Keratin hair straightening


In salons there are several basic procedures for straightening hair, but Keratin hair straightening is one of the most well-known procedures. The essence of this procedure is to use special tools, which include keratin, he straightens hair.

Keratin hair straightening: reviews from Moscow

A girl from Moscow writes that her keratin hair straightening procedure with shoulder-length hair took 6 hours.. "The perfect straightness of the hair did not work out, but the general condition of the hair improved. However, a month later, the procedure needs to be repeated, as the hair begins to curl again. The cost of this procedure in the salon was 350 dollars."

Her friend conducted a procedure for straightening keratin in the United States, the result is much better. Hair continues to remain straight for more than six months.

Another girl with brittle and fluffy, slightly curly hair, after going through the procedure of straightening hair with keratin in the salon, was very pleased. "But 2 days after washing my hair, the curls began to curl a little again. The quality of my hair has improved significantly, so it’s still worth doing the alignment. The difference is felt."

Keratin hair straightening: brand reviews Marcia

Anastasia: " I say with confidence that using this brand hair straightens very well. Product Marciadoes not destroy hair, their structure. After straightening keratin hair became perfectly smooth, like after using the iron. There is not only hair straightening, but also their moisturizing. However, after two months, the composition begins to wash out, the hair acquires its original structure. "

Elena: "I used the means of Marcia. The result is simply amazing. It starts to wash out after 5 weeks. Expensive, but the result is worth it."

Reviews of nanokeratin straightening

Elizabeth: “I used the Israeli Nanokeratin hair straightening agent. The size of nano-molecules allows penetrating into microscopic cracks and filling hair with keratin, straightening them. Insoluble and permanent keratin helps to straighten hair quickly."

Dasha: “The use of nanokeratin hurt all my hair. They said that there is simply no better way to straighten hair, and the effect will be excellent. Now I have abandoned this procedure and have been leveling my hair for 3 years.

How to use keratin for hair straightening: reviews

To get a good effect from the use of keratin, you must follow the instructions for its application. Wet hair should be dried with a towel, and then begin to apply to the strand by strand means with keratin with a brush. Hold for 15 minutes, do not wear tape and cap. Then rinse the hair thoroughly and apply conditioner for hair that you usually use or suit your hair type. Keratin will provide your hair with all the beneficial substances, the lack of which is felt by them very sharply. Keratin molecules, getting into the hair structure, enrich it, protecting it from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, smog, smoke and environmental influences.

Keratin straightening is very useful for damaged, dry, wavy, uncontrolled and frizzy hair. Hair becomes shiny, soft and strong.

Keratin hair straightening: product reviews

  • Maria, Tyumen: "The keratin hair straightening service has recently appeared in our salon. I liked it so much that I was immensely pleased. My hair became smooth to the touch and my appearance became healthy. My opinion is that straightening should be done. . After all keratin is one of the components of the hair structure".

  • Olga, Kiev: “I think that keratin straightening is the best medicine for hair. Everything else only destroys their structure. The beauty of hair after them is preserved only by the silicone that is used. But the hair condition gets worse. Straightening hair with keratin hair. Good products with keratin contain in their composition 45% keratin alive and no more than 0.2% formaldehyde. If you strictly follow all the requirements for hair care, the effect of using keratin lasts from 4 to 7 months. "
  • Valentina, Novosibirsk: "I made hair straightening with the help of GlobalCaratin product. I was very pleased with the result."
  • Elena, Moscow: "And I made the hair straightening product Marcia, but because of the chemicals in it, the hair splits."
  • Arina, Odessa: "I did Marsiya's keratin straightening 3 times. The result lasted for 1.5 months. But I liked it, but GlobalCaratin products did not produce any results."
  • Irina, Kiev: “I consider keratin hair straightening to be one of the best hair products on the market now. As a salon master, I prefer brands from companies that have earned my trust. Many of them are harmless to hair, but not give the results that the manufacturer promises. The most successful option I think products with keratin company Marcia. "

When straightening hair is very important quality and time during which the resulting effect will remain. Therefore, the choice of keratin for hair straightening should be carefully considered.