Japanese face massage asahi


The face of a woman is her calling card, it is necessary to closely monitor and edit minor errors for him. Japanese face massage - Asahi - will help you fight them.

Asahi is a miracle. Although any massage is always a miracle. Our body likes to be relaxed and healthy. And in terms of massage - Japan has always been on top. So why don't we girls learn Japanese Asahi massage at home? Moreover, nothing supernatural is required for this - only hands.

What is useful Asahi massage for the face?

Asahi massage is good because the skin after it becomes renewed and filled with oxygen, and oxygen is the most important component of beauty and skin health. After a month of self-massage, you will definitely feel and see the difference: fine wrinkles will be smoothed out, the skin will get good health and turn pink. This option is very suitable for girls who abuse creams. It is possible that after Asahi, these girls will abandon the masking means, which will only be a victory for them. This massage is highly recommended for young mothers who, because of their employment, often forget about themselves.

Before the massage, do not forget to clean the skin of the face, as you usually do, wash your hands, brush with face cream and proceed.

Asahi Massage for Forehead Skin

Press the index, middle and ring fingers of both palms to the center of the forehead and with a slight pressure lower them to the temples. Turn your palms down, reducing the force of impact, lead them on the sides of the face to the ears, then away from the ears.

Asahi massage for the eye area

Keep your hands on your face, keeping your elbows apart parallel to the floor. Place the pads of the middle fingers at the outer corners of the eyes and without pressure, bring them to the inner corners, without touching the corners themselves. With sufficient pressure from them, make a semicircle along the upper edge of the orbital bone to the outer corners of the eyes and stop for a couple of seconds at the temples. Then again, lightly touching the skin, draw a circle under the lower eyelid again to the inner corners of the eyes.

Asahi Massage for Mouth, Chin and Lip Corner

Place the middle and ring fingers of each hand in the center of the chin. Hold the point for a couple of seconds while pressing on it with a little effort. Then go around the corners of the lips on both sides with your fingers and connect your fingers at a point above the upper lip. Now squeeze the points so as to raise the nasal septum with the ring fingers.

Correction oval face massage Asahi

Place the palm of one hand under the chin in the direction of the ear. With gentle pressure, raise your palm to your ear. Do the same with the other hand on the other side of your face.

There is nothing complicated in Asahi. Every girl can massage her face, but if it becomes a habit for her, it will be great at all! Massage Asahi is also called "face creation". As soon as you try this type of massage, make sure that the name Asahi is for a reason. The technique helps to smooth the skin of the face, outlining its contours, which makes you younger. It is said that after Asahi massage, the skin condition returns 7 years ago. True it is, or bike - you can only verify empirically. Forward to beauty, youth and health!

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