Is shellac harmful to nails?


Every woman wants her hands to be well-groomed, and skilfully executed manicure flaunted on her nails. However, in the rhythm of modern life, many often simply do not have enough time to varnish their nails at home. Yes, and coating with ordinary varnish, as a rule, lasts no more than 2-3 days, besides washing the dishes, as well as cleaning the house is not the best way affect the long-term nail color. In this regard, recently, many have resorted to shellac nails.

Such a novelty appeared several years ago and gained popularity among the fair sex. Many women worry about whether shellac is harmful to nails. To understand this issue, you need to consider in detail all its advantages and disadvantages.

What is a slag?

What is shellac for nails?

Many mistakenly confuse gel extensions with shellac. It must be remembered that these are completely different procedures. And the main difference is that when building the nail plate is damaged more than with shellac. In general, shellac is a combination of lacquer and gel. The procedure of its application, as a rule, is performed by professionals who have special tools, in particular, a UV lamp, because the varnish hardens only under the influence of ultraviolet rays. By the way, many people are concerned about how harmful the lamp itself is. Experts assure that its action is insignificant and does not harm human health. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use sunscreen during the procedure.

The procedure for applying shellac:

  • the preparatory stage, which includes the processing of the cuticle and the modeling of the nail;
  • polishing the nail plate - thanks to her, shellac evenly falls on the nail and firmly holds;
  • nail disinfection and degreasing;
  • drawing a basic basis;
  • fixing the base with a UV lamp;
  • applying a color base and drying it with a lamp;
  • applying another layer of shellac and fixing it;
  • lubrication of the cuticles with oil.

As you can see, the procedure is quite complicated and you need to entrust its implementation only to professionals.

When you can not cover their nails?

Before applying shellac, you must make sure that your nail plate is healthy. If the nail or cuticle has splitting or other damage, then shellac can not be applied. First you need to restore the integrity of the structure of the nails. For this there are special ointments that can appoint a doctor.

It is important to remember that applying shellac on damaged nails is harmful: you will only worsen their condition.

Is shellac harmful to nails? Reviews of specialists and users

The procedure of applying shellac is not harmful, the nail is more damaged when removing the coating. Some women remove the coating on their own, severely injuring the nail plate. Remember: you only need to remove the shellac with a special solution and it is best done in the cabin.

The stripping procedure involves the use of not only acetone-based fluids, but also sticks, through which all substance is removed. It is necessary to find out from the master what material the wand is made of. The fact is that more damage will be done to the nails if the shellac is removed with an iron stick. But the procedure using an orange stick will be more gentle for the nail plate.

Can you apply shellac during pregnancy?

Of course, women who are carrying a baby also want to look beautiful and well-groomed. However, during this period, the main thing that they care about is the health of the future baby. Therefore, the question is quite natural: is shellac harmful during pregnancy? Let's weigh the pros and cons:

  • shellac does not contain toxic substances that can penetrate the blood through the nail plate;
  • damage can be caused when the expectant mother inhales the vapor during the procedure of applying shellac, but the smell is almost the same as ordinary varnish, and the coating should be applied only once every two weeks;
  • due to hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy, shellac can last much less.

Reviews of many pregnant women say that they did not notice the harmful effects of shellac. Nevertheless, each future mother herself should decide whether to cover her nails with shellac or not.

Advantages and disadvantages of using shellac

Advantages and disadvantages of using shellac

To finally figure out whether shellac is harmful or not, let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of its use.

Benefits of shellac:

  • shellac has high strength;
  • the nail under such a coating can "breathe" freely, since shellac has a porous structure;
  • a manicure made with the help of shellac lasts a long period, besides it does not lose its brightness;
  • shellac does not contain substances harmful to human health, including formaldehyde.

Disadvantages of using shellac:

Disadvantages of using shellac

  • the cost of coating: this procedure is not cheap pleasure;
  • damage to the nails in the process of shellac removal: a sufficiently aggressive liquid is used for this, but during the procedure 2-3 times a month there is no threat to health.

As you can see, the advantages of using shellac are much more than the minuses. Yes, and much harm to the human body, he does not. On the contrary, the reviews of many women say that their nails became stronger after applying shellac. If you follow all precautions, you can safely perform the procedure.