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Many women with the onset of cold try to protect their lips. However, during the rest of the year, the skin of the lips needs regular softening, nourishment, and also moisturizing. You can make a lip balm with your own hands, to be sure of its usefulness and naturalness.

What are the features of lip balm?

What are the features of lip balm?

Of course, modern stores offer a large variety of balsams, and many of them are very effective. However, the main advantage of home cosmetics used for lip care is its naturalness.

Having made lip balm at home, you can get a product of the highest quality, which also will cost much less than a purchased product. On the preparation of balm does not need to spend the whole day. If you have the necessary utensils and all the components, just select 15 minutes. Among the ingredients that need to be found in advance, emit lanolin or beeswax, and the remaining components can be bought in a regular store or pharmacy.

Lip balm is predominantly steamed, in the microwave or directly on the gas, using a small container made of metal. You can pack the finished balm in a tube or jar of an already used product or in a special plastic container.

Lip balm at home: the principle of preparation

As a rule, lip balms contain beeswax. It is considered mandatory - it is used in home cosmetic products and in factory. It is the wax that makes the substance hard. If you do not add it, then the base will spread, and the balm itself will be difficult or even impossible to use in the future. Also, wax provides protection from fungi, inflammations, infections, kills germs, heals chapping on the lips.

It can be found in specialized stores or from the beekeepers themselves. The cost of wax is relatively small. And if the wax got unrefined and there are a lot of different impurities in it, it can be quickly corrected. It is enough to melt it, remove excess particles, drain, and then pour into molds.

Also part of the lip balm with their own hands includes the following ingredients:

Also part of the lip balm with their own hands includes such ingredients

  • Honey. It makes an excellent moisturizing lip balm. He is able to soften the skin and fight its peeling.
  • Vitamins. Basically they use vitamins E or A. They can be purchased in ordinary pharmacies in the form of an oil solution. Vitamin A provides softening of the skin, and E - protects it from aging.
  • Essential or base oils. They enrich the balm, giving it a very pleasant aroma. Best for the production of such cosmetics suitable coconut oil, olive or peach, cocoa and shea.

To find the perfect recipe, simply consider your own taste, peculiarities of the skin, as well as the desired result. Although to start better use ready-made recipes.

Recipes effective balms

With coconut and cocoa butter

According to this recipe you can make a very effective balm that will have a pleasant aroma. All ingredients are sold in stores or pharmacies.


  • 2 parts cocoa butter and coconut;
  • 3 parts castor oil;
  • 2 pieces of beeswax.


  1. If you could not find coconut oil, you need to make it yourself. Grate the coconut pulp, fill it with hot water and place in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning all the oil will come to the surface and it will just have to be removed.
  2. Then you should melt the wax for a couple, pour in all the oils and mix.
  3. The mixture is quickly poured into containers. Balm provides good hydration.

Chocolate lipstick

Balm provides good hydration


  • 3 tbsp. l beeswax;
  • 2 tbsp. l natural chocolate;
  • a pinch of grated cinnamon.


  1. Beeswax need to melt a couple.
  2. Add grated chocolate.
  3. When the chocolate is dissolved, add cinnamon.
  4. Such a lipstick with your own hands is done very quickly: when the mixture has a homogeneous consistency, it should be poured into containers, leaving it to freeze.

Orange Balsam


  • 1 tsp. honey;
  • 1 tsp. beeswax;
  • 4 tsp. almond oil;
  • 5 drops of orange oil.


  1. The wax must be melted by steaming.
  2. Add almond oil and mix well.
  3. Add honey as well as orange oil. Mix everything well again.
  4. Pour balm into container and cool.

You can change the composition of such balms, most importantly, to respect the proportions. When making lip balm at home for use in winter, keep in mind that liquid and solid components should be equally divided. Then the cosmetic will not harden in the cold, creating discomfort. To make a balm that will remain on the lips, even in extreme heat, you need to put more solid ingredients: observe the 1: 2 ratio.

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You can easily give your cosmetic the desired properties, make it nourishing, moisturizing or protective. The main thing when preparing balms at home is to not be afraid to experiment.