“Create an image”, “Support an image” - do these phrases have anything to do with us, ordinary girls and women immersed in school, work and family? We are accustomed to the need for politicians, showbiz stars, heads of large corporations and other public people to take care of their image. With all this we often ask ourselves: Why do some people manage to instantly gain the trust and favor of a new acquaintance and others don’t ? Why someone very quickly take on a prestigious position, and you, despite the experience and experience, refuse? Why are some women flooded with flowers and gifts, and you can not wait for a simple compliment? It is possible that the answer to these questions is hidden in such an inviting and inaccessible word "Image".

Image: a couple of words in defense

What is image?

Currently, the volume of literature in the field of imageology is enormous, but at the same time I can not say that there is a unanimous opinion in the definition of the concept of "image". The term "image" ("image") is borrowed from the English language and has a wide meaning: image, image, face, likeness, statue, idol, etc. In Russian, the image is understood as an external image created in order to attract attention, cause a certain impression, opinion, attitude of other people.

Why do you need an image?

Image need every person: a certain external image and behavior will tell other people how best to interact with you and what to expect from you. Do not forget that they meet according to their clothes, and it is precisely according to their image that you will be accepted or not accepted in certain social groups.

Essentially well-formed and carefully maintained image helps not only easier to understand us around people, but also to perceive us as we want for them to be. They take it easy to work, successful and confident, fall in love with the mysterious and intriguing, make friends with those who rejoice at every minute. If you want to be loved, claimed and happy, do not wait for the first step from others, become so.

What should be done?

To someone who is no longer eager to tackle their image, you must immediately determine which one you would like to see yourself. After all image is, first of all, harmony between your appearance, internal content and behavior patterns. There are a huge number of images, they need to choose the one that will be one hundred percent consistent with your inner world outlook. For example, if you are very serious and collected, then the image of a business-oriented woman will be most appropriate for you. In this case, one should not exclude the fact that on vacation, with family and friends you can use a more romantic, soft, feminine image. Do not forget the image as a dress - there should be several of them in your locker and for every occasion. Exactly the right choice and combining several styles will allow you to create your unique attractive image.

Image: a couple of words in defense

What is the best way to start creating your own unique image? First you need to choose the most profitable manner of behavior and method of communication. Not a single expensive dress will say so much about you as the ability to brilliantly keep up the conversation, beautifully express your thoughts, demonstrate good manners. It is also important to imagine how you want to look externally, what style to match, what kind of clothing will be beneficial and emphasize your virtues and maintain a sense of comfort. In accordance with the chosen style you need to choose accessories, makeup and hair.

After creating your image, you will be able to demonstrate with your appearance all the wealth of the inner world that previously hid an unattractive image. Also your image will enable others to find a common language with you much easier.

It is often easier for us to leave everything in its place, instead of accepting a challenge and changing a lot. But only by accepting this challenge, you can talk about the new, happy and interesting, that you can not wait to invite into your life. You must accept the challenge of fate today and start with an image. And most importantly, remember, if you start to feel like a successful, purposeful, interesting person, the people you meet on your way will perceive you as such, and you will have to reinforce your new image with your actions, then everything in life will work out for you!

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