Laundry soap - the benefits or harm to hair and our skin


It is impossible to find such a person who does not know about the existence of soap. It is to them that our grandmothers made up for the deficit of laundry detergent, and for the younger generation this is an excellent disinfectant. However, today we will talk about hygiene. So, laundry soap - good or harm to our skin?

Proper "headwash"

The benefits and harm of laundry soap

There were times when the words shampoo and conditioner caused others mixed feelings of excitement and danger. Strangely enough, but a hundred years ago our great-great-grandmothers washed their hair with ordinary soap and did not even think about the benefits and harms of this product. Years have passed, and now this topic is particularly acute among young people. Some believe that to get a thick and luxurious mongrel of hair, you need to wash your head with this soap. Others are violently protesting against such barbarous methods of hygiene.

However, both points of view overlook some particularly important points:

  • First, before the soap consisted solely of natural ingredients and natural fats. Today, this tool is generously stuffed with additional chemistry, which, in turn, brings little benefit to the scalp.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to take into account external factors that at first glance are not related to soap. Coloring, perming and plus to all the various heating devices have made some adjustments to the structure of our hair.
  • Thirdly, it is necessary to take into account internal problems as well as the type of hair. Laundry soap will be a real discovery for women whose hair is prone to excessive fat and dandruff. But the ladies with dry hair from such a tool is better to refuse.

If all this is taken into account by you and it was decided to try the soap in practice, do not rush to run to the bathroom and wet your hair. First you need to prepare a soap solution - just dissolve the soap in ordinary water. Hair care specialists say that this is the only way to maximally protect the skin from excessive dryness and preserve the natural structure of curls.

Another important point is the wash. So that it goes well and the pieces of soap do not remain on the hair, it is carried out with extremely warm or even slightly cool water. The ideal option is pre-prepared for rinsing decoction of chamomile or vinegar solution.

Women Health

Laundry soap - good or harm?

An equally important question in the use of laundry soap as a means of hygiene - can they be washed away? Here, any gynecologist will answer you with an unequivocal and categorical "No!". Of course, if you wish, you can find a lot of tips on how to use soap for hygiene of the external genital organs, and sometimes there are even recipes for preparing a solution for douching.

But if you want to preserve women's health, you need to clearly realize that it is absolutely impossible to do this. It is all a matter of laundry soap, namely, in its alkaline balance. The normal pH level of human skin in the intimate zone is on average about 4-5 units, while for soap these figures range from 11-12.

Agree, you do not need to have a scientific degree or higher education in the field of gynecology to carry out basic calculations and understand how harmful soap is harmful to the delicate skin of the genitals. First of all, the wrong ratio of pH level will lead to a decrease in protective functions, then to excessive drying of the mucous membrane and disruption of the vaginal microflora. And if for some reason special hygiene products for intimate places do not suit you, it is better to use baby soap - it will be much more useful.

Getting rid of papillomas

Getting rid of papillomas

We all know how much inconvenience a regular wart can deliver and how hard it is to get rid of it with folk remedies. Judging by the reviews, the most effective remedy for papillomas is the soap. Surprisingly, this effect is confirmed even by cosmetologists.

Using it for this purpose is quite simple:

  1. Wet a piece of soap with warm water and thoroughly foam with your fingers.
  2. Then apply a thick layer of soap solution to the problem area.
  3. Place a slightly moistened cotton pad on top and secure the appliqué with a plaster.
  4. Leave the dressing overnight, and in the morning wash off the soap residue with a soft sponge.

This procedure should be carried out at bedtime for three days. After a time around the wart, the skin will become slightly inflamed, and in a few more days the papilloma will fall off by itself.

The folk way of getting rid of annoying warts is recommended to be supplemented with the use of special herbal teas. You can prepare infusions on the basis of such herbs as:

  • chamomile;
  • thyme;
  • St. John's wort;
  • Birch buds;
  • yarrow

All the ingredients are better to buy in pharmacies and brew on the eve of the reception. So you can be guaranteed to get the full range of essential nutrients and macronutrients.

By the way, laundry soap helps in the fight not only with papillomas, but also with external defects of oily skin. Beauticians recommend making homemade masks with soap or occasionally washing your face with soap and water.

That's how smoothly we came to the end of a rather popular topic about the benefits and dangers of laundry soap as a means of hygiene. Of course, it is worth using it or not, it's up to you. But remember about all the possible consequences, but rather once again, consult with experts about this.