time, and the result is able to satisfy the needs of even the most picky customers.

But the best thing about Londa Professional hair dye and its color palette will be the reviews of women with photos taken before and after dyeing:

  • "Soft blond shades make it possible to achieve almost natural hair color without aggressive lightening. The paint very softly affects the structure of the curls, and the color is saturated and without yellowness."

Color palette

  • "Hair coloring with chocolate shades runs smoothly and does not cause any unpleasant surprises. The resulting color remains even after several applications of shampoo, and sparkling highlights complement the image."

Color palette

  • "With the paint" Londa Professional "is no longer necessary to be content with boring and dull shades of red hair. Golden copper and red shades fall on natural hair perfectly even without prior clarification."

Color palette

For many decades, the paint "Londa" has proven its effectiveness and competitiveness to customers. And today it occupies a leading position among hair dyes, not only in foreign countries, but also in the domestic market. Products of this brand are of high quality and unsurpassed results.

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