Laser teeth whitening


From the screens of TVs, posters and pages of glossy magazines beauties look at us, shining with snow-white perfect smiles. Healthy white teeth have always been and remain signs of grooming, youth and beauty. Fortunately, modern dentistry can help in this matter, there would be means and desire. Laser teeth whitening is just the case when beauty practically does not require sacrifice. This procedure is painless and the effect, subject to certain rules, lasts for many years..

Laser teeth whitening: causes of enamel darkening

Tooth enamel over time loses its whiteness due to many factors, since smoking, frequent use of tea, coffee, red wine, berries, soy sauce. Hot and cold drinks have the greatest effect. They cause expansion or contraction of tooth enamel, so the coloring pigments penetrate into deeper layers. Weak-acid products also open the pores of the enamel and stains penetrate the tooth tissue. To avoid browning, try to avoid these products or at least reduce their direct contact with the teeth. For example, drink cold tea and coffee through a straw.

Dental bleaching people engaged in ancient times. For example, Peter I ordered his boyars to rub his teeth with crushed chalk. Some people brushed their teeth with birch charcoal and then rinsed their mouths for a long time. Now the procedure has become simple and painless. Modern laser whitening is a safe and fast way to achieve the famous "Hollywood smile." The use of coherent light to enhance the whitening effect was first described by Dr. Yarborough not so long ago, in 1996.

Laser teeth whitening: reviews

Laser teeth whitening: procedure description

Laser teeth whitening - the process of removing stains from the enamel of the tooth and its lower layers. Before bleaching, it is necessary to remove tartar, plaque and cure tooth decay. The principle of the procedure is extremely simple: a special gel of hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth, and then each tooth is individually illuminated with a laser. The impact on each usually lasts no more than 30 seconds. During the procedure, the dentist must give you eye protection glasses and protect your gums and lips with special means.

The laser, acting only on damaged tissues that contain a lot of moisture, evaporates it, while destroying bacteria and hardening the enamel. The laser exposure procedure itself lasts about 10-15 minutes. You can not be afraid of harmful radiation, since the dental laser is a very accurate and easily adjustable instrument. Besides, it removes bacteria and inflammation in the mouth.

Next is the treatment of amorphous calcium phosphate, which, penetrating into the cracks and scratches on the teeth, immediately crystallizes. Enamel after such a procedure becomes smooth and strong, decreases its permeability and sensitivity, reduces the risk of caries. In general, the whole whitening procedure lasts from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. During one session, clarification from 2 to 8 tones occurs. How long the effect lasts is difficult to say, someone has a few years, someone has a month, it depends on the quality of the materials with which the whitening was performed, the professionalism of the doctor and the natural color of your teeth. An approximate forecast can give a dentist, and that is very vague. Everything is very individual, but in most cases the result lasts for several years, while observing the rules of oral hygiene and preventing the formation of plaque. It is also desirable to give up smoking and the use of coloring products.

Laser teeth whitening: price

A significant disadvantage of such whitening is its price.. In good clinics, prices start at 8 thousand rubles. and above, reach approximately 50-80 thousand rubles. You can, of course, find it cheaper, but before you decide on whitening in a particular clinic or office, be sure to read people's reviews about the institution as a whole and specifically about the procedure of interest. Choose a specialist with the most positive recommendations. If you approach this issue responsibly, there is a greater chance that you will be satisfied with the quality of service, the result and you will not regret the money spent.

Laser teeth whitening: contraindications

Like most procedures, laser whitening is contraindicated

  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  • When individual intolerance to the components of the whitening gel. The exact dentist who is carrying out the procedure must warn you about its exact composition.
  • Periodontitis
  • Wearing braces.
  • Persons under the age of 18. At an earlier age, dental tissues do not yet reach their optimal thickness.
  • In the presence of a large number of fillings, because composite materials do not change their shade when bleaching and will look darker.

Do you need laser teeth whitening?

Bleach or not? This question torments many. Of course, this is a personal matter for everyone, but before you decide to take this step, familiarize yourself with a few facts that, as a rule, delicate dentists usually prefer to silently conceal.

It is known that the color of tooth enamel is genetically incorporated; if it is not very white by nature, then sooner or later it will take its heredity. Moreover, yellowish enamel is much stronger than white. After reviewing the composition of the whitening gel, you can see that it contains 35 percent hydrogen peroxide, which rather aggressively affects the enamel, and the laser only enhances its oxidative effect.

In addition, there is no point in bleaching the so-called “tetracycline teeth,” since antibiotics, including tetracycline, accumulate in the body for years, as a result of which the teeth turn yellow from the inside. Do not believe the advertisements and admonitions of doctors who say that such teeth can be whitened with a laser - this is a deliberate lie.

Laser teeth whitening: price

Beauticians do not recommend teeth whitening, more than 1-2 tones (which can be achieved at home) after 40 years. At this age, dazzling white teeth, will only emphasize fading skin, and look not natural.

Laser teeth whitening: reviews

  • Alina: I finally did it! I have had yellowish enamel since childhood, which I did not try to bleach: I cleaned the soda with coal and lemon peel - the effect was not impressive. Then whitening pastes, gels from the pharmacy assortment went to the course - the same result. And then, a colleague came into the office, beaming a snow-white smile, and said that she had done a laser whitening. I waited for my salary and ran to the same clinic. The procedure, of course, not completely painless, first I was recorded for cleaning, and then the procedure for the bleaching itself. The brushing is a bit unpleasant, then a few more days, very sensitive teeth and gums, and during the whitening procedure the jaw becomes numb and slightly burns the composition. But all these torments are worth it. Now I have a Hollywood smile! Oh yes, for everything I paid 13 thousand rubles.
  • Nina: I am unhappy with the procedure, decided on it for a long time, chose an expensive clinic, spent 29 thousand rubles, and the effect lasted only 2 weeks. At the same time, I do not smoke, do not drink wine, coffee and tea and eat, mostly light vegetable food. The clinic does not give any guarantees to my claims; they answered only that it was my fault, and I did not watch my teeth.
  • Olesya: In general, I am satisfied, I did it about a year ago, then the clarification happened by about 4 tones and now, after so much time, the effect holds. But, I naturally have good bright teeth, and the doctor is my old friend, I have been visiting him for a long time and have been trusting me.
  • Tatyana: I did such a whitening before my wedding, I wanted a smile to shine in the photos. In general, I liked it, albeit a little expensive. But now, six months later, my teeth have acquired the same shade. Perhaps this is my fault, since I could not refuse from coffee and cigarettes.

Laser teeth whitening is a rather controversial procedure. It has a lot of advantages, but there are also disadvantages. At the moment, it is the most effective and safe method of teeth whitening, allowing you to save the effect for many years. The disadvantages include the fact that this procedure is quite expensive. But when you consider the fact that you need to repeat it infrequently, it pays for itself. Therefore, the choice of the dentist, approach with all responsibility and discuss with him all the advantages and disadvantages (a good doctor is obliged to tell you about them) and only then make a decision. So you insure yourself against frustration and waste of money. And you want to really smile wide at this world!