Laser polishing face


Every woman seeks to preserve youth as long as possible. Today there are many ways to do this. More recently, the only way to rejuvenate was surgery. Cosmetology methods have made great strides forward, and today there is no longer a need to resort to plastic surgery; it is enough to use the method of laser resurfacing of the face.

Laser face peeling: features of the procedure

Laser resurfacing and laser peeling are essentially the same thing. Due to the precise effect of the laser, it is possible to affect specific areas of the skin that need correction, leaving the adjacent tissues untouched. It is this condition that provides such a broad indication for the application of the technique.

Under the influence of the laser, as well as peeling, the uppermost skin layer is peeled off. Due to this, the production of collagen is stimulated, which smoothes wrinkles. The indication for the use of this procedure may be the desire to get rid of wrinkles around the lips and eyes, getting rid of age spots, scars, black spots or acne marks. With laser peeling, you can even remove tattoos.

The effect of the procedure is truly impressive, and literally after the first one, the results are noticeable. A significant advantage is the absolute painlessness of the technique, minimal discomfort is acceptable.

Laser face polishing: reviews

  1. Laser face peeling can be performed in 2 ways, the main difference between them lies in the particular laser beam, and accordingly, the effect exerted. The first version of the CO2 laser, which is based on the work of carbon dioxide. Such a device is able to penetrate deep into the skin, with extreme settings it can be used as a scalpel.
  2. The second option - erbium laser peeling - a newer and more advanced technology. The laser beam passes through erbium (a chemical element) and affects only the upper keratinized cells, without the effect of deep penetration. A significant advantage of the effect is that skin regeneration is much faster, scars are not formed.

As with any cosmetic procedure, laser resurfacing has its own indications and contraindications. Strict contraindication can be considered the presence of pustular rash on the face, herpes and other infectious rashes in the area of ​​intended impact. The absolute contraindication to the use of the procedure is the presence of blood diseases, a violation of its clotting, hemophilia, heart disease in the acute stage, cancer.

Relative contraindications include ARVI, flu and other infectious diseases that occur with a clear increase in body temperature.

Before you go through the procedure, it is necessary to conduct a preparatory course. Moreover, this training will be carried out both in the cosmetologist’s office and at home. Before the peeling procedure, it is not recommended to visit a tanning salon, to do self-cleaning. A couple of days before it is not recommended to use decorative cosmetics, the face should be clean.

Laser face polishing: reviews

The recovery period after the procedure takes about 7 - 10 days. Redness and mild swelling remain, which passes rather quickly, especially if the skin is treated with antiseptics. It is necessary to use antiseptics that will be recommended by a doctor for a week, rubbing the face every 2 to 4 hours.

Experts reviews:

  • Laser skin resurfacing can be done in just a few minutes, or it can take a few hours to last - everything will depend on the type and extent of the intended effect. If serious intervention is expected, the use of local anesthesia is necessary. Otherwise, there is a high risk of getting pain.
  • The procedure has a lot of positive feedback. First, it does not imply restrictions on gender and age qualifications. Secondly, in spite of the fact that carrying out the procedure implies a deep impact on the skin, no pain arises during the rehabilitation.
  • After using laser polishing, there are no visible boundaries between the treated and untreated skin areas. If after using other cosmetic procedures, an unsatisfactory result was obtained, then it is possible to correct it with the help of polishing.
  • There are practically no contraindications to the procedure, with the exception of acute processes. But after going through the grinding during the month, it will be necessary to limit the effect of direct sunlight on the skin, not to use scrubs, to allow the skin to recover and rest.

How do laser resurfacing of scars?

Laser face polishing: reviews

Almost everyone has scars and scars, and often they are the subject of stress and even complexes. In some cases, such scars can be hidden, but what to do if the scar is located on the face? Of course, try to successfully get rid of the defect. The most acceptable option is laser polishing of scars, which is considered the most affordable and perfect method of aesthetic medicine.

Using the method of laser polishing allows you to quickly achieve results. It allows you to level the structural differences between healthy skin and the scar, also restores skin color, which makes the scar even less noticeable. For the best effect, you must undergo a course of procedures. Their number is determined solely by the doctor, depending on the condition of the scar and its age.

Most often for grinding scars and scars used a classic and fractional laser. A pleasant addition and a significant advantage of using such a procedure is the fact that during its implementation the skin tightens, because Laser exposure stimulates collagen production in the skin.

To solve cosmetic and aesthetic problems, today there are many ways. For example, laser polishing or face peeling. In order to achieve an excellent result, it is necessary to take the procedure very seriously, to carefully select a clinic and a specialist.