Lebel - happiness for hair. product description and customer


The quality of Japanese products is rarely questioned. This even applies to cosmetics. Recently, you can meet many rave reviews on the series "Happiest" for hair from the Japanese company Lebel. Miracle procedure can be done in the cabin, and at home. The result in some cases, indeed, is surprising.

Lebel - absolute happiness for hair: what is this tool?

Cosmetic products of this brand is time tested. The company began its work in the 20s of the last century. The company collaborated with Wella and soon decided to create a new brand. So in the 70s appeared Lebel Cosmetics. Currently, many care products are available under the brand name. The most popular is Lebel happiness for hair. The procedure will be performed with the help of several means - serums and oils.

Lebel - happiness for hair

These products will help:

  1. Owners of thin brittle strands
  2. Women and girls whose hair has suffered from highlighting and other chemical effects, discoloration, constant color
  3. Those who have porous, curly, badly combed strands
  4. Lebel is used after childbirth. Since during this period, due to hormonal changes in the body, hair begins to fall out.

Lebel absolute happiness for hair has a regenerating effect. Cosmetics treats hair both outside and inside. As a result - shiny silky curls that are not thick and easy to comb. Another plus is that the products in this series stimulate hair follicles. Therefore, hair growth is accelerated. The whole procedure is based on the consistent use of mousse, several serums and masks.

At the 1st stage, the head is washed with the help of any shampoo. The hair is a little dry. They should be moist, as is the scalp. Then curls disassembled into strands. Float Cleansing Mousse is applied on partings. It should get on the skin. Then add a little warm water and begin to massage the head. The resulting foam is distributed over the entire surface. The head is washed, the hair is dried.

Further, on pure curls spray serum C, N, P. Do not confuse the sequence. Hair should be completely dry. Each agent is consumed in the amount of 10-15 ml.

The next product applied is Element Fix. It is distributed with fingers on the surface of the hair in the same amount as serum. This stage ends with the fact that the curls are hidden under the cap, wrapped with a towel and held for about 10 minutes.

After this time, apply 15-20 ml. the next tool is Gum Lipid 2. Strands should be very well combed (lumps may form. They should be pulled out of the hair).

In the end, all funds are washed off the head with warm water without shampoos. They are not recommended to use a couple of days, because in the hair continue the restorative processes.

Lebel rehabilitation complex works because each product has a specific action. So serum C penetrates deep into the hair structure, affects the penetrability of nutrients. She seems to be preparing the curls for further treatment, feeding from the inside.

Serum N has a moisturizing effect. It feeds brittle hair. Serum P makes them resilient. It thickens them and improves the structure of the protein. Element Fix fixes the result. The product creates a protective film on the hair. Under it continue the recovery processes caused by sera. Treatment and revitalization of the hair is carried out at the expense of Gum Lipid 2.

Lebel - happiness for hair

The method described above for the implementation of spa treatments using Lebel happiness for hair can be done at home. In the salons use additional funds. The cost of one procedure starts from 1500 rubles. A kit for home use can be purchased for 6-7 thousand rubles. Some girls order Lebel products directly via the Internet from Japan, because so cheaper.

Reviews of women:

  • Most buyers of cosmetics Lebel praise her. Women especially like the result in the first days. After washing off the last component, you can see how the hair structure has changed. They are very easy to separate into strands, even when wet. When drying, the curls become flowing silky and very beautiful shine.
  • A series of happiness for the hair is not suitable for anyone. The effect is visible immediately. This is especially true of damaged and constantly confused hair. Surprisingly, in the morning after the procedure, you can not even comb the curls! So they are smooth.
  • Many women advise to purchase a set to do this spa treatment on their own. Negative reviews for happiness for the hair almost does not occur. Of the minuses - short-term effect. On very badly damaged hair, it lasts for about 3 days. Sometimes, in rare cases, curls look healthy for up to 1 month. To prolong the effect, many recommend using additional care - masks and shampoos of the same company.

Shampoo lebel: what to choose?

The brand lebel has many lines. Many have shampoos. Particularly noteworthy series based on natural ingredients. For example, Natural hair soap treatment. This line contains 4 shampoos. Some of them have healing properties.

If you have a sensitive scalp that suffers from peeling and dandruff, then you can choose CYPRESS. Interestingly, this product has a medical license. It contains cypress oil, licorice root, soy lecithin and other useful ingredients. Shampoo eliminates itching, improves blood circulation, normalizes the work of the cells of the scalp.

Revive dry hair will help shampoo from the same series with jojoba oil. In addition, it consists of 2 more components - chamomile extract and protector that protects from the sun. This product is suitable not only for dyed and natural, but also for hair extensions. It has water-holding properties, due to which the curls become elastic and nourished.

Lebel - happiness for hair

Another 1 amazing product in this series is recommended for those who have oily scalp. It's about calendula oil shampoos. The manufacturer writes that it should be used by adolescents, as well as those who wear afrokrosichki and dreadlocks. Menthol in its composition eliminates itching, and chamomile extract moisturizes and nourishes the hair. Since Since all these shampoos do not have chemicals in their composition, they may not foam very well. The manufacturer recommends soaping your head 2 times.

Also, the Lebel brand has developed a special series for bleached hair. It contains pearl shampoo. It is recommended to owners of light or melirovanny curls. It consists of rather exotic ingredients like pearl moss and pearl proteins. According to the assurances of the Japanese company, the shampoo helps to consolidate the color, gives the hair elasticity, nourishes them. It can be used before staining.

Another well-known series - Cool Orange Lebel Cosmetics. Shampoo Ultra Cold Orange is used for hair loss. It perfectly cleans oily scalp and gives a feeling of coolness and freshness. Also, this lebel shampoo improves blood circulation. It is not quite standard applied. It should be held on the hair for 1-2 minutes and then washed off. Ingredients include orange oil, pepper tincture, peppermint oil, jojoba oil, wasabi extract.

The cost of Lebel shampoos starts from 1 thousand rubles. It is worth remembering that some may not be suitable because of the individual structure of the hair and intolerance to the components. So on the Internet there are people who have itching after washing their hair with the means.

Lebel happiness for the hair - a complex of Japanese care products that allow for a restorative spa treatment. The set includes several types of serums, mousse, fixing composition. Happiness can be used for hair at home. As a result, you will get shiny luxury curls. The effect of the procedure with proper care lasts up to 3 weeks.