Infrared sauna


Sometimes we are wary of some innovations. When infrared saunas appeared on the sales market, some of them wanted to be the first to try out, to be convinced of their convenience and benefits. Many people still did not dare to use it, fearing that going to such a sauna would harm the body.

It must be remembered that infrared waves are emitted by any warm object, organism, including man, so they are absolutely safe for your body.

Sauna infrared: reviews

The benefits of infrared saunas (cabins)consists in the fact that due to the rays, the heating of all organs, joints, bones occurs. It favors the acceleration of the movement of blood and other fluids in the body.

Infrared sauna: the benefits and harm

The normal reaction to warming up is excessive perspiration, and slag removal occurs due to the strong opening of the pores. The amount of sweat that is released in infrared cabins (IR) exceeds the amount that is released in a traditional sauna. The benefits of IR are completely natural, natural and therefore not negative for the body.

According to reviews, the use of such a sauna leads to improved muscle performance by increasing the circulation of oxygen.

With regular use of infrared procedures, you will reduce blood cholesterol, which will reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases, stabilizes blood pressure. Also strengthened, become more flexible vessel walls. The general body resistance increases, immunity increases, the state of health improves.

For 1 session in the IR, you will lose about the same number of calories as when running a distance of 10 km. Therefore, the use of the sauna, especially with diets, will significantly reduce weight.

Remember that the deep penetration of such radiation (along with physical exertion and proper nutrition), allows you to get rid of cellulite beneficially, dissolving its subcutaneous layer consisting of water, fat and slags.

Reviews of those who use this sauna are positive. It is noted that infrared radiation helps to treat chronic diseases of the ear, nose and throat, relieve pain in the joints, muscles, back, pain caused by menstruation, headaches, accompanied by the rapid growth of wounds, bruises, injuries, fractures, resorption of hematomas. The pleasant heat of the radiation has a calming effect on the nervous system, eliminating insomnia, tension, irritability and comfort. Some believe that this radiation prevents the growth of cancer cells. Those who regularly took the procedure in such a booth, forever forgot about some skin diseases: dermatitis, eczema, acne, acne, dandruff.

Infrared cabin provides general disease prevention and full recovery of the body.

Can that infrared sauna applyharm man? Of course not! Unless, of course, you use it without fanaticism and have no contraindications to visiting it for health reasons.

Infrared sauna: contraindications

  • Enlargement of the thyroid gland;
  • Malignant neoplasms;
  • Uterine diseases, endometriosis, mastopathy, prostate adenoma;
  • Exacerbation of skin diseases;
  • Low or high pressure;
  • Ischemic heart disease, heart failure, tachycardia (diseases of the cardiovascular system);
  • Aggravation of nephritis and cystitis;
  • Arthritis, arthrosis, inflammation of the joints;
  • Pregnancy, postpartum period.

Rules when visiting the infrared sauna:

  1. Reception of medical procedures should take place within 25-35 minutes. a day, before that, be sure to clean the skin. Do not forget that you can apply other procedures for body care and weight loss in the complex;
  2. The best time to visit the IC for better weight loss is in the evening after a workout;
  3. If you do massages - do them before the visit itself, but do not forget to wash off the applied cream, oil;
  4. On an empty stomach is not recommended to carry out the procedure, as well as after a hearty dinner.
  5. Before visiting the sauna, it is recommended to drink a glass of vegetable or citrus juice, after that - eat a small protein dish with a green salad;
  6. If you feel a headache, or a cold, then it is better to abandon the sauna, because heating is an additional stress;
  7. During the procedure, you can drink, but not much. Drinking plenty of fluids will not help to cleanse the body better, but on the contrary, will put a strain on the heart.

Do it yourself infrared sauna

If you know how to handle carpentry tools and have free time, then you will be able to build a sauna yourself. For this you will not need sophisticated tools and appliances.

Do it yourself infrared sauna

To make an infrared sauna with your own hands, you need:

  • To decide on a sauna design
  • Buy the necessary heater and materials.
  • As the interior decoration, you can use different species of deciduous trees - aspen, alder, linden.
  • The material for exterior decoration can be lining, plywood, laminate, MDF, etc.
  • The frame of the sauna cabin should be mounted from well-dried coniferous wood, so it will be stronger and more reliable. No need to do the insulation of the walls of the cabin.
  • Heaters, electronics needed install only in a fully finished cabin, when all construction work is done, the dust and dirt are removed. During construction, keep heaters and electronic devices in a separate room. Do not forget, dust is the enemy of any equipment!
  • When choosing an infrared heater, be sure to pay attention to the size of the device, the manufacturer, the heating power.

When choosing a place to install, you need to remember:

The cab must be located on a flat surface.

The room where the sauna is arranged should be dry, because humidity can damage the heater. The niche in which the cabin will be installed should be 10-15 cm wider and deeper.

Infrared sauna is undoubtedly good for health. If you do not have diseases that are a contraindication to the reception of such procedures - safely choose them to strengthen and heal the body. Moreover, such a sauna can be made by hand. It will cost not cheap, but will serve you for many years.