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Folk councils are the most controversial thing: scientists, professionals and ordinary citizens argue about their benefits. This is especially characteristic of the category of beauty and health products. In particular, a single solution has not yet been found in the question of the influence of laundry soap on the condition of the hair: someone complains about the product, and someone is ready to replace them with all the care products. Who is right?

Laundry soap - perfect care or pest?

Most of the claims of supporters of natural products argues that they were used by their ancestors and had no problems with hair, skin, etc. Of course, this moment cannot be challenged, but many nuances are required. In particular, with regard to laundry soap, which used to wash their heads, then in half a century and even more, the composition of the product has changed. It is impossible to find a tool that is absolutely analogous to what was supplied to the stores of the Soviet Union today: unless it’s possible to find the option that is closest to it

Secondly, in the past century, thermometers were not so common, and their use was definitely not daily in nature. Thus, the main factor that worsens the condition of the hair has disappeared. In the summer, there was always protection from the sun in the form of a headscarf or hat, and in winter a warm scarf was tied. In the end, if that could damage the thick female spit, it is genetic features. In addition, the food at that time was not a natural one.

The only significant plus of household soap, which cannot be ignored, is its complete antibacterial and almost complete hypoallergenic. As a result, even the sensitive scalp can perceive the product more readily than a professional chemical agent. But even here, no one will give an unequivocal guarantee, since some components of the soap affect the scalp no better than the notorious sulphates.

Laundry soap

Specialist reviews

To consider the problem from all sides, it is required to find out what scientists and those who directly depend on the state and appearance of the hair - professionals of hairdressing are thinking about this. As shown by numerous polls and studies, they both agree on the same: laundry soap is no better than non-natural shampoos containing silicones.

Experts explain their position by the fact that the chemical composition of laundry soap has not been perfect either now or now. Especially it concerns alkaline-acid balance, fairly shifted towards alkali. This element is aggressive to the skin, especially if they are highly sensitive, since it tends to destroy the protective film covering the scalp. For this reason, soap is loved by owners of hair prone to fat at the roots. But this does not mean that this product should now be made the only and main element of care for this problem.

Frequent cleansing with a high level of alkali leads to the fact that the natural protection of the hair and scalp ceases to be developed, the destruction reaches the inner layers, and the hair becomes dull and brittle. Split ends, loss of thickness, dandruff, lack of shine - this is not a complete list of the troubles that can be obtained.

According to experts, the only quality of laundry soap that can be used occasionally lies in its ability to completely wash hair and scalp, destroying that very surface water-lipid layer. For this reason, soap is used for the same purpose as deep-cleaning shampoos. This is done 1 time per month, after which the hair must be processed with a good nourishing mask. Best of all - natural. A similar procedure is indicated for people with oily scalp.

Laundry soap as a wash for persistent dye

Laundry soap

Taking into account the fact that, as it has already been found out, a high percentage of alkali is contained in laundry soap, the tool easily destroys the outer sheath of the hair. Women learned to use this property for their own benefit, destroying the results of unsuccessful dyeing with soap. However, it is worth mentioning here that the product will have a worse effect on those hairdressing procedures that took place a week ago or more. And if the hair was dyed to the core, the laundry soap would be practically useless.

The scheme of action is quite simple: classic laundry soap (fatty acids - from 72%) soaps wet hair so that the product is rubbed into each strand, then it takes 3-5 minutes. on impact. Then the hair is carefully rinsed with cool water. The procedure can be repeated twice, but it is important to wash it thoroughly. After that, it is highly recommended to apply a good nutritional mask or balm to the hair, leaving them for 10-15 minutes. It is advisable to wrap up the head for this short period with a towel, creating a thermal effect. Then the hair is washed again and dried naturally.

Such actions are performed daily for 1-2 weeks: during this period, the base can be increased by 2-3 tones, significantly reducing the saturation of the artificial pigment. However, completely dye, if he was persistent, wash will not work. This is especially true for a long applied paint. And after each use of household soap hair necessarily feed on masks. You can use professional tools, you can resort to natural base oils, which also help to destroy unwanted paint. It is strongly recommended to carry out the procedures after such actions for another 8-11 days.

Professionals argue that this method of removing artificial color is not worse than a chemical wash, and in some ways is more loyal to hair. But at the same time it gives a less pronounced result, therefore it is not suitable for everyone. Increase the base from 1 (bluish-black) to 7 (medium blond) will not work with soap only.

Does soap help hair loss?

Can laundry soap prevent hair loss? In order not to build empty hypotheses, it is necessary to consider its composition, and, on the basis of the data obtained, to talk about the effect of the product on the scalp and hair follicles, on which the density of hair depends.

Laundry soap

The main component of soap is animal fats. They are definitely required to be included in the pluses column, since they are present in a certain amount in all hair care products, even the most expensive and professional ones. These ingredients have a protective function: covering the hair with a thin film, they reflect the blows of an unfavorable environment - frosty air and scorching sun, exhaust gases, etc. Externally covered with such a substance, the hair looks smoother and shinier.

Fatty acids can also be considered beneficial to the hair, as they can protect them from fragility and delamination, but only if their soap contains more than 70%. This product is shown to girls with normal or dry hair, and is completely unsuitable for greasy roots. The latter is better to pay attention to the soap category III, where these acids only 64%, or even less.

Sodium is the ingredient that most people think it helps to prevent hair loss. In this assumption there is some truth, since with a deficiency of this element in the body there really is a problem of permanent and active precipitation. But in order to improve the situation, it is enough to make masks or scrubs for the scalp of sea salt and not to forget to include foods rich in sodium in food. Moreover, an excess of this element leads to brittle hair.

A lot has been said about alkali before, it can definitely be considered harmful to curls.

As a result, it turns out that in the laundry soap there is no unique element that could cover the negative sides of this product. Fatty acids can be found in other means of care, and the deficit of sodium to fill up from sea salt. Therefore, it is unlikely that laundry soap should completely replace all your hair care.

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