Jackets for women under jeans


Today, the women's jacket has ceased to be official clothing, which was associated only with the office or with business meetings. The jacket has become a fashionable and multifunctional element of the wardrobe of every girl.

When the jacket was recognized as an official outfit, it seemed to us that if we dressed it also with jeans, perhaps, passers-by would have considered us absolutely tasteless people, and many would not hesitate to express it directly in the face. Today, the very peak of fashion falls on this incompatible duet, which is performed by a jacket and jeans.

Jackets for women under jeansJackets for women under jeans

Why? All ingenious is simple. People have always been attracted by controversy. We want to stand out from the crowd, showing by our appearance that we are not from the gray mass. And it is beautiful! Of course, such a combination of a jacket and jeans came to us from Western designers, they know that this couple will always look advantageous on every woman, as the outfit shows at the same time the elegance of your figure and movement with fashion. Elegant jackets are on a date, party, they go to a restaurant or just for a walk. Fashion jeans - very versatile clothing. You can read about how to choose jeans in the article How to choose the right jeans ?.

We select a jacket under jeans

So first, which jacket should you choose? Again, nothing complicated, the jacket should be matched to the color of jeans. If the jacket is black, then you can experiment with any color of jeans, there are no specific restrictions in this case. However, there are many nuances in the selection of a jacket to jeans and vice versa, if your jacket is light-colored, for example, lemon-colored jackets are in fashion. For a lemon jacket fit light jeans of blue or gray shades. In this outfit, you obviously will not be left without attention of men.

Jackets for women under jeansJackets for women under jeans

  • As for the styles, it is necessary to understand that when selecting such a dress, the styles of both of them should coincide, otherwise troubles cannot be avoided. For example, it is absolutely impossible to combine a fitted jacket with sports wide jeans.
  • Jackets can have different lengths of sleeves, and here, in fact, it all depends on the structure of your figure. If you have full hands, you will have to pick up a jacket with a long, slightly wide sleeve. If you are the owner of slender handles, you can afford any sleeve, for example a three-quarter sleeve, a flashlight sleeve, a narrow sleeve.
  • The most worthy combination of a jacket and jeans is a fitted jacket and skinny skinny jeans in dark blue. Believe me, there will be no indifferent men, as it looks not only fashionable, but also very sexy.

Jackets for women under jeans

  • It’s best for obese women to choose an elongated jacket, since obese women often have a waist zone that is problematic, it seems a bit more than necessary, and therefore a shortened jacket will only highlight the shortcomings of your waist.

Do not despair those women who are contraindicated shortened jackets, as the designers have provided such a huge range of jackets in style and style, that is enough for everyone!

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