Lips dry and cracked. what to do

Sometimes beautiful female lips begin to dry and crack for no apparent reason. In addition to the aesthetically ugly look, it also hurts. In addition, through the cracks on the lips, bacteria and microbes begin to enter the body, which can lead to serious diseases. therefore If the lips began to dry and crack, you need to find out the cause and eliminate it.

Lips dry and cracked: causes

  • Dry lips and fissures may be caused by avitaminosis., especially if it occurs in early spring, when the body lacks vitamins and essential trace elements. Usually lacks vitamins C, E and A, which leads to dry skin, not only on the lips, but throughout the body. In this case, a complex of vitamins will help.

Lips dry and crack

  • Long stay in the cold in winter can cause dryness and the appearance of cracks on the lips. In this case, before you go out, it is better to use protective lipstick, petroleum jelly or ordinary butter.
  • Hot seasons can also cause dryness and cracks in the lips.. Here, a large role is played by the lack of moisture in the body, so you need to increase the amount of fluid consumed.
  • Dryness and cracking of the lips may be an allergic reaction. on a new toothpaste or lipstick. Check this is possible if you refuse to use them for some time. If the reason is this, then in a few days the condition of the lips will improve.
  • Another reason is the seemingly innocuous phenomenon as lip licking, especially if the wind is outside. Lips become wet after licking, and when frost and wind their weathering occurs instantly, which causes dryness and the appearance of cracks. Therefore, it is worth learning to control yourself.

Causes of dry lips and cracks

  • Often lips begin to dry in heavy smokers. Nicotine entering the body, the constant attachment of cigarettes to the lips, provoke excessive dryness of the skin. To prevent dry, cracked lips from causing more serious problems, you need to quit smoking. A real woman thinks about her health and the health of future children.
  • Eating salty and spicy foodsmay provoke irritation of the skin on the lips, cause their dryness and after a while - cracks. Therefore, if you notice that the skin becomes dry after eating too hot dishes, discard them or reduce their number.
  • If a the child's lips began to dry up, look at him carefully, to his state of mind. Very often, children bite their mouths and cheeks due to problems at school or in the garden.

What to do if dry and cracked lips?

  • If lips constantly dry, then every day it is desirable to do massage lip. To do this, fingertips need to gently tap on the surface of the lips, so as not to stretch the thin skin.
  • Oil from wheat, almond, grape seed and sea buckthorn helps to cope very well with dry lips. Before applying to the lips, you can add a few drops of vitamin E or vitamin A.

What to do if dry and cracked lips

  • Before you go to bed, all cosmetics must be carefully removed., so that there is nothing left on the face, and the skin can rest and recover. It is also necessary to apply a children's cream on the lips with a thick layer, and after 15 minutes remove it, blotting it with a napkin.

Lip care for dryness and cracks

To improve the condition of chapped lips, you can use several recipes of traditional medicine..

  • When cracks on the lips will help mask for the lips, prepared from 0.5 tsp. cottage cheese, thoroughly mixed with 1 tsp. cream and applied for 15 minutes on the lips. After this time, the surplus of the mask should be removed and apply a hygienic or petroleum jelly on the lips. This will protect the lips from external influence and soften them.
  • To speed healing of lip cracks, they can be oiled with tea tree oil. You can also use a bag of green tea dipped in warm water. It must be pressed and applied to damaged areas. Substances in its composition will help the healing of the lips.

Lip care for dryness and cracks

  • With dry lips, a mask made from banana and butter will improve their condition. To do this, just mix the grated banana with 1 tbsp. l butter and apply on lips for 20 minutes. Oil softens lips, and banana moisturizes and nourishes them.

How to prevent dryness and cracks on the lips?

  • For to keep your lips dry and cracked, review your diet. To get enough vitamin A, increase the amount of cottage cheese and cheese, carrots, yellow bell pepper, sea buckthorn and other fruits that have an orange color. Lack of vitamin E will fill peas, almonds, eggs and spinach.
  • When deciding to take vitamins A and E in the form of drugs, it is enough to drink them for a month, but the number of products in the composition of which they are included must also be increased. This will help maintain their necessary content in the body.

How to prevent dry lips?

  • You can use the oil solution of vitamin A and put it on the cracks on the lips in the evening. After 25 minutes, a solution of vitamin A should be blotted with a tissue.
  • It is not necessary in the cold season to use lip gloss that has a watery structure and persistent lipstick, as they provoke even more dry lips.

If you prevent in advance the causes leading to dry lips, then you will never encounter such an unpleasant and painful problem as cracks in the lips. Even if this happened, and the lips began to dry out a lot, use a few tips to help prevent cracking.

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But if, despite all efforts, the cracks in the lips continue to appear and bleed, be sure to consult a doctor to rule out the possibility of diseases that may be accompanied by dry lips.

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