Just to become popular

Dear girls! We offer you to get acquainted with a wonderful project on the Internet - with a beauty rating Stars-Beauty.ru.

The project consists of thousands of profiles of girls with photos, constantly competing with each other, based on the preferences of tens of thousands of users.

Each girl has a quantitative rating, which assesses the beauty of the girl, in relation to other participants.

Any girl can take part in our project, the rest is already for our users who will appreciate the beauty.

Becoming famous is easy!

Stars-Beauty.ru- This is a fairly popular project, with a large attendance, so if you like our visitors, then you will definitely see a huge number of users. Popularity, as we all know, is a step to the modeling and show business!

Three mouse clicks and you will find out how beautiful you are!

To begin with, you are invited to take part in a regional rating, when registering you choose a region in which you want to participate (for example, Orel region). New participants of the project get into this rating. Then, based on user preferences, our system weekly selects the most beautiful girl in their region, who falls into TOP-100 rating and in regional ranking of winners (for example, Miss Oryol), where more worthy participants gather.

Dynamic Rating System

Our rating system allows us to adequately assess the beauty of the girl and eliminate the possibility of cheating and inadequate assessment of the participant as much as possible.

Member's personal account

Each participant on the project has their own personal account, with which you can monitor the status of your profile, edit photos, as well as data.

Hurry to take part, We grow every day, more and more participants, more and more true result of an assessment by true beauty!

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