Lip augmentation

There is no framework for women's desire to create the perfect appearance. Every day, the beauty industry creates new and new ways to make better the representative of the beautiful half of humanity. In particular, various cosmetological procedures, which make it possible to significantly correct facial features, are of particular interest today. Lip augmentation is especially popular.

Angelina Jolie's appearance haunts every 3, and every 7 is looking for ways to increase her lips to at least half of what Hollywood diva has. And here cosmetology clinics instantly come to the rescue, offering to change what is given by nature for a lump sum. But how effective and safe is it?

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid: contraindications and recommendations

Lip augmentation

The main thing that every woman should know is that lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is, nevertheless, not a panacea. She, like other cosmetic procedures, requires constant repetition. A single visit to the master and enjoy the result until the end of life will not work. After a certain period of effect begins to decrease, which requires a new portion of the funds.

Plus hyaluronic acid in comparison with the same inorganic fillers (acrylic gels) in that it belongs to the category of natural elements produced by the body. With age, its synthesis slows down and stops, which leads to the loss of the shape and volume of the lips. That is, the use of acid is much safer than the "infusion" of other means.

However, this is far from the procedure that is allowed to one and all. It is not recommended to resort to this method of lip correction during pregnancy and feeding, as well as in the presence of autoimmune diseases and other contraindications. In addition, it is undesirable to sign up to a beautician during the activation of the herpes virus and in the event that you have a weakened immune system.

Usually hyaluronic acid injection does not cause allergic reactions, which is not the case with acrylic fillers. In this case, doctors strongly advise to test on the skin or to pass tests for compatibility with the drug. Reinsurance is quite justified. In addition, before visiting a beautician, you should find out if you have a negative reaction to painkillers.

As many women told in their reviews about lip augmentation, the procedure takes no more than 30 minutes. and almost does not bring discomfort. At the very beginning, the specialist treats the lips with anesthetics. Most often in his role is lidocaine. After that, the introduction of the needle into the area free from nerve endings and blood vessels. Through it delivered a certain amount of the drug containing hyaluronic acid.

Reviews of opopular lip augmentation agents:

  • The most commonly used tools today are 2. These are Perfectha Derm and Juvederm. Homeland of the first is France. According to the manufacturer, its plus is the absence of edema after the procedure, as well as the appearance of an almost instant result. This filler prick several times is not required. Usually, just 1 needle is enough. There is no need for additional correction either.
  • Most of the promises of the manufacturer of this product, judging by the real comments of women, really, true. As for edema and mild swelling in response to the procedure, in some cases they still have a place to be. It all depends on the individual characteristics.
  • Juvederm, also developed in France, boasts the presence of a small amount of lidocaine in its composition. This leads to an additional “freeze”. Often the drug involves correction, as it causes swelling. Because of this, it is difficult to immediately determine how far the desired effect was achieved.
  • The validity of both Perfectha and Juvederm is the same: about 1 year. Moreover, cosmetologists strongly recommend after 6 months to come for a second session. Later, as practice shows, the body begins to independently synthesize hyaluronic acid, maintaining the effect of injection. However, how much up to this point filler injections will be needed is a matter depending on the individual characteristics and the specific drug.
  • The main difference of organic products based on hyaluronic acid in comparison with inorganic ones is that with a bad result, you can achieve the initial state of the lips. To do this, you have to once again make a shot with a needle through which the substance that pulls and absorbs hyaluronic acid is supplied. Judging by the numerous comments and reviews, an increase in the lips before and after this method is really impressive in the good sense of the word.

Lip augmentation

How to care for lips after the procedure with hyaluronic acid?

The procedure is completed by a beautician light massage, which then must be done daily in the morning. In addition, it is worth preparing for the fact that when you wake up your lips will swell a little.

So that the form and shape did not change, and the money spent did not fly away into the pipe, in the first week after the procedure you should not go to baths and saunas. Solarium is also banned. Also, you can not drink hot drinks, smoke and kiss.

In the presence of bruises, which happens rarely, but still there is a place to be, cosmetologists advise you to treat the problem area with heparin ointment. It is only required to ensure that the hyaluronic acid that destroys hyaluronic acid is not present in the medication.

Ways to increase the lips without the intervention of a beautician

All currently available ways to change the size of the lips, without resorting to the services of a beautician and a plastic surgeon, are divided into 2 categories. This is either a different kind of cream to increase, or preparations by the type of serums, oils and more liquid products. For example, lipplumper shines.

Lip augmentation cream is found today not only among rare pharmacy brands, but also among luxury brands. For example, a similar product appeared in Lancome and HelenaRubinstein. By the principle of its action, it is similar to the means aimed at ridding the skin of wrinkles and lifting effect. To obtain the result, you should use it 3-4 times a day. Apply the cream in a small amount to the area of ​​application, rubbing it into the skin with light massage movements.

Manufacturers promise a visible effect after 2-3 weeks, and he, judging by the comments of women, appears. But not exactly what is expected. The preparations contribute to the synthesis of natural collagen, smoothing wrinkles, designation of a clearer contour. But as such, the increase does not occur. But the active care of lips is carried out, they are given high-quality nutrition and moisturizing. True, it all comes down to "no" at the end of the course. Another disadvantage is the cost of such creams. Not all the fair sex can buy them all the time because of the price.

Among the gloss, designed to increase the volume of the lips, the most famous is the DiorLipMaximizer. There are a lot of analogs for him in almost every brand: in the “luxury” category, and in the mass market. The main component of this product is pepper and mint extract. According to the promises of the manufacturer, it should create the effect of swelling.

Some remedies of this type may contain petids, some amount of hyaluronic acid or ginger. They all lead to the acceleration of blood circulation, as well as stimulation of collagen production. The natural reaction of the lips to these gloss - tingling, burning or heat.

Lip augmentation

The effect of these funds lasts no more than 4-5 hours, although manufacturers write about the long-term result after 2 weeks of using the product. Many women note that a long period of testing did not cause a significant increase in lips, but a certain positive effect appeared. In particular, some of the gloss have good caring properties, soften and smooth the surface, slightly smooth the relief. Of course, it’s pointless to wait for a miracle from such drugs. If they gave the same result as hyaluronic acid, the demand for this service in cosmetology clinics would drop sharply.

Slight lip augmentation without surgery is possible. The desired effect can be achieved by injecting hyaluronic acids, creams and gloss. Using the latter method of lip correction is similar to applying make-up. But to perceive the brilliance as a magic wand is not worth it. At the same time, as an additional skin care lips they fit just right.

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