Indian style in clothes

India is the most amazing country that has conquered more than one heart of tourists with its mystery and beauty. India is known for its spices, ancient religion, mountains of the Himalayas, as well as bright colors in clothing and style.

For Indians, the style of dress is something bright, catchy, always made using all sorts of rich patterns and ornaments.

But here is the question, why for hundreds of thousands of years and changes in civilization, Indian dresses are so relevant and popular not only among the Indian people, but also in the CIS countries, the USA and Europe?

And so, actually Indian outfits are the most comfortable in the world, since most of the clothes in India are made from natural and pleasant-to-body fabrics.. An important fact is that India is a hot country, so the clothes of the Indians are made in a surprisingly competent way, it is absolutely not hot in it.

Today, designers often draw their inspiration in the style of clothing of the Indian people and perfectly apply its elements in their creations.


It is impossible to imagine an Indian woman without such a dress as "Sari". Sari is a rectangular piece of fabric the length of which sometimes reaches 9 meters in length. A woman in a certain way wraps the fabric around the waist, forming folds in the front, the rest of the fabric is thrown over the shoulder and leave about 2-2.5 meters of fabric for release, as if holding it in her hand. Under the bottom of the sari, women wear a special blouse called “ravik”; it is also chosen in color and texture to match the basic fabric for the sari.

A sari can be made of ordinary fabric for everyday life, or it can be made of shiny heavy silk fabric with a pattern made of metal threads with gold, silver for festive occasions.

Considers especially valuable wedding saree, it is made specifically for the order from the master and is a unique masterpiece.


Sari is not only a style of dressing, it is also the spirit inherent in Indian dresses, in which any woman can look slimmer and sleeker.. In addition, the multicolor sari amazes with its colorful and rich patterns.

Salwar Kamiz

Another wonder of the world, or a miracle in India, the outfit which is called "Salvar Kamiz". Salvar Kamiz is the most popular outfit in India, for both women and men.

Salvar Kamiz is an outfit which consists of two things, the first is Salvar, the second is Kamiz.

Salvar - wide pants with numerous folds protruding on the inner surface of the legs, the second, as you might have guessed - Kamiz, that is, a wide tunic with cuts on the sides, the length of which reaches approximately the waist line, so that air penetrates to the body, and did not squeeze and did not constrain movement in the waist.

Salvar Kamiz as well as a sari can be made in different versions, for various ceremonial occasions Salvar Kamiz will surely be made brightly, embroidered with gold threads, Salvar Kamiz for everyday exits will be made in restrained colors, but in any case, as a fabric for Salvar Kamiz Indians will choose the softest quality fabric, whether it is plain silk or iridescent brocade.

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The popularity of Indian clothing in the modern world

The popularity of Indian style in clothing in the modern world is very high. Famous designers complement their collections with Indian motifs. They borrow from Indian culture their beautiful textures of fabrics, prints, as well as extraordinary fabrics brought from India.

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