Is it possible to wash your hair with soap

Healthy, thick, shiny and silky hair - is this not the dream of any beauty? And to make the dream come true, you need to properly care for your hair. The French have the expression: "If you do not look good, try washing your hair." In fact, can a woman with clean beautiful hair look bad? Today, store shelves are full of a variety of hair care products, but is there an alternative for them, for example, is it possible to wash your hair with soap?

Washing hair with laundry soap: the pros and cons

How to wash your hair with soap?

To wash your hair with soap was not invented yesterday. It is possible that this method was repeatedly advised to you, because very often, using advertised balms, gels and shampoos, instead of an unsurpassed result, we get the opposite effect.

Laundry soap, as a means for washing the head, gained controversial fame. On the one hand, it is a natural cosmetic product that does not contain harmful substances. On the other hand, in the laundry soap is very high percentage of alkali content. Of great importance are also the individual characteristics of the hair. Therefore, to check whether you can wash your hair with 72% soap, you need to try this method on yourself.

The composition of soap

According to GOST laundry soap is of three categories, which are determined by the minimum percentage of fatty acids. In addition to fatty acids, sodium salts, alkalis and glycerin are also included in the soap. A sufficiently high concentration of alkalis provides a high pH level: it is equal to 12. By the way, the maximum allowable pH of human skin is 9.

Weigh the pros and cons

In favor of soap, such an argument can testify: "Our grandmothers did not have any shampoos, and they calmly did without them, using exclusively soap." But it is not necessary to discount that in the times of our grandmothers the soap was of a completely different quality and composition. The same can be said about the state of water and ecology. And if you want to wash your hair with soap, carefully weigh the pros and cons.



Soap well washes away dirt.

Free alkali destroys the skin’s natural acid balance and makes it dry. Dandruff may appear.

It has antibacterial properties.

The natural fatty balance of the skin of the scalp is disturbed, which deprives the hair of protection.

Does not contain harmful substances.

Frequent washing of the head with laundry soap gives the hair coarseness, dryness and brittleness. They lose their natural luster.

If you decide to experiment and wash your hair with soap, and the result did not exceed your expectations, it is possible that this method does not suit you or is addictive. Whatever the case, any method needs to be tried on yourself to see if it will lead to the desired result.

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