Lamination eyelashes at home


Whatever tricks nor the fair sex resorts to make their eyelashes more lush, long and beautiful. These include lengthening mascaras, thermo-waving, extension, various masks and gels for the growth of cilia. Of course, most of the methods are very productive, but the consequences of such experiments are sometimes deplorable. However, there is a way out of any situation. Strengthen the cilia can be the usual procedure of lamination, which has recently become increasingly popular. And in order to save on the work of a cosmetologist, lamination of eyelashes can be carried out at home.

Lamination of eyelashes at home: basic methods

Lamination eyelashes at home

The lamination technique is an eyelash-friendly and painless procedure that involves applying a special solution on the eyelashes with a high content of keratin, vitamins, vegetable oils and various nutritional components. Of course, it will not be easy for a beginner to cope with this, but if there is not enough money for a professional cosmetologist, then why not try it?

Many beautiful ladies, after reading recipes for lamination of hair at home with gelatin, try to apply the same technique to eyelashes. But here you will have to be disappointed right away: of course, you can conduct such an experiment on your eyes, but how it will end, no specialist will give you an answer.

Even an independent procedure to strengthen and improve the cilia should take place only on the basis of acquired professional funds. Leading brands in this area:

  • Yumi Lashes is a preparation created in Switzerland on the basis of vegetable components, absolutely hypoallergenic and safe.
  • Novel Lash Up Expert - helps weak and fragile eyelashes to acquire a noticeable volume and bright rich color. The composition of the drug includes only biocomponents.
  • Paul Matchell is a well-known American brand. The preparation includes extracts from wheat and hop extracts.

All components for home lamination lashes can be purchased at specialized stores or ordered online. Components are sold both in sets and separately.

Recipe and step by step instructions

How to make lamination lashes at home?

If you decide to carry out the procedure yourself, the consultation of a cosmetologist will still be required. Have a specialist need to find out which means are best suited for your cilia. The lamination procedure itself will require certain skills and skills, and you can call a girlfriend to help you as an assistant — useful experience and fewer problems for her.

Necessary materials:

  • tool with lifting effect for eyelashes;
  • moisturizing cream;
  • serum pigment;
  • silicone tape;
  • lash pad;
  • brush for eyelashes;
  • paint for eyelashes;
  • liquid keratin.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. To begin with, we thoroughly wash and degrease the eyelids with the usual makeup remover, but without an oil base.
  2. Now to protect the skin around the eyes from unnecessary exposure, we apply a nourishing cream on the upper and lower eyelids.
  3. On the lower eyelid we glue a special tape, and on the top - a silicone pad. If you yourself carry out the procedure, it is better to do these steps first on one eye.Lamination of eyelashes at home: instructions
  4. Eyelashes brush hair up to the eyebrow.
  5. Now we apply pigment serum on eyelashes and leave for 10 minutes.

    Lamination of eyelashes: the application of pigment serum
  6. After that, it is necessary to apply paint, although if you are satisfied with the natural color, you can skip this item.Lamination eyelashes: paint application
  7. After 5 minutes, remove the excess pigment with a cotton swab or wand.
  8. The final step on the eyelashes, apply liquid keratin, which gives the hair volume and shine, and leave for 10-15 minutes.
  9. In the future, the protective film and lining must be removed.Lamination of eyelashes: removal of overlays and film
  10. The result can be clearly seen in the photo.Lamination of eyelashes at home: the result

After the procedure, you can not wash another day and apply mascara or other means to your eyes.

Pros and cons of the procedure

Like any other cosmetic procedure, lamination has its advantages and contraindications. Let's first focus on the positive aspects, and they can be identified a lot:

  • eyelashes become more shiny and long;
  • there is a natural twisting of the hair, with the result that the eyes appear more open;
  • growth of eyelashes is activated and even dormant onions wake up;
  • very resistant and saturated color.

From contraindications to the procedure can be identified as follows:

  • allergic reactions to the components of the drug;
  • girls who have recently undergone surgery in the area of ​​the eyes are prohibited from lamination;
  • in case of ophthalmologic diseases;
  • pregnant and lactating mothers.

All other beautiful ladies can safely afford to lengthen, strengthen and heal their eyelashes by lamination.

Reviews of the fair sex

Pros and cons of lamination lashes at home

Lamination of eyelashes at home: reviews

In general, after reading a lot of reviews and various topics on eyelash lamination forums, you can safely say that they are all positive. Few of the girls who decided on this procedure were dissatisfied. Often, all negative reviews are directed to the work of the master or poor-quality materials.

We can definitely say that everyone who went through the lamination of the eyelashes was pleasantly surprised by the result. This is a great alternative to daily use of mascara, and the effect of open eyes remains even after swimming.

Summing up, I would like to note that lamination of eyelashes is not just a peculiar build-up and painting, but also treatment. Many of the products used are rich in vitamins and microelements. And the whole procedure is quite simple and easy to do at home, so you can save a lot on a trip to the beautician.