Injection and non-injection mesotherapy of the face - what


Mesotherapy of the face has quite good reviews, although it began to be applied relatively recently in cosmetology. For more than half a century, this type of therapy has been recognized only in 1987 as part of official medicine. Mesotherapy is a symbiosis of exposure to chemical (substances introduced into the skin’s layers) and mechanical (stimulation of receptors by needles). How effective is it in practice?

What is the use of the procedure?

What is the use of the procedure?

Mesotherapy - the introduction into the body by injection of the necessary patient substances. But not every injection can be called so. For example, when a nurse injects a drug that lowers blood pressure in a hospital, the effect on the body is solely due to the drug, plus the depth of administration and dose differs. And mesotherapy implies the action of not only the substance to be introduced at a relatively small depth, but also some mechanical effect that affects the skin receptors.

What is the effect of mesotherapy based on?

  • The needle stimulates the skin receptors, irritating them, due to which microcirculation improves in the injection site.
  • It responds to mesotherapy and the nervous system - endogenous opiates are released, eliminating discomfort.
  • Introduced substances are designed to deal with the problem. And if the doctor does everything correctly, there will be a positive effect, whether it is getting rid of cellulite or eliminating wrinkles and skin defects.
  • Any damage to the skin - microtrauma. When mesotherapy, its appearance contributes to the injection. The damaged cell begins to heal itself, in the process of which the production of completely young (new) cells occurs.

This method of therapy can be applied to eliminate problems not only on the face, but also on the body, as well as in the head area to improve the quality of hair and stimulate their growth.

What is introduced into the body in this way?

Means are used only from ampoules, that is, in liquid form. Such a procedure is carried out not a simple general practitioner, cosmetologist or dermatologist. The specialist must have a certificate confirming that the doctor has completed the courses and has all the necessary knowledge and skills. You need to be able to choose the right cocktail that really helps a person, as well as determine the presence of contraindications and identify allergies, if all this takes place.

Currently, there are special preparations consisting of a mixture of several components that can be immediately used by a cosmetologist as they are ready for use. Cocktail for the introduction into the body includes a variety of substances, and unites them only one thing - the benefits depending on the condition of the skin. It is for this reason that the doctor must have special skills in order to know what and in what proportions it is necessary to mix in a certain situation. Components may be as follows:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • trace elements;
  • amino acids;
  • plant extracts;
  • antioxidants;
  • some medications;
  • biostimulants.

Impact on the skin of the face

Depending on how the substances are selected for the cocktail, you can achieve the desired effect on the skin. The injected mixture can consist of both one and several components. Let's consider them:

  • phospholipids. Their lack of membranes affects elasticity; therefore, they are injected to combat sagging skin.
  • hyaluronic acid. You can hear a lot of interesting things about it, and modern manufacturers often add it to their cosmetics. The substance contributes to the creation of collagen fibers. It is also important that the acid for a long time retains moisture, essential for maintaining the beauty of the skin;
  • Polylactonic acid helps to form collagen precursor - neocollagen;
  • make the skin elastic, restoring elasticity, strengthen the structure of tissues and support the nutrition of cells (which, in turn, will contribute to the improvement of the skin) will help magnesium and silicon salts.

In addition to these substances, there are also many beneficial vitamins and trace elements that can restore the skin's healthy appearance, elasticity, reduce wrinkles and eliminate dryness. Many problems arise precisely because of their lack. Therefore, there are about 200 options for cocktails mesotherapy.

Injection and non-injection type of mesotherapy

Injection and non-injection type of mesotherapy

Injection mesotherapy is also called manual. The drug is administered manually in the area where the problem is detected, using a syringe and a thin needle or a special applicator gun.

But there is a non-injection mesotherapy face. What it is? This term refers to hardware techniques in which preparations penetrate into the deep layers of the skin under the influence of microcurrents. These include phonophoresis, iontophoresis, electrophoresis. Also, the effect of a special roller is considered to be a non-injection technique.

Facial mesotherapy: technology

Injection effects should not be attempted at home, because it requires certain conditions and the help of proven experts. The procedure consists of the following steps.

  1. First of all, the doctor assesses the condition of the skin and makes the necessary tests. Thanks to this, he can conclude in which area the correction is needed and what it will be in general. After the mixture is selected. It is from this very first stage that everything depends - in particular, the effect and the time for which the procedure will continue.
  2. Preparation of the skin. It is cleaned, then put on a mask for 10 minutes.
  3. When the mask is washed off and the skin is dried, the procedure begins. Needles are injected to a depth of no more than 4 mm, and the result of such injections is the injection of drugs. It lasts about half an hour.
  4. As a rule, after the procedure, the patient is given a massage using clay, diluted on the basis of milk proteins. It fixes the hyaluronic moisturizing serum complex.

But non-injection mesotherapy face at home is very real. It is also called homeopathic and oxygen. For massage use a special hollow roller, which is pre-moistened in the selected solution.

  1. Soft scrub cleans the skin.
  2. For 5 minutes, apply the previously prepared mixture. A massager is taken and several movements are performed with it:
  • up the hairline;
  • down to the neck;
  • away from the nose to the cheek.
  1. After completing the procedure itself, leave the mixture for another 10 minutes.
  2. Wash off with means for washing.
  3. You can finally apply a moisturizer to the skin.

How many procedures are needed for a visible effect?

If we talk about non-injection mesotherapy, the session should be held weekly, the whole procedure is 10. The next six months are a mandatory break.

The clinics offer a course of 5-7 procedures to repeat every six months or a year. That is how much time the effect will usually be noticeable. Improvements can be seen after the second or third treatment. Photos before and after mesotherapy show how much better and more natural skin color has become, how wrinkles become imperceptible due to the fact that the skin has tightened. Bruises disappear under the eyes, which can be unsuccessfully fought for life. Also, mesotherapy often helps to eliminate age spots.

Are side effects possible?

Are side effects possible?

Complications or troubles can arise if you do not identify any contraindications in advance. The rest of the procedure is safe. There may, of course, be small bruises, redness or slight swelling. But it all goes fast enough.

Who should not go on face mesotherapy?

Indications for the procedure are clear - aesthetic imperfection of the skin. And this type of therapy is contraindicated in people with the following diagnoses or conditions:

  • inflammation of the skin;
  • diseases of the blood;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • taking a number of medicines;
  • fever;
  • reduced immunity;
  • chronic infection in the body;
  • pathological conditions of the kidneys and gallbladder;
  • severe cardiovascular disease;
  • the presence of moles on the face in large numbers (they can not be injured);
  • intolerance to the components of the cocktail.

Opinion of people who have tried the procedure

Mesotherapy facial reviews collected, for the most part, positive. Here are some of them.

"I tried this procedure when age changes began. Wrinkles appeared, the skin sagged, somehow it was even unpleasant, I felt like an old woman. And I was pleased. I came across a good, experienced doctor who correctly picked up a cocktail and conducted mesotherapy so that only pleasant impressions remain. " (Catherine, Eagle)

“After the mesotherapy, my faces were bruised, but they passed quickly. At first I was very scared that they would go for a long time. In general, the course went to my advantage, my skin became tender and ruddy, almost like babies. ! " (Angelina, Pyatigorsk)

"I approached the question carefully, as I always worry that they would do something wrong, or, God forbid, they would carry the infection. Probably I chose the best cosmetologist in the city. Since I haven’t had any side effects, quickly and even easily. Now I have a young face, a clean, wrinkles have smoothed out. I plan to take another course in a year. (Marina, Moscow)

Facial mesotherapy is not the only procedure available to women that can relieve almost all complaints about skin condition. Nevertheless, this technique can be safely called one of the best and most effective. When choosing a clinic, remember that success very much depends on how the doctor approaches the question and conducts the procedure.