Korean cosmetics


Korean cosmetics is gaining popularity at a tremendous pace. Most of the cosmetics can still be purchased only through the Internet, but already now some Korean brands are represented on the shelves of our Russian cosmetics stores.

Korean cosmetics

So let's see what the uniqueness of Korean cosmetics is? Why did the Russians start buying cosmetics of this country in such volumes?

First, Korean cosmetics position themselves as 100% natural. In the composition it is hardly possible to find such component names as formaldehyde, triethanolamine and phthalates that are difficult to understand and read, although many manufacturers do not provide translation on the packaging, the entire composition is written in Korean. But if you search, you really will not find such names. Many ingredients are generally unique. 100% natural composition, even dyes and flavors are replaced by natural. Therefore, no allergies, even the owner of the most sensitive skin can safely use Korean cosmetics.

Secondly, let us remember how Korean women look at the age: smooth and tightened skin, minimal wrinkles, lack of pigmentation - skin worthy of imitation. Naturally, Korean women for the most part use Korean cosmetics. Therefore, doubts about the lack of effectiveness also disappear by themselves. And while on the above points there is no difference between the road and budget cosmetics.


Do not forget that the best is given by nature. Guided by this thought, the Korean firm From Vanessa created a lifting cream Liqiuskin. The main components of the cream are Asian Centella extract, soybean glycine oil and avocado oil. The cream has a uniform white texture and a pleasant smell. Cream Liqiuskin easy to apply and quickly absorbed, so it can be the basis for makeup. With all this, the main function of the cream is a facelift (skin tightening). The cream smoothes wrinkles, eliminates bags under the eyes (normalization of water-salt balance) and, in general, simply "turns off" the aging of the skin. The result from the regular use of Liqiuskin cream will be in a month.

It is impossible not to agree with the fact that Korean cosmetics are in great demand. The effect is individual, reviews can be both positive and negative. It is worth trying and deciding whether Korean cosmetics will become a permanent resident of your cosmetic bag or not.