Iron corrugation

Not every woman has a natural volume of hair - thin, not thick hair, can be completely deprived of it, and even short styling often does not save in such a situation. Even if curling curls, a certain area at the roots remains absolutely straight. Not so long ago, this problem was solved when irons-corrugations for basal volume appeared on the beauty market. How to use them and how do they differ from ordinary pleyos of the same type?

What is important to know when using corrugation corrugation for basal volume?

Iron corrugation to create volume at the roots

It is important to understand that the irons-corrugations that appeared 20 years ago to those that lift the hair at the roots have an attitude, of course, but not a direct one - they can rather be called relatives. And if you take such an iron, you will not achieve the desired result. You should know what should be the very curling to create volume at the roots.

  1. Narrow The main factor that distinguishes such an iron from older versions is that there are usually no more than 3 notches, and the width hardly exceeds 15 mm. The length depends on the specific model.
  2. The amplitude changes. If the classic corrugation has all the “teeth” of the same size, then here they go from larger to smaller in order to make the transition from the touched part of the hair to the untouched, most imperceptible.
  3. With overheating protection. The surface of the forceps will touch the scalp, which can easily burn. The temperature should be easily regulated and have in the minimum parameters - 90-100 degrees.
  4. Ceramic coating. As well as other protective moments - ionization, tourmaline spraying, etc. All these factors are already peculiar to any laying devices, so you should not focus on them.

As for the direct use of curling, it is suitable for hair of any type, but the styling itself will hold no longer than the original data allow.

How to use the iron corrugation to create volume at the roots?

How to use the iron corrugation to create volume at the roots?

Before plugging in the device, you need to make sure that the hair is clean - this is the main factor affecting the quality of the subsequent installation. The fat content of the roots usually reduces the effort to zero or quickly turns the resulting volume into its absence. In addition, you need a heat protection agent in a spray or mousse format (not a cream or emulsion), as well as a lacquer with good fixation.

  • When working with corrugated irons for the volume at the roots, we must not forget that not all strands will be heated, but only internal ones: this is due to the fact that the curling iron will leave an accordion trace that needs to be covered with smooth upper (or curled) curls. However, the weight of the lower treated hair will be more than not treated.
  • At the roots, thermal protection is applied to the strands, which should be allowed to dry for 10-15 seconds, after which the curling is brought to the scalp, trying to leave no more than 1-2 mm from it to the edge of the forceps. You can hold the device on the hair for 10-15 seconds - this is more than enough, taking into account the thickness of the strand.
  • Previously, you can divide the entire mass of hair into zones, drawing them with horizontal lines around the circumference of the head. At the main parting, the upper layers are not affected - they are simply collected and fixed with a clip in order not to accidentally put it into operation.
  • It is recommended that each strapped strand be immediately sprayed with varnish, held in a vertical position for a few seconds.
  • After the styling is completed, all the strands are combed through by hand, then the upper layers of hair are gently smoothed out and cover the results of the work.

As can be judged by the reviews of women with such a device, the iron corrugation for the volume at the roots is ideal for short hair, on which styling lasts up to 3 days, when using fixing agents. With an average length, it usually lasts only for a day, but on long hair a curling iron is practically useless. And it absolutely does not depend on the value and brand awareness.

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