Jewelry care


“The best friends of the girls are diamonds”, - how often, without thinking, we say this phrase, but each friend deserves attention. How to keep the alluring glitter of stones sparkling in a frame of precious metals on our fingers? How to "make friends" with the capricious nature of the new "friend"?

Often the fear that the decoration will very quickly lose its original appearance, forces you to deny yourself the pleasure to buy it. Forget about this issue! More boldly reach your “charm” from the box. Preserving the luxurious look of jewelry is very easy. How? It's very simple, you need to comply three most important rules:

  • neatly worn
  • keep safe
  • time to remove pollution.

Jewelry Care

Care rules

It is cold outside, and the first rule is to not wear gloves when leaving the house. Products with stones are very afraid of sudden changes in temperature, at first they lose luster, then change color, and then completely collapse. Before you do household chores, remove your jewelry - this is the second rule. The composition of detergents and cleaners include various chemical compounds, substances containing chlorine and iodine, which cause damage to jewelry. And the third rule - after you removed the decoration, it should be washed with warm sweetened water and wiped with a soft flannel cloth or suede.

So, if we are late with our advice, and your jewelry has lost its true brilliance, do not despair, we will solve this problem together.

Cleaning Products

  • Jewelry with stones require special attention when cleaning, since most stones do not tolerate high humidity. These include pearls, malachite, opal, turquoise, coral and amber. Also for turquoise, coral and pearls perfume, lather and hot water are harmful. Do not wipe the pearls with a solution of vinegar, mineral compounds "are afraid" of acids, and the stone will evaporate before your eyes.

Jewelry Care

  • Most safe way to clean - potato starch, it will remove not only pollution, but also excess moisture. Bold bloom can be removed with salted water, putting the product in it for 30 minutes, then dried on linen fabric. To serve the pearl longer - often wear it on yourself, It is polished on clothing and charged with human warmth.
  • For turquoise animal fat and soft tissue, with which it can be rubbed to a shine, will be the best cleaning.
  • Bleach for linen will help to give the old look yellowed ivory products. The rest of the jewelry with stones can be washed in warm soapy water, drying or wiping with a soft, velvety cloth.
  • Jewels with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and topaz Easily clean the usual dishwashing detergent that just needs to be diluted and put the products into it for several hours, after which it is necessary to rinse with boiled water and dry.
  • Glitter tarnished gold jewelry help to return the soapy water with ammonia (1/2 tsp per cup of water), then rinse and wipe. The fastest way is cleaning with lipstick and a soft cotton pad (instead of lipstick any animal fat will do).
  • Shine silver returns the potato broth, in which for 10-15 minutes you can drop the product. To clean darkened and heavily contaminated jewelry made from this metal, they must be lowered for 20-30 seconds into a boiling solution (for 1 liter of water: 1 tablespoon of salt and mashed 2 eggs shell), then rinse them with cold boiled water and rub with cloth cloth.
  • There will surely be in your little chest bijouterie, so the most important requirements for the care of such decorations - no moisture!

Jewelry Care

And the last, terrible problem - what to do if the stone in the jewel cracks? Do not be sad! There is always a way out! Stone can "cure" good jeweler.

We hope that these tips will help solve your problem. The most important thing - remember three rules: carefully carry, carefully store and remove pollution from your jewelry in time. All ingenious is simple! The problem is better to prevent! Treat your "friends" as you would like them to treat you, care for your diamonds, and they will not let you down.

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