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Japan is the country that gave the world Kenzo, Yohji Yamamoto, IsseyMiyake and many other great design masters. These people do not have fashionable failures for one simple reason: the history of Japan does not allow them to make mistakes. Designers have blood in their taste and ability to make clothes.

In antiquity in the land of the rising sun, colors and styles of clothing were spelled out in legislation. Special treatises were created on how to properly dress court ladies. As you can see, with such a fashionable legacy it is very difficult to be outside the line of the fashion world. Japanese designers are well aware of this, they actively use and continue to create masterpieces. In order to understand what items of Japanese wardrobe a Russian girl can wear today, you need to figure out what the Japanese costume consists of.

Japanese national costume

The classic Japanese national costume consists of the following components: geta, kimono, hakami and netsuke.

Japanese classic shoes

Geta - wooden sandals, benches, which are fixed in the same way as the notorious "Vietnamese." The Japanese have such shoes from the Chinese, it is very convenient to cultivate rice in it. Today’s Europeans are not able to grow rice and walk in such shoes with great difficulty. For us, of course, these are very inconvenient shoes, but geta fans can always buy themselves similar "slippers" through the Internet or in specialized stores. Geta cost from 50 to 150 dollars, so before you give money, test this shoe. It is very hard to get used to the wooden sole of an unprepared person. However, if you are a fan of Japanese clothing, then you will definitely want to yourself such as other items of clothing.

Zori- leather, cloth, straw sandals that look like ordinary slates. Worn zori, both on the bare foot, and in the company of tabi.

Tabi- socks with a separated thumb. All these items of Japanese shoes can be purchased from 3,500 rubles and above.

Japanese classic clothes

Translated from Japanese kimono - these are national clothes. Kimono became a real national attire only in the 19th century. At all times, the kimono was a T-shaped robe of different lengths. Buttons on kimono are missing, but there are straps and twines. The sleeves, also called sode, are always wider than the thickness of the arm, such a "robe" does not hinder movement, it is comfortable and practical. For sewing kimono use soft fabrics. The Japanese belted a special belt - obi. By the way, only one belt can cost from 30 thousand rubles. It all depends on the quality.

Kimono is everyday and "parade weekend". Home outfit can be made of cotton or polyester, but the official kimono - only silk.

Real kimono can also be very expensive - up to 300 thousand rubles. And if you want yourself and a belt with shoes, then all 600. Of course, there are cheap options - from $ 75, but, as you know, this option will be far from the traditional kimono.

Hakamaor hacks - This is a skirt made of very wide trousers, which at first were worn only by men, and now the fair sex. Prices for such a dress are quite reasonable - from $ 75. Basically today, this outfit is worn by athletes who are engaged in martial arts. This is in Europe, but in Japan itself this item of clothing can be seen as everyday.

Netsuke - carved keychain made of wood or ivory on a traditional kimono, which Viktor Tsoi so loved to cut. His little passion turned into a bigger hobby, which has a sufficient number of small figures. Netsuke is much easier to buy than do it yourself. This activity is not easy, and he needs to study for a long time. The plots for netsuke are completely different: people, animals, plants, deities, objects, abstract and sexual things. There are only about 10 types of netsuke. Size can be anything, the price also depends on it. Small figures for the price are quite inexpensive - from 100 rubles, but most importantly, not the price, but the effect. They say, netsuke bring happiness to their owners. That is why it’s not at all necessary to wear a key ring on a kimono, but to have a figure on the desktop is not a bad idea. Of course, this is for those who believe in the effect of these beautiful exotic pieces of art.

Of course, the Japanese had and have a large number of classic clothes and accessories. The main ones are listed here, the underwear remains, which is simply not to buy even online. If desired, you can sew, just why? If you are going to have a Japanese party, then the main subjects of Japanese classical clothes are enough for you to pass for a Japanese girl. If you decide to buy this kimono is not for entertainment, it means that you really love and respect the national dress of Japan. In this case, shoes, belts, and little happy netsuke will appear in your wardrobe.

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