Irritation after shaving in the bikini area. with the help

Unwanted hair is a problem not only of the stronger sex, but also of beautiful ladies. Women's skin is softer than male skin, especially in some areas. Mnogoyedushki suffer from irritation after shaving in the bikini area.

Irritation is a completely justified reaction of the body to shaving, because during this procedure, the upper skin layer is damaged. Blood rushes to the injured area in order to heal faster. But in some cases, the irritation after shaving does not go away for quite a long time, giving the woman a lot of inconvenience.

Most girls would like to prevent or even completely get rid of the irritation after shaving in the bikini area. Is it possible? It is most important to follow a number of rules.

Shaving in the bikini area: preliminary training

After shave irritation in the bikini area

Preliminary training involves taking a hot shower or bath. Due to this, the skin will evaporate, moisturize and soften. A hot shower is also necessary for the hairs that need to be shaved to become more supple.

Accordingly, shaving should begin after the completion of all bathing procedures.

Shaving products: how to choose?

One of the important conditions for a smooth shave is the choice of machines, which must be of high quality, with clean blades. Today, there are many types of female machines, both disposable and interchangeable blades.

Many advise the use of men's shaving accessories, in any case, you need to experiment.

Before shaving, you must apply a special cream or gel, it is not advisable to use soap or shower gels. Ideally, it is best to use products for sensitive skin. By the way, men's shaving may be suitable for shaving, if you are not confused by a strong smell. If even after selecting the right tools and items for shaving, the irritation remains, you can try alternative options.

So, besides razors, you can use other devices and methods for hair removal, for example, electric razors. The effect of using is not worse than that of disposable machines, and the negative impact on the skin is much lower. Accordingly, the irritation will be less.

In addition, you should not forget about depilatory creams. As the manufacturers assure, the skin remains clean much longer compared to shaving, and irritation appears less frequently. The only disadvantage of using such creams is a possible unpleasant odor.

How to remove an after shave trick: tips

  1. The most responsible in preventing the occurrence of irritation is directly shaving itself in the bikini area. In order that the problem does not arise, it is necessary to keep the razor in the course of hair growth. Of course, the quality of shaving suffers from this, but it is the best remedy against irritation.
  2. Moreover, after each movement, it is necessary to thoroughly flush the machine and monitor the cleanliness of the blades. Scored hairs significantly reduce the quality of shaving and increase the traumatic factor.
  3. Special tools, such as creams and lotions, will help to get rid of and prevent irritation after shaving. There is no strict recommendation on which options are best. All cosmetic products must be selected individually. When choosing, it is necessary to navigate and take into account the presence of possible allergic reactions. Many women are well suited to the usual children's cream or cream containing extracts of chamomile, aloe or calendula.
  4. In addition, after shaving alcohol wiping can be used. To do this, it is necessary to dilute alcohol and water in equal proportions. But it is worth remembering that such a solution can significantly dry the skin, thereby enhancing its redness.

After shave irritation in the bikini area

If, despite all the precautions, irritation still appeared, you can get rid of it with the help of folk, cosmetic and therapeutic means. You can use ointments containing hormones - most commonly used products containing hydrocortisone. Such preparations should be applied to the bikini area with a thin layer.

When using ointments, you must be cautious. They have a good anti-inflammatory effect, perfectly relieve itching, constrict blood vessels, but their use is constantly or often prohibited. Regular use leads to addiction. But even this is not the most serious consequence, the appearance of pustules and inflammations is most dangerous.

You can use folk remedies against irritation. Before shaving, it is advised to rub a couple of aspirin tablets into powder and wipe the bikini area with the resulting powder. After the procedure, treat the skin with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Peroxide can be replaced with a slice of lemon.

You can use chamomile to eliminate redness. It is necessary to moisten cotton pads in broth of the plant and apply irritation to places. Such applications will soothe the skin and accelerate the processes of its recovery.

Irritation has many causes - sensitive skin, poor-quality machines, shaving products that do not suit you. Before the procedure of removing unwanted hair, try to evaluate and take into account all possible risk factors. Pay special attention to the choice of cosmetics before and after shaving, the machine. Remember that the cause of irritation can be not only skin razor injury, but also cramped uncomfortable underwear! Give preference to quality options from natural soft fabric.

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