Lip tattoo


Beautifully contoured, seductive lips make a woman more attractive and make men think about kissing. But how to look perfect, if you do not have time to create high-quality makeup? Very simple! You can use the modern procedure - tattooing lips. Reviews of this method are ambiguous. Let's try to dot all i's.

For all beauty: why do tattoo lips?

lip makeup

Women have always tried to improve the external data presented by nature. Tattoo is not an invention of modern cosmetologists. The application of resistant patterns on the skin was practiced two thousand years ago. Chinese "make-up artists" of those times used eyebrows or thick eyelashes with the help of tattoos. Tool masters were needles that were attached to a bamboo stick.

Today, permanent make-up is done in compliance with sterility and applied for this gentle methods. But to completely avoid pain is impossible. Why is lip tattooing so popular? Photos before and after, reviews of such a cosmetic service are the best argument in its favor. Tattoo will allow you to get a beautiful shape and increase the volume of the lips, make them bright and expressive.

In addition to the desire to improve the gift of nature, there are several good reasons to make permanent tattoo. So, for women who are allergic to decorative cosmetics, it is the only way to give their lips a beautiful look. In addition, it can be used to hide scars and serious birth defects (“cleft lip”).

What are the benefits of permanent makeup?

In fashion today, plump lips that help a woman look sexy. Of course, some women choose cardinal measures and resort to injecting lip volume. But they look unnatural, and the procedure itself is unpredictable, insecure and expensive.

More and more women in the pursuit of beautiful lips are choosing permanent makeup. What are its advantages?

  • allows you to achieve the natural effect of "juicy" lips;
  • replaces cosmetics - lipstick, gloss, contour pencil, which gives considerable material savings;
  • saves time. In the mornings, you no longer have to stand in front of a mirror in order to perfectly “draw” your lips;
  • lips can be not only enlarged, but also narrowed, corrected their shape in any way;
  • Tattooing keeps on lips for a long time - from 6 months to 3 years.

But such cosmetic manipulations can not be done to everyone. They are not allowed to pregnant and lactating mothers. Contraindication is the aggravation of herpes and the presence of poor blood clotting.

permanent lip makeup

Types of tattoo: what technique to use?

The most widespread are 3 permanent makeup technologies.

  1. Most of all women like tattooing lips with feathering. Before and after photos and reviews will help to form an objective picture of this procedure. What is its essence? The contour is shaded by a darker pigment than the natural color. Then lighter paint is applied. Towards the middle of the lips, the shade makes it somewhat lighter. This creates the visual effect of the voluminous lips.
  2. Full color fill. In this case, the pigment is injected over the entire area of ​​the lips - it seems that they are put on lipstick. But feathering is also performed to the center.
  3. Stylish novelty - lip make-up 3d effect. Photos before and after its implementation demonstrate all the advantages of this method. This is an improved technique. Its peculiarity is that different needles and pigments of different shades are used for shading and contour. An illusion of additional volume is created, and the lips acquire radiance.

Do you have a new lipstick? No, I have new lips!

Many do not dare to do permanent makeup, as they are frightened by stories about the painfulness of this procedure. How is it performed?

The patient occupies a reclining position. This is necessary, as the tattoo will last from 1 to 2 hours. Specialist examines lips. The client reports what result she wants to get. The master draws a line where the paint will be full.

After that, choose the color of the pigment. Then carry out the preparation of the lips: they are degreased, covered with anesthetic. Local anesthesia can not be done, because it provokes swelling, and then it will be impossible to apply clear contours.

After 10 minutes, the procedure will begin. The master will print a new needle and insert it into a special machine. Severe pain is felt by those patients who have lowered the pain threshold.

After the procedure, the lips look unattractive: they are swollen, too bright and large. It will take a week to see in the mirror the "present" - beautiful and well-groomed - a reflection.

Lip tattoo: pros and cons

How can the procedure end: the effect that was not expected

Since the application of the tattoo breaks the integrity of the skin, if the sanitary rules are not followed, the client runs the risk of catching AIDS, herpes or another infection.

The rehabilitation process can last more than a week - it all depends on the characteristics of the body. Sometimes complications arise: in particular, herpes can worsen. Some have an allergic reaction to dyes.

Therefore, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons of tattooing lips. Reviews are completely opposite. Some are satisfied with the effect and are ready to repeat the procedure. Others are categorically against it, as they note that it was very painful, and the result was far from perfect.

Conclusion: you should carefully select the master and take into account the peculiarities of your body.

Life after the tattoo: useful recommendations

Tattoo should be taken responsibly. 7 days before and after it, you should take acyclovir or other antiviral drugs.

3-4 days after permanent make-up, crusts will appear on the lips. In no case do not need to rip off! This can lead to the formation of "unstained" zones and wounds.

A couple of weeks should cancel trips to the bath. Do not use lipstick and gloss. Kisses, too, at this time will be banned.

If you certainly want to have plump lips, then do a tattoo of lips. Feedback from those who were satisfied with their appearance, will give you determination. But do not try to save! Contact a certified specialist. Poor makeup in 2-3 years will begin to blur, and lips can get an unattractive hue. Remove such "beauty" is difficult. This can only be done by laser.