"libriderm" - cream with hyaluronic acid. listen to reviews


"Libriderm" - cream with hyaluronic acid. It is light in texture and ideal for the care of the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. The manufacturer claims that after 4 weeks you will disappear light wrinkles, facial skin smoothed out and gain a healthy glow. But is it? Let's figure it out together.

What to look for in a cream?

Cream with hyaluronic acid

In the cream for the face "Liberoderm" with hyaluronic acid the main active ingredient is hyaluronate. This chemical is contained in our skin cells, and it is responsible for maintaining its tone. However, over the years, such nutrients are produced by the body less and less, which is why we observe the first mimic wrinkles, pigment spots and other cosmetic defects.

In addition to the main component, the cream "Liberdier" contains:

  • Saffron oil It acts as a nutritional component and a natural analogue of vitamin F. But its main purpose is to remove inflammation from the skin, soften and increase its elasticity. The oil is perfectly absorbed and does not create an unpleasant film on the face.
  • Isopropyl myristate is a substance that is intended to remain on the skin in order to give it a velvety softness and smoothness. Contrary to popular belief, this component of the cream does not leave greasy marks and is absolutely safe for the skin.
  • Kaprik / Kaprilik triglycerides is a fraction of coconut oil. Do not treat this component as a preservative or emulsifier. Capric is part of the group of neutral oils obtained by fractional distillation. As part of the cream it is necessary as a guide. With it, the right amount of vitamins and minerals gets into the skin.

All components of the cream are perfectly matched balance of substances. Thanks to their combination, moisture is retained in the cells, its reserves are replenished in a timely manner, the skin remains supple and elastic, and all the vitamins are supplied in the required amount.

The elixir of youth: the main advantages

Manufacturers of the cream "Liberderm" declare that after 4 weeks you will notice the first signs of rejuvenation: small wrinkles will disappear in the eyes, mouth and nose, the chin will tighten, it will become a beautiful and elastic cleavage zone. However, to believe everything that is written on the packaging is not accepted in our country. And this is to some extent correct.

To find out the real advantages of this tool, we turned for help to specialists in the beauty industry. Here are some reviews about beautician cream "Liberoderm" with hyaluronic acid:

  • It turns out that this cosmetic product has long been recommended by professionals as a means for daily skin care for women of all ages from 30 years and older.
  • A small bottle is equipped with a special dispenser, which significantly saves money and facilitates its use. This, of course, a definite plus.
  • Another advantage of the cream - it does not cause an allergic reaction of the skin, and all components act gently and accurately.
  • The cream is quickly absorbed, leaves no greasy residue, light texture is applied evenly and does not form lumps.

In addition, numerous studies have shown that in 10 out of 15 women fine wrinkles disappear completely, and the deep lines become barely noticeable. With regular use, pigment spots are lightened, the tone is leveled, and the skin acquires a light glowing hue.

How to keep beauty: the rules of applying cream

Instructions for applying the cream

Instructions for applying cream "Liberderm" is simple to the obscene:

  1. In the evening or in the morning, your face skin should be cleaned with a mild soap, light degreasing lotion or milk.
  2. Then the cream is applied to the fingers, with soft and smooth movements distributed over the entire surface of the face, neck and decollete.
  3. After application, it is recommended to let the cream completely soak into the skin, and after 4-5 minutes you can apply regular makeup or go to sleep.
  4. Due to the light, almost weightless structure of the cream there is no need to wipe the face with a dry cosmetic napkin.

You can use the cream "Liberoderm" on a regular basis. In winter, it will be an excellent alternative to fat face creams, but in the summer, in addition to it, you will have to use additional UV protection. The product is suitable for all skin types that need intensive nutrition and hydration.

Women reviews

Cream "Liberoderm" with hyaluronic acid during its existence has collected many reviews and from consumers. Of course, not all of them are only positive: there are also women who are extremely negative about this product. According to the already established tradition, we divide all opinions into two groups.

Cream pluses:

  • The skin tone is evened out, redness and traces of small pimples disappear.
  • With the use of cream "Liberderm", many have noted a decrease in swelling around the eyes, bruises, signs of lack of sleep and fatigue.
  • Some women claim that it was thanks to this remedy that their acne scars became less noticeable.
  • Many loved the smell and texture of the cosmetic.
  • The skin began to resemble velvet, fine mimic wrinkles disappeared.

Cream cons:

Should I use cream

  • Some girls, especially those prone to acne, claim that the amount of acne has increased from using the cream.
  • The bottle is opaque and made in the shape of a pump, and this makes it difficult to see how much product is left. For the same reasons, it is not possible to use the cream completely, and the remnants go to the trash.
  • The cream does not include fragrances perfume, because of what it has a sour smell.
  • The rest is frightened by the high price for a small tube with a minimum composition.

If you collect reviews of experts and ordinary women together, read the instructions and reasonably judge the usefulness of the components, then we can conclude that the cream "Liberdierm" with hyaluronic acid was tested for durability. There are few negative reviews from women, and professional cosmetologists consider this tool a truly worthy representative of their price category. Whether to use this product is up to you, we just provided information for consideration.