Laser cosmetology. turn back time


Laser cosmetology appeared with the invention of the laser in the 90s of the XX century. Laser beams help to solve cosmetic problems, effectively coping with their tasks. This technology has proven itself in medicine from the best side. Laser cosmetology has made a great breakthrough because of the possibilities of widespread use for the benefit of man.

Possibilities of laser cosmetology

Laser cosmetology

A variety of laser applications helps solve such problems as:

  • skin rejuvenation;
  • removal of pigment spots;
  • removal of vascular spots;
  • scar removal;
  • laser skin resurfacing;
  • laser hair removal;
  • tattoo removal;
  • laser removal of benign neoplasms.

In laser cosmetology, laser polishing of the face is a popular procedure. Because after its use in surgery, very often, there is no need. The laser beam is actively acting on the outer layer of the skin (epidermis), the evaporation of intracellular moisture occurs. After the procedure, a layer of dried cells is formed, which is easily removed. During the week there is a reddening of the skin of the face, which is not a complication.

A facelift is due to the reduction of the skin, because collagen in derma is compressed. This procedure is carried out most often in the autumn-winter period, when the sun becomes inactive. An individual approach to each case eliminates wrinkles, the effects of acne, scars and stretch marks. Comprehensive examination will help to avoid undesirable and unpleasant consequences after surgery. Laser polishing of the face is performed under general or local anesthesia. Recommended to carry out no more than 1 procedure in 5 years.

Often used laser hair removal. With this procedure, the problem of unwanted hair is effectively solved not only in women, but also in some men. This is a quick and easy way to hair removal. The hair follicle is exposed to a laser beam, which does not violate the integrity of the skin. Laser hair removal takes place with minimal pain. The procedure affects the growth of hair in the future. On average, after 5 - 7 procedures performed, the growth of unwanted hair stops.

It is possible to use the method of laser hair removal on such sites as:

  • face, neck;
  • on the hands, in the armpits, on the hands and fingers;
  • intimate zone;
  • on the legs and thighs.

With different types of pigmentation laser is used, often in combination with other methods of treatment. Usually, microdermabrasion and laser (in combination with chemical) peeling are additionally used. Pigment spots can be varied.

The reasons for their occurrence:

  • children's freckles appear as a result of melanin synthesis without sufficient production of melanocytes;
  • Senile spots are usually formed after 40 - 45 years on the face and hands due to an increase in melanocytes in the skin.
  • Hormonal spots may form at elevated estrogens with a pigment-stimulating effect on the skin, increased activity towards ultraviolet rays, and activity of melanocytes.
  • Various spots are also periodically formed by hormonal disorders in the body.

It should be borne in mind that all of the above is a consequence, not a cause. Therefore, before any procedure with the use of a laser, examination is usually carried out at various narrow specialists: an endocrinologist, a gynecologist, an allergist, an ultrasound diagnosis, blood tests.

After laser action, pigmentation, as a rule, becomes much lighter or disappears completely. Thanks to the impact of modern technology can significantly improve their external data.