Linseed oil for face

Flax seed oil has the ability to accelerate regenerative processes by stimulating the division of epidermis cells, as a result of which damage is rapidly healing - wounds, abrasions. It also has a good protective function, which is why it is recommended to be applied to the skin before it is influenced by external factors: wind, moisture, chemical compounds, etc. How to use flaxseed oil for the face?

Does it help smooth out wrinkles and is it able to replace professional care?

Useful properties of flaxseed oil for female beauty

linseed oil for wrinkles

Flax has a huge list of merits in relation to the health of the whole organism, hardly anyone can doubt, but much less is known about its abilities in the field of cosmetology. And in vain: the resulting confused cold pressed seed oil can replace almost all professional creams and frequent visits to the beautician. What is the magic?

  • Vitamins A and E, which are natural antioxidants, prevent aging, maintain a general tone and prevent moisture deficiency, which provokes the appearance of scaling and creases.
  • Vitamin F, better known as linoleic and linolenic acid, as well as olein. Or you can meet it under the names "Omega-6" and "Omega-3", which are present only here. Like other polyunsaturated fats, affects not only the work of the heart and blood vessels, but also helps to improve the nutrition of tissues, reduces the activity of inflammatory processes. It is noteworthy that this element is not synthesized by the body on its own, therefore its shortage is usually felt particularly acute: eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis - only a small list of signs by which vitamin F deficiency can be determined.

It is impossible not to say that all the listed valuable substances are stored only in non-refined linseed oil: this is usually not a food product, and it should be found in a pharmacy, and not on the supermarket shelves.

Rules for the use of flax seed oil for the face

linseed oil for wrinkles

As for the direct use of the product, in order to improve the condition of the skin it can be used inside and applied to certain areas at the same time: such a scheme will not harm. However, in order to include flaxseed oil in the diet, you need to find out how it suits you: it is recommended to drink it on an empty stomach, which allows not every organism. Violations of the liver and digestive tract make such a procedure impossible. Therefore, various cosmetology sessions with masks, creams and elixirs based on linseed oil are considered the most versatile.

  • Regardless of which mixture you prepare, do not focus on long-term storage: unrefined linseed oil loses its useful properties after 3 weeks and begins to run rancid, and therefore may have a detrimental effect on the skin. Professionals advise to use the prepared composition for 7-10 days, not more, to get the maximum effect from the procedure.

The whole number of options for the use of this tool can be classified as prophylactic and therapeutic. In the latter case, there is a struggle not only with a cosmetic problem (desquamation, creases), but also with serious skin damage - from bruising to lichen.

  • A simple application of flaxseed oil on the skin is recommended to produce up to 2 times a week, 2-3 drops, pounded in the palms. It is better not to touch the area around the eyes, because for her this product is very heavy - here it should be replaced with almond or wheat oil. Such actions are desirable to perform at bedtime, on completely cleansed skin. In this case, the usual cream is not needed, and even can do harm.
  • The use of flaxseed oil on the affected areas can be carried out much more often, up to 2 times a day, also in small quantities. If it is necessary to calm the burned area, apply oil gently with a patting motion every 3-4 h during the first 2 days after receiving the burn.

If we talk about the creation of certain mixtures on the basis of this tool, then the most popular among women are face masks on linseed oil. The easiest is to apply the product to the skin in a very dense layer, after which in 20-30 minutes it needs to be removed with a napkin. But beyond that there are quite a few good recipes.

  • Enhanced nutrition will have the following combination of ingredients: 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp. Linseed oil, 1 tsp of honey, which must be heated, mixed and distributed over the skin. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  • As a good care for sensitive skin can make such a mask: 1 tbsp. sour cream or cream, 1 tsp. Linseed oil, 1 tbsp. grated cottage cheese. The slurry is applied to the face and remains for 15-20 minutes, then rinsed with warm water.
  • The best tonic and tightening facial mask for wrinkles is recognized as a tandem of 1 tbsp. flaxseed oil and 2 tbsp. ground and steamed nettle (leaves). Layer laid on the face should be dense. Hold for 20 minutes, clean with cool water.

As for the use of linseed oil for the face from wrinkles around the eyes, then, as already mentioned, it is too heavy in relation to this area. But you can add 1 drop of funds to your cream or gel for the area around the eyes. The reduced concentration of oil is well perceived by the skin, and it itself in diluted form works no worse than in pure one.

Does oil help wrinkles: consumer reviews

linseed oil for wrinkles

As for the anti-aging effect, which is attributed to this tool, then, judging by the comments of women, it is indeed present, but to a greater extent in the internal use, rather than in the external. Conducting procedures with masks, creams and elixirs gives a lower result and requires a longer course.

  • Yuliya: It turns out that flaxseed oil is called “Russian gold” for a reason: if I had not personally been convinced of its magical effect, I would not have believed it. It all started with the fact that I began to take flaxseed oil inside, on the advice of my grandmother, to influence the metabolism. But after 2 weeks, an additional “bonus” appeared - the acne disappeared somewhere, the complexion became more pleasant. I put it on my weathered cheek - in the morning I woke up with healthy skin.
  • Vera: I haven't used regular creams for a long time - switched to natural products. At a certain point, the complex of self-care was replenished with linseed oil: at first I simply rubbed it into the skin before bedtime, then I tried to mix it with honey and sour cream, distribute the composition over the face and chest, hold it for about half an hour and wash it off. After 3 weeks I noticed that the nasolabial folds smoothed out, the skin of the breast became softer and more elastic. However, a greater effect was achieved when I began to drink oil on an empty stomach, in the morning. The taste is disgusting, but the result is worth it - I have not seen such good skin and hair since my student days.

Summing up, it is worth noting that flaxseed oil is a storehouse of beneficial vitamins and trace elements. Its use, both internally and externally, allows a positive effect on all body systems. Even rare prophylactic procedures based on it give a result, and the absence of contraindications (for external use) becomes a good reason to try a miracle cure.

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