Image of a business woman


Today, business style in clothing is at the peak of popularity, because a huge number of companies and firms have long introduced an official dress code. The name of the style speaks about what it is intended for, namely for work in offices, large companies. In the business world, an appearance that emphasizes your success and solidity plays a significant role.

Modern style business woman

In the modern, active and rapidly developing world, the business image of a woman demonstrates professionalism, competent qualities and laconic rigor. A suit of business style should not only be comfortable to wear, but also allow you to move actively and comfortably. Strict and restrained clothing associates a woman with a high-class specialist in his field.

Image of a business woman

There are several basic types of business style:

  • A strict business style is the so-called classic, the presence of a suit in black or dark blue colors, a white blouse or shirt, shoes - pumps on an average black heel. Such a view is appropriate in negotiations, interviews of various kinds.
  • Casual business style - a variety of colors and shades are allowed here, but in a pastel, discreet range, this rule is appropriate for styles and accessories.
  • Conventional business style - the second name "style of Friday", it is appropriate to wear classic jeans and a cardigan or jacket.

Create a stylish business image

Image of a business woman

Some ladies think that you shouldn’t worry about your style of clothes, if you can earn this is enough. But the experience of many years of business women proves that if your external image is careless, far from perfect, none of the serious people will want to work and cooperate with you.

The appearance of a business woman is based on clothes, make-up, hairstyles and accessories.

Business woman's image and its components

Strict clothing - the basic element of a business wardrobe. But this does not mean that things will be boring and gray, not at all. Brightness, freshness and originality of business style images are achieved through a palette and the right choice of colors.

Image of a business woman

The main detail of women's business style is a suit. Modern designers offer luxurious and interesting options for trouser suits. Choosing a model, focus on fashion trends. Pay attention to the jacket and pants perfectly fit your figure, perfectly sat.

There were times when business or classic colors of clothes were considered to be black or blue long gone. Modern style tends to natural, neutral color solutions, but other options are also possible. For a women's business style suit, the following colors are perfect: white, deep gray, brown with a chocolate shade, pastel colors, olive, pleasant herbal or sandy. Allowed and bold burgundy or red, but not bright colors.

The silhouette of the suit is appropriate free, fitted. When choosing fabrics, stop on the options of high, good quality, which are weakly crumpled, pleasant to the touch. It will look great natural materials: linen, silk, wool.

Image of a business woman

The suit of a business lady should not have bright details of the decor. Femininity and a bit of romanticism in a solid, classic look add a blouse, a beautiful accessory or shoes. Do not forget about another rule, a business woman can not be published without tights or stockings. This can not be neglected, even on a hot, summer day.

The women's fancy dress can be not only a trouser with a male character, the duet of a jacket and skirt looks interesting, feminine and not less strict. Popular style pencil skirt adds elegance and mystery to any lady. In principle, any cut of the skirt is allowed, but the main thing is no ruffles or frills. And the right length to the middle of the knee or above the palm, no frank mini and fashionable maxi.

Pants should also be straight cut, it is necessary to abandon tight-fitting models with a low waist, narrowed, or vice versa flared. Jackets from the costume ensemble can emphasize the waistline, do not wear too short jackets, from the finish it is great to get a look at the decorative stitching of coarse, individual stitches.

In the wardrobe business style should be a lot of shirts and blouses of various colors and shades of pastel palette.

Image of a business woman

Do not be afraid to wear tight-fitting, correct dress. A great option - a strict, black dress of the correct length. If it is knee-deep, without a frank neckline, but at the same time emphasizing the curves of your body, you will get a business and simultaneous sexual outfit.

Things of a successful business woman should be immaculately clean, ironed and stylish. It is worthwhile to think in advance about the appropriateness of clothing for a particular occasion.

It will be great if you want to diversify your wardrobe, you will follow the principle of a single manifestation. It must be either a color, or just a style or only accessories. The perfect way to add a creative personality is to wear an expensive, good shoe or bag.

What hairstyle is relevant in business style?

The hairstyle of the lady who works in business, should not cause condemnation. Shaved whiskey or multi-colored strands are difficult to imagine in combination with a strict, business suit. The hairstyle should be, above all, elegant, you can tie the hair in a ponytail, leave it straight or put it in waves. The main thing is that the hair does not show the presence of gel, varnish or other styling products, while in the business style complex hairstyles are absolutely not relevant.

Image of a business woman

What accessories to pick up?

The first thing to remember is that accessories for a business style should not be too bright and catchy. But the more modest your business image, the more massive the decoration will be appropriate to wear. Watches, bracelets and rings are the basis of business style, but the main thing is to wear them one by one, and not all at once.

In the business style, expensive jewelry is welcome, be it pendants, large beads, earrings or rings. Do not forget about the accessories that will refresh any image and add style to it: scarves, ties, collars or scarves.

When choosing a bag for your business image, give preference to a bag-briefcase, a bag or a bag-tablet.

The style of a business lady who is confident in herself is harmonious minimalism of not bright colors in images with clear lines, complemented by the right accessories and inconspicuous makeup. Any business woman should give priority to the clothes that will ideally emphasize her independence and success. If you learn how to choose your own clothes in which you will go to work - this will be the key to a good mood. The appearance of a business woman is her business card, which sets the right tone of life.