Instant tan and how to achieve it

Pigmentation of the skin, which occurs under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, is a useful and familiar process for us (you can also read about the benefits of tanning and its harm on our website). However, more and more people are gaining momentum in occupational therapy. They just have no time to find time, at least a minute free, to soak up the sun.

Today's life rhythm is a crazy rhythm. We are spinning and spinning in the chain of the tasks set before us and the problems we are trying to solve. But no matter how rich our modern life is, so to speak, so far, it cannot discourage our desire to look good in its mirror image and in the eyes of others. And thank God!

However, we don’t have time to go to the beach. What should we do to get a beautiful and even tan?

There is a solution. It is, by the way, considered now popular and fashionable - this is tanning.

Indeed, tanning or, as it is also called, instant tanning at a full pace is included in the fashion trends of recent years.

So, if we value time with us, we try to maintain a fast life rhythm and to transfer more and more loads, it means to tan quickly (instantly) - this is for us. This will help us qualified specialists studios tanning and beauty salons, as well as special cosmetic products designed specifically for the implementation of the possibility of acquiring an instant tan. But about them a bit later.

We will understand from the beginning with you in what kind of thing is such an instant tan and how to achieve it.

Instant tan and how to achieve it

Instant tan is a tan that:

  1. does not require you to lie for hours in the sun, and the result will give a quick one in a few minutes, as if it were from the hour sunbathing;
  2. occurs without ultraviolet exposure to human skin;
  3. provide a beautiful and even bronze color of the skin as from sunlight;
  4. is carried out in a tanning salon in a few minutes or by using special means for tanning the skin;
  5. referred to as modern specialists in the field of cosmetology alternative tan.

You just need to come to a beauty salon equipped with professional equipment and spend a little time on yourself under the tanning lamps. Or use special tools for tanning.

Thus, answering the question of how to achieve an instant tan, we distinguish two directions:

  • solarium;
  • special means for instant tan.


In good salons and studios that specialize in instant tanning, equipment should be regularly checked and updated. This will provide the main requirement for autosunning - security. Among other things, qualified professionals should conduct a survey of each visitor. It is important to make sure that the tan does not harm, but will only give a "bronze" zest to your appearance. After the survey, an individual program is developed for further work with each client. It is necessary to be able to track and adjust the results.

All this activity, of course, is performed not because they love you so much in beauty salons, but for the banal profit and the prevention of negative consequences in their work. The longer will be the relationship that is built between the salon and you, the more profitable the salon. But it is not at a loss to you. A detailed approach to the matter (or rather, to the body, to your body) is only for your benefit.

Special means for tanning and their effectiveness

System "Lasar spraytans system"


Tanning is provided by a spray spray - bronzer. Efficiency is achieved by setting the spray "Lasar spraytans system". It is characterized by the presence of a laser sensor controlling the direction of the jet, which will ensure uniform spray application - a bronzer. In this case, you will not be threatened with the possibility of getting a tan with spots and divorces. A jet of warm air supplied during spraying will provide additional comfort.

The composition of the spray - bronzer

Instant tan and how to achieve it

Tanning is formed with the help of the so-called DNA complex. This means of plant origin from sugar cane. It penetrates the epidermis and, reacting with the amino acids of the skin, provides the production of melanoids. As a result - a noticeable darkening of the skin. In addition, the composition of the spray reveals itself tyrosine, which turns into melanin. Thus, we get a tan not by staining the skin, but by the natural pigmentation processes.

Do not believe in the absence of dyes? The proof is very simple. The fact is that after the procedure, your hair and nails are not stained. In case of contact with clothing, the spray will wash off very quickly. The spray contains a number of vitamins: A, B, C, E, D.

Three "NOT" spray - bronzer

  • does not violate metabolic processes in the body;
  • does not clog pores;
  • does not penetrate the deep layers of the skin.

The "Lasar spraytans system" will provide you with a beautiful and even tan, and the protein complex contained in the spray will protect your skin from premature aging and make it supple and elastic. Modern specialists, who have tested this method of instant tanning, argue that the spray bronzer has no medical contraindications. No side effects have been identified.

Preparation for the procedure

Nothing is required of you, except, of course, visiting a specialist. However, it was proved that the peeling procedure (removal of dead cells), performed prior to the instant tanning session, will prolong the visible effect of bronze skin for more than two weeks. Sunbathing in the sun after applying the spray - bronzer is not harmful. But quite the opposite. Bronze skin tone from such an additional tan will become even more saturated.

Exclusive Cosmetic Lotion for Quick Tan

suntan lotion

  1. Isis. This lotion is based on ingredients of plant origin. From contains aloe barbados, a huge dose of vitamins and minerals, pollen, panthenol and amino acids. Accordingly, its application provides nutrition and hydration of the skin. Artificial tan will look like natural.
  2. Revive organics Nutmeg. This lotion is also different natural components. It nourishes the skin, contributes to the emergence and development of new cells, prevents aging of the skin. Included in its composition are brown algae, trace elements, amino acids, restore the water balance of the skin. The lotion relieves irritation and soothes the skin. A tan will also look quite natural. Experts say that this type of lotion even helps smooth small wrinkles.
  3. So, Revive organics Nutmeg: removes irritations, soothes the skin, smoothes wrinkles and stimulates the natural tanning process.
  4. Revive organics Honey. This 99% organic solution contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins and trace elements. The product nourishes the skin and has a conditioning effect. It is a practically natural moisturizer.
  5. Legacy This is just a miracle, not a lotion. Why? It's simple, it is designed specifically for sensitive skin. It is also based on hyaluronic acid. It helps to slow down the aging process in the human body. In addition to the acid, the lotion contains nectar of camellia flowers, aloe juice, white and green tea extract, and seaweed proteins. Means effectively saturates the cells of the human body with oxygen, has a moisturizing effect. This lotion will soften rough skin and provide it with greater elasticity. It is a natural stimulator of the tanning process.
  6. Fusion. This tool is promoted as a tanning effect combined with a nourishing effect. Based on an innovative combination of amino acids. They have a very low molecular weight, which ensures their easy and rapid penetration into the skin of the human body. Specialists who tested Fusion, and guarantee its other plus, which is that the tool not only gives the code a bronze tint, but also has the effect of smoothing the skin, eliminating irregularities and roughness of the skin.
  7. Original “305 ″. This lotion is based on sugar cane extracts. Tan color gives a very rich. You can achieve results with it very quickly. The fact is that it acts instantly. And the effect lasts five to eight hours.
  8. Evo. There is another very strong lotion - Evo. It is also based on sugarcane. The result will appear in four hours!

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