Tights (leggings) - fashionable clothes now. They are sewn from elastic materials, mainly using various types of knitwear and woolen fabrics. Tights appeared a long time ago and were pants made from buckskin. Basically it was the clothing of the military and hunters. After many years, tight pants came back into fashion and immediately became very popular.

You can combine leggings with different wardrobe items and create both a casual and festive look. Thanks to elastic fabrics, the pants fit the body well and emphasize its advantages. Leggings are successfully combined with shoes with low heels and high. Such clothes are comfortable and practical to wear. It is necessary to give preference to pants made of natural fabrics, they will allow the skin to breathe, and you will feel comfortable in them.

Tights: what to wear?

Tights: what to wear?

What shoes will go well with leggings?

Tights fit the figure and emphasize every curve of the body. That is why the selection of shoes should be taken responsibly to get a beautiful and harmonious image.

Leggings with patterns and monophonic perfectly match with ankle boots. Best of all they will look with a high and not very thin heel. Pants can be tucked into shoes or raised just above the ankle and slightly squat. Recently, fashionable pull leggings to the middle or bottom of the heel.

Low girls are best to pick up leggings with a pattern in the form of vertical stripes or print is also located vertically. Such pants with high-heeled shoes will look beautiful.

In summer, leggings can be worn with different models of sandals and sandals. Light tunics and T-shirts made of knitwear or cotton are good for these things.

Tights with shoes - a classic combination. This outfit will be appropriate at work, walk or party.

In cold weather, leggings can be worn with boots. At the same time be sure to choose the right color scheme. The shade of leggings should be completely in harmony with shoes. If you want to create a bright and extravagant image, you can choose contrasting colors.

Unusual and beautiful leggings look with cowboy style boots. In order to visually make legs slimmer and longer, pick them up to match the shoes.

What clothes can be combined leggings?

Tights: what to wear?

Tights: what to wear?

Leggings will complement a variety of types of clothing and create many stylish looks.

  • Tights with tunics - a classic combination that will suit almost all girls and women. Tunics can be either from thin knitwear or thick and warm from wool and other types of yarn. Beautiful leggings will look with knitted tunics, decorated with all sorts of patterns and ornaments. This outfit is appropriate to wear for a holiday or party, adding a contrasting belt.
  • In summer, leggings can be worn with a variety of T-shirts. And they can be long and close the hips, and can only reach the middle of the buttocks. Well-fitting leggings with tight t-shirts and slightly loose fit. The club image will create a model of knitwear with a dusting under the skin or with a bright print. Wearing such leggings is recommended with light-colored T-shirts. Shoes are best picked on a medium or high heel.
  • Shirts with leggings look stylish and elegant. This outfit is suitable for work and walking around the city. It is best to wear medium-length shirts, they should not be lower than the hips. If you use too long a model in an ensemble, the silhouette will look un-elegant.
  • Skirts with leggings are also combined, the main thing is to choose the right style and length. When choosing, you should take into account the peculiarities of your figure. Skirts to the knees can visually shorten the legs, so they are recommended to wear high and long-legged girls. The best option is a model in the form of tulips and short mini.
  • Dresses with leggings are best to wear in autumn and winter. A knitted dress just above the knee or made of thick knit material looks very good. It is convenient to wear leggings with casual outfits of simple cut. Summer look can be created by wearing cropped pants with a light and short sundress. It is important to take into account the basic rule - the length of leggings should be greater than the length of the dress.

What to wear tights: photos of fashionable images

Tights: what to wear?

Tights: what to wear?

Tights: what to wear?

Tights: what to wear?

Tights: what to wear?

Tights: what to wear?

Features wearing black leggings

Black leggings are well combined with blouses and shirts of various colors and styles. With them you can come up with many interesting and original images. Especially popular were black leggings with dusting under the skin.

The dress in the style of "graphics" looks elegant and spectacular. To create an image you need to combine black and white. For example, black leggings with lace ruffles can be worn with a white short skirt and a black T-shirt or a summer blouse. Shoes - black sandals or shoes with an average or high heel. Black leggings also go well with white T-shirts and pastel-colored T-shirts. Shoes for this image should also be black.

Tights under the skin or with a pattern on a black background go well with a shirt of light colors or white. Its length should be mid-thigh or buttocks. From shoes to such a dress, it is better to wear dark boots in a cowboy style or shoes with medium or low heels. Shirts are recommended to select from lightweight materials. This image will complement the handbag of light pastel colors.

To create a feminine, but restrained and strict image, combine a black dress of simple style with black leggings and knee-high boots with a small heel. Dress length should be above the knee, and the sleeve - three quarters.

Black leggings combine well with jackets in bright colors. Under the jacket you can wear a shirt or a light blouse. Shoes are recommended to pick up on the middle or high heels or on the platform. Such an image will decorate stylish and bright jewelry.

Tights: what to wear?

Tights: what to wear?

Lace leggings look very beautiful, but they should be combined only with clothes of strictly style without excesses. Otherwise, they will look vulgar.

Black cropped leggings are suitable for summer time. Wear them with a short dress of bright shades or white.

If you are wearing a tunic with black leggings, complement the image with a wide bright belt and wear beads.

Color leggings: dress stylishly

  • Monochromatic colored leggings and tights with a print can also be worn with dresses and tunics. They will revive your image and emphasize slender legs. If the pants are too bright or with a contrast print, it is best to wear them with a plain top. Shoes must be the color of the pants. For example, if the pattern is dominated by orange color, then the shoes should be in the same color scheme. You can also choose shoes and accessories to match the color of the top, not the leggings themselves.
  • Leggings with a floral pattern look good with club jackets of various shades. In the autumn, they can wear a raincoat or a light coat. Multi-colored tights look great with ankle boots, boots and shoes, and in the summer they are best to wear them with sandals on a high and not too thin heels or on a high platform.

Tights: what to wear?

Tights: what to wear?

Variants of evening images with leggings

In the evening and on holiday leggings are recommended to be combined with dresses.

The red dress is not too bright tone can be combined with black leggings to the ankle or mid-calf. It is recommended to wear a dress with a high waist and a flashlight sleeve. Length - just above the knees.

Dress turtleneck blue or blue tones are perfect for black or very dark blue leggings. Shoes are recommended to wear black heels or high heels, but you can also on the platform. You can use black shiny bracelet and big earrings.

A light silk or satin dress is worn with short leggings and elegant mid-stiletto shoes with sharp, short socks. From accessories you can take a big black handbag and discreet dark beads. In the summer also suitable dark sunglasses.

Tights - comfortable clothing for the modern woman. They are very practical and easy to wear, at the same time you can create a feminine and tender look with them. It is recommended to wear blouses with leggings and sweaters to mid-thigh or slightly covering thighs. Too short models will suit only ladies with a perfect figure.