Lip scrub at home


To cosmetic products do not contain unknown chemical additives, they can be prepared independently. Cosmetics, made on the basis of folk recipes, has several important advantages: it consists only of natural products and is inexpensive at cost. Today we look at how to make a lip scrub at home.

What you need to consider when cooking scrub?

What you need to consider when cooking scrub?

Before you make a scrub, you need to consider that there are no preservatives in it, respectively, it can not be stored for a long time. That is why it is better not to cook more than one - two servings.

Lip scrub, cooked at home, should be stored in the refrigerator, but not more than a week and only in an airtight container. It is not recommended to use home scrubs too often.

Lip scrub at home: folk recipes

We offer you a few popular recipes for making lip scrub. But before using them in practice, make sure that the scrub does not include components that cause you an allergic reaction.

Honey scrub

First mix one part of the soda and honey to make a paste.


  • soda;
  • natural honey.


  1. First mix one part of the soda and honey to make a paste.
  2. Blackout apply the mixture to the lips.
  3. After 3 minutes, rinse.
  4. Before washing off the lips should be gently massaged.
  5. Remember to moisturize the skin.

Coffee scrub

Coffee scrub is known to be great for everyone.

It is known that the scrub of coffee is great for all owners of extremely sensitive lips. If sugar scrub does not suit you, then with the help of coffee you can gently remove all dead cells. An additional advantage of this tool is a pleasant aroma.


  • olive oil;
  • wholemeal coffee.


  1. Mix oil with grains in a 1: 1 ratio.
  2. Apply the mixture, rub a little.
  3. Leave it, after 5 minutes, rinse your lips, then apply a balm.

Sugar scrub

Sprinkle some sugar on a saucer.


  • sugar;
  • olive oil;
  • water.


  1. Pour some sugar on a saucer, add a couple of water droplets and mix.
  2. The consistency of the mixture should be like a regular scrub.
  3. Apply the mixture on the lips, massage for 30 seconds.
  4. Then rinse with plain water.
  5. Moisten the lips with a balm or apply a little oil.

Grapefruit scrub

2 pieces of grapefruit juice


  • 2 parts grapefruit juice;
  • 3 parts sugar;
  • on one part of natural honey, and also olive oil.


  1. When making such a lip scrub at home, honey and sugar should be mixed with all other ingredients to the same consistency.
  2. Apply the mixture on the lips, rub for a few seconds.
  3. Wash everything off with plain water, do not forget to moisten the lips with a balm.

Vanilla scrub

Scrubs can be made with a variety of oils

Scrubs can be made with a variety of oils. A vanilla scrub will not only help to remove horny particles, but also provide the lips with adequate nutrition.


  • 2 pieces of sugar;
  • 2 pieces of jojoba oil;
  • 1 part almond oil and soda;
  • extract of vanilla.


  1. Mix all the ingredients.
  2. Apply the mixture, then rub for a few seconds.
  3. Wash away the flow of water. You can not further moisturize the lips.

Citrus Honey Scrub

First you need to grind the zest.


  • zest - 1 hour l .;
  • aloe;
  • natural honey.


  1. First you need to grind the zest.
  2. Stir the treatment with a few drops of aloe and honey. It should be a homogeneous mixture.
  3. The mixture should be applied to the lips and leave for a short time, and then rinse.

Curd-honey mask

Take one piece of honey, cereal, cottage cheese.


  • honey;
  • Hercules;
  • low-fat cottage cheese.


  1. Take one piece of honey, cereal, cottage cheese.
  2. Hercules need to grind finely in a coffee grinder.
  3. Shuffle everything.
  4. When such a lip mask is made in your home conditions, you need to pre-steam them.
  5. The mixture is applied for 4 minutes and then washed off.

How to apply on the lips scrub?

Before applying the scrub, you need to soften the lips. To do this, take a piece of clean cotton cloth, soak it in hot water, squeeze it, and then apply it to your lips for a few minutes.

The basic rules for the use of scrubs:

  • scrub should be applied to all lips, lightly massaging them at the same time;
  • It is advisable to wash off the scrub with slightly warm water, and then just blot with a towel (do not rub it);
  • after use, it is necessary to scrub balm, hygienic lipstick or cream;
  • You can use the scrub no more than once every 5 days.

You can also not apply the scrub when the lips are bleeding, there are ulcers in the mouth or herpes begins. First you need to get rid of these problems, and only then deal with cosmetic procedures.

Some women like to make different cosmetics on their own, because they are quite effective. All homemade lip scrubs are distinguished by their usefulness and safety. To get the desired result, they need to be used regularly.