Keratin hair restoration

Keratin recovery is one of the most effective hair treatment procedures. among the many currently offered on the market of hairdressing services. Keratin treatment is a soft penetration into the hair structure of the elements that are so necessary for their health.

Each manufacturer describes its products as the best, but it really is hard to say. The best advertising when choosing a product with keratin for hair restoration are reviews of disinterested people.

Keratin hair restoration: reviews of Lanza products

  • Daria from St. Petersburg: “I performed hair dyeing at the same time and hair restoration by Lanza products at the salon. I can’t compare it with other products, but I really liked Kerathin Lanza, my hair became much better and more tidy.”
  • Elena from Moscow: "I tried to restore my hair with the help of 3 tubes of keratin, making a healing cocktail. The hair became shiny and healthy, but not for long. In general, I was pleased with the result."
  • Valeria, Penza: "Lanza made keratin hair restoration. I really liked it. The condition of the hair improved. They became elastic and shiny. However, for the first time the effect of the treatment lasted 2 weeks. Now it lasts a month."
  • Lera, Moscow: “I tried the products of Nanomaks, Traysis and Lanza. Of all, I liked Lanza’s products best of all. And for the price it’s affordable enough. The procedure takes about 20 minutes. For doubters, I want to write that I have bleached long hair. Their condition gradually began to deteriorate. I tried the products of 2 companies and only worsened their condition even more. I decided to try Lanza, and the result exceeded all my expectations. I tried it on myself, so I will recommend it to everyone. "

Keratin hair restoration: reviews on products of other companies

  • Liza, Tyumen: "I restored my bleached hair with Nanomax. The composition seemed harsh, and the ends of the hair began to break. But the rest of the hair began to shine and sparkled. I didn’t do anything else, I didn’t like it very much."
  • Olga, Orel: “I used keratin to restore Nanomax hair. Hair is often brightened and bleached. Now the hair looks smoother and healthier. I didn’t even expect that keratin would help that way.”

Keratin hair restoration: reviews of the effect

  • Maya, Vladivostok: “I made a regenerating hair mask with keratin. The result was very impressive. I think I do it periodically, because the hair is badly damaged after lightening and highlighting, although this is a rather expensive procedure, but the health of the hair is more expensive.”
  • Anna, Kaliningrad: "One of the stages of the hair restoration procedure with keratin is to nourish and moisturize the hair and scalp. Keratin enters the hair structure and fills all microdamages in it. It artificially restores keratin balance in the hair structure, helps strengthen the hair follicles. That is why I used keratin to restore my hair. I really liked the result, I decided to use it further. "

  • Svetlana, Kiev: “I bought myself a keratin treatment complex. I am very pleased. I give a course once a week. After washing, I feel bliss. It smells just fine, my hair becomes smooth and shiny.”
  • Daria, Moscow: “For many years I have been blonde. Recently I tried hair restoration with keratin. Hair became denser, softer and shiny. Most of all I liked that hair began to comb well and look more well-groomed. I advise all non-natural blondes to use hair restoration keratin will not regret. "

To date Keratin recovery is considered the best way to restore the natural strength and health of hair. Our hair consists of 90% keratin, which they get in the right amount when using special keratin cosmetic products. According to research by American scientists, keratin hair restoration can dramatically improve the structure of your hair in 3 procedures and restore health and shine.

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When choosing products from any of the manufacturers, you should carefully review the composition of the product and get feedback from people who have already tried the brand of this company. So you can protect your hair from even more harm than it is inflicted. you can really improve the condition of your hair and not waste your money. Good luck to you!

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