Keratin hair straightening at home


Fashion is changeable. Then our women wind their hair with curlers or mercilessly burn them with hot forceps, on the contrary, straighten curls with the help of irons. As a result, the hair is spoiled. The technology for caring for and straightening has become a lifeline for spoiled hair. Thanks to the new technique, the hair becomes straight, beautiful and healthy. Any hairstyle on such hair looks very neat.

More recently, advanced keratin hair straightening technology can only be tried in a professional salon, sitting in a chair with a master. Now do keratin hair straightening easily possible at home. All funds for this are sold in one convenient set.

How does keratin hair straightening work?

Our hair is 78% made of keratin, hair protein. Under the influence of various factors they lose it daily. Long hair (from 20 cm) is not able to restore keratin, so they become dull, brittle and dry to the touch. The composition of creams and other means used for keratin hair straightening, nano-molecules of this protein are included. "Nano" means one billionth of a unit, and these smallest particles easily penetrate damaged hair and fill them with even the smallest cracks.

Keratin hair straightening at home

Keratin provides strength and shine to hair.After it covers the entire surface of the hair, the solvent evaporates, and then the polymerization reaction takes place. The latter is needed to fill the large and small voids in the hair, which makes them flexible and very durable. Such hair will no longer curl and pull, as before, it will become straight, smooth, strong and healthy. Now hair will give in well, for which you will spend much less time.

Technique keratin hair straightening at home

  • Forhome keratin straightening procedure You will need: a hairdryer, a large round comb, an iron with a ceramic coating, an atomizer, a set of tools for keratin straightening and about 2 hours of free time.
  • To begin, wash your head 2 times with a special shampoo containing ceramides. Then dry your hair with a towel and carefully comb each strand.
  • After that, fix the hair on the back of the head. Take it one at a time and spray it with a spray straightener. Depending on the length of your hair, you will need from 50 to 100 ml of this “miraculous” remedy, created on the basis of natural natural ingredients, which do not adversely affect the hair.

Keratin hair straightening at home: stages and results

  • Do not forget to immediately comb through all the strands (each should be no wider than 3 cm) with a comb with small teeth. This will help the product soak into your hair in the best possible way. Wait for about 15 minutes, and then start drying your hair with a hairdryer. Here you just need a round hairbrush and iron, which will need to align the hair.
  • Fix the procedure with serum with ceramides, a small amount of which spread over the entire length of your hair.

How to care for hair after keratin straightening?

Become the owner of straight and shiny hair is easy, however, so as not to quickly lose the effect, follow the rules.

  • First of all, do not wash your hair for 3 days after the procedure.
  • All this time, also do not use hairpins, elastics, hoops, varnishes and styling gels, do not tie tails and do not braid braids.
  • Do not expose the hair in the near future to any chemical procedures: highlighting, tinting or dyeing. They can be done in about two weeks, not earlier.

Keratin hair straightening

Do home hair straightening before the salon has one indisputable, but very important advantage - the issue price. For the money that you would give to a professional, at home you can do not one, but 10 such procedures at different times. After all, the effect of them lasts for two months. Just so much time Your hair will look beautiful and alive.. And you completely forget about the problem of hair styling and frequent trimming tips.

It is recommended to repeat the procedure no earlier than after 8 weeks. And in order for the effect of the first to last longer, wash your hair with the right shampoo, that is, soft. The best way for this purpose is suitable children's hair cleanser. It does not wash out the salt that can destroy keratin.

Now you know how to become a stylist and a hairdresser at home. Try to turn it into the best salon for the most expensive clients and, above all, of course, for yourself.