“Beautiful lacy underwear is like a higher education: it is not visible, but it enhances self-esteem” - this phrase definitely conveys emotions, when a woman knows that she is wearing elegant underwear, she immediately turns into a playful cat.

Now the underwear market offers a huge selection of various styles, colors and models of linen. Sometimes it is difficult to decide on what to choose and choose the clothes not only for beauty, but also for quality, otherwise you can damage your health and feel discomfort while wearing it. Therefore, when choosing linen it is important to know some rules.

Decide on the size of the linen

Linen should be selected exactly in size, otherwise it will look ugly. Some girls specially select smaller underwear in the hope that their breasts will look more, but this brings nothing but inconvenience. If you want to visually enlarge breasts, then it is better to choose underwear with foam cups or push-up bra. The same thing when choosing panties - it is important not to be mistaken with the size. Too tight panties can cause the appearance of harmful microflora and as a result of female diseases.

In order not to be mistaken in the choice of linen, trust your feelings and if fitting of linen is impossible, then try to visually determine the size.

Prefer natural and blended fabrics

The best underwear is that which allows the skin to breathe freely and absorbs moisture, and these are natural or blended fabrics. Lingerie made of synthetic materials can cause irritation of delicate skin, especially in summer in hot weather, and this can cause redness and allergic reactions. Also, linen from synthetic fabrics can quickly lose its appearance after long wearing or frequent washing. But artificial fabrics are not always so bad in their socks, now they produce a lot of materials that are not at all inferior to natural ones, microfiber, merryl, micro-modal, tactile can be attributed to them. To find out about the quality of the purchased linen, carefully study its composition on the label.

Select the right laundry color.

The color of the linen is also its important component, and it is very correct to focus on the color of your own skin when selecting the color. Dark-skinned women are perfect red and black lingerie, as well as bright and juicy tones. On the tanned skin will look great and white color, which favorably shade the tan color. But the owners of fair skin should beware of bodily underwear and underwear with a greenish tint - this will give the skin a dull and unattractive tone. It is better to choose underwear warmer shades.

Of course, one should remember the well-known rules - that bright underwear should not be worn under transparent sweaters, or, for example, it is unacceptable to wear a bra with straps under the open dress, and thongs should be worn under tight clothes.

The choice of style bra

Choosing a bra, you should rely not only on the size of the breast, but also on the type of the whole figure as a whole. Owners of the breast of the first and second size, you can choose bras without inserts of lightweight fabric and thin straps. For women with more curvaceous forms, it is better to opt for bras that support breast more firmly. Even if the breasts are in excellent condition now, in the future this will help prevent their sagging. It is necessary to give preference to linen with a large strip of material under the breast and with pits. Also, the fabric is better to choose not too thin.

  1. The style of linen with a strongly horizontal seam will suit women with a conical shape of the breast, which will give the breast a more rounded shape.
  2. For narrow breasts fit bra with inclined or vertical seams on the cups.
  3. If, on the contrary, the breast is too wide apart, then a push-up bra or a bra with a small strip of material between the cups will help out.
  4. Owners of too large breasts necessarily need bras with bones and a large strip of material under the breast, so that the breast looks beautiful and elevated. Also lift the chest and bras with "T" -shaped seams on the cups.

Laundry problems

When fitting a bra, you should pay attention to whether it is firmly attached to the chest, if not, then you may just need to tighten the straps, but if, even pulling the straps, the bra remains to sit too loose, then it should be abandoned.

It may be that the breast too bulges out of the bra - this clearly indicates that this size is small for you. But here it should be borne in mind that the size of the breast can increase in a certain phase of the female cycle, and in normal times it can sit down quite normally.

Panty model selection

  1. Model tanga and thong are considered the sexiest panties and consist of a minimum of fabric. They should be worn under pants with a low waist or under tight clothes. It is important to choose the right size, otherwise the panties can bump into the skin and deliver unpleasant sensations. Also do not advise wearing them all the time.
  2. Bikini panties are quite closed on both sides, but there is still less material behind. Such panties will look good on those who have a noticeable difference in the volume of the hips and waist - this focuses on the pleasant curves of the figure.
  3. Slip-panties are very comfortable for everyday wear and well closed on all sides. But you can't call them very sexy, and they are created more for convenience.
  4. Panties-boxers tightly fit the figure, with a low fit, can look in a sporty style, or vice versa are lace. They are better to wear slender and elegant women.

Lovely women, the choice of linen is always yours - do not spare the time and money to choose a good quality linen, because it emphasizes all the advantages of your figure, makes you beautiful and sexy. A partner in seductive lingerie awakens a heap of erotic fantasies in a man, with the help of underwear you can appear every day in a new image, and then the man will not look at other women.

Especially for Natella