Is it possible to sunbathe with mastopathy


Mastopathy is a disease that often threatens the health of women who have recently become mothers. There is no need to be nervous at once, having discovered the symptoms of the disease in oneself, there are effective methods for its treatment and prevention.

Mastopathy: the causes of development

Mastopathy usually occurs in women while breastfeeding a baby. Many mothers with 2 or more children know from their own experience what fibrocystic breast mastopathy is. But It is worth noting that every year more and more young girls with no children suffer from this disease.

What causes the disease? This is a hormonal malfunction of the mammary glands, in which seals and cysts are formed in the tissues.

Is it possible to sunbathe with mastopathy

With mastopathy, pain occurs in the chest area. It may be periodic or constant. Increased pain during the menstrual cycle. After its completion begin to subside. Every woman has her own pain threshold. It is proved that approximately 15 percent of the fair sex with this diagnosis do not experience absolutely any discomfort. But when viewed from the chest, they have exactly the same changes as women who are constantly tormented by aching pains.

When mastopathy of the nipples can be a selection, very similar to colostrum, appearing in the first days after birth. In some, they appear involuntarily, in others with pressure on the nipple.

Hardening in the chest is a clear sign of mastopathy. To the touch, a woman may feel nodules or tightness in the chest. In size, they can be completely different.

The disease is treated both with medical methods and with the help of traditional medicine. The use of non-traditional methods of therapy, as a rule, helps only at the initial stage of the development of the disease and in its milder forms. Always, before starting treatment of mastopathy using traditional methods, be sure to consult with a breast specialist, who should give you an accurate diagnosis.

Prevention and treatment of mastitis

  • Prevention of the disease - its timely diagnosis. Regularly conduct an independent examination of the mammary glands, 1 time in half a year, visit the mammologist.
  • If you know for sure that you have mastopathy, try resorting to her treatment at home. Herbs will help you very well.
  • Common burdock can be an excellent medicine. From it, for example, it is useful to do compresses. To do this, put a whole leaf of burdock on your chest for the night under the bra. If the room is very hot, make sure that the sheet does not dry out, for this, place several leaves on top of one's chest at once.
  • It is also useful to take the inside and the juice of the plant. The course of treatment should last at least 2 months. Burdock juice drink 1 tbsp. l 3 times a day.

Is it possible to sunbathe with mastopathy

  • You can take burdock in the composition of the infusion of several herbs. In order to get it, you need to take the following components: burdock root (5 parts), peony rhizome (2 parts), levzeya roots (1 part), nettle leaves (2 parts), ivy-like budra grass (2 parts), dentate grass ( 4 parts), clover (5 parts), grass of cinque grass (4 parts), grass of a tatarnik (2 parts), grass of a train (4 parts, grass of celandine (2 parts), flowers of ground leaf (2 parts), marigold flowers (2 parts) Brew boiling water in a 1.5 liter thermos of 15 teaspoons of grass collection. Leave for 6 hours. Take half a cup 3 times a day about an hour before it. s.
  • Celandine is also an excellent tool in the treatment of mastopathy. From this medicinal plant you need to prepare the oil. To do this, take dry grass and grind it into powder. Then 1 tsp. mix with 2 h, l. melted butter. Put the mass in a water bath for 10 minutes. Cool the resulting composition and apply as an ointment on sore spots.
  • When using mastopathy with camphor oil, it is helpful to lubricate the chest and make a light massage. From the cabbage with mastopathy make compresses. First spread the chest with honey, and then put the cabbage leaf, scalded in boiling water, on top. This is an effective tool.

Many women ask themselves whether it is possible to sunbathe with mastopathy? It is possible, but moderately, observing all the rules of being under the intense sun. Sunlight has no negative effect on breast tissue, since it does not penetrate the skin.

But we must not forget about the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, in case of mastopathy, tanning topless and tanning beds are harmful in the same way as in the absence of symptoms of the disease.

Mastopathy is a disease that affects up to 60 percent of Russia's residents. Currently, the disease is diagnosed in very young girls, along with adult women. The disease requires the timely detection and proper treatment under the supervision of a specialist. Prevention of mastitis can be called a rejection of intense tanning, timely visit to the mammologist.