Ice for face


Every woman strives for the ideal, and wants to shine with beauty. The condition of the skin, its even tone, the absence of wrinkles - this is a big part of the success. There are a lot of facial care methods - various creams, serums, home methods. The most common folk remedy for face care is the use of cosmetic ice.

Is it helpful to wipe your face with ice?

Rubbing the face with ice has a positive result. The skin is refreshed, after systematic use it becomes elastic, blood circulation improves, which best affects its color. In addition, the ice is able to clean the face, narrow pores and smooth fine wrinkles.

What makes such significant changes happen? The effect of using the cold was noticed long ago, it is not for nothing that in all the legends it is mentioned about the sources, having plunged into which, a person comes out vigorous, renewed and rejuvenated.

Ice for face: good

Regular rubbing of the face with ice contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels. At the place of contact with cold, blood immediately rushes in, which causes the activation of metabolic processes. As a result, the skin is renewed and younger, acquires a fresh color. Due to the stimulation of metabolic processes, the muscles of the face receive an additional tone, which contributes to the smoothing of small wrinkles. Ice is able to reduce the secretion of sebaceous and sweat glands - respectively, we will not replace the owners of oily skin.

Ice can do harm by using it illiterately. It can dry the skin. In addition, wiping the face can cause insomnia, for these reasons it is highly undesirable to carry out such a procedure at night.

Ice to wipe the face: recipes.

Keep in mind that for different parts of the face, and especially skin types, it is necessary to use different infusions and additives when making ice.

In order to hide signs of fatigue, rubbing the face with horsetail ice will help. For the preparation of such a means you need to brew 2 tbsp. l horsetail in 2 tbsp. boiling water, bring the mixture to a boil. After it is necessary to allow the infusion to cool down independently, pour into molds and freeze.

Ice from tea also has a tonic effect, and you can use both green and black varieties. Tea must be brewed, allowed to cool down, and then make ice.

To combat irritation and pimples on the skin, ice with aloe juice will help. For the preparation of such a tool, you can also use sage. 0.5 st. decoction of sage, you need to take 2 tbsp. l aloe juice After thorough mixing, the solution can be poured into molds and frozen.

For the same purposes since ancient times used the "silver" ice. Silver coin or jewelry, you need to keep in the water for a day, after which it can be frozen. As you know, silver has a disinfecting property and is great for combating acne.

Every woman knows the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile. Chamomile ice It helps not only to make the skin clear of rashes, but also to have a preventive effect.

In order for the skin to become soft and tender, you can use ice with rose petals. There are 2 cooking options. Brew rose petals in 1 tbsp. boiling water and let stand for half an hour. Or just boil the rose petals for 10 minutes, then allow the infusion to stand for 20 minutes in a sealed container.

Simple cosmetic ice from mineral water has very useful properties. Even during freezing, it retains all the useful properties. This ice can be used for all skin types without exception.

Whiten the skin will help rice water. To prepare, you must thoroughly wash the rice and cook it in a large amount of water. After the cereal is completely cooked - the broth is ready. After cooling it can be frozen.

Ice for face: recipes for each skin type

Ice for face: recipes for each skin type

  • Oily skin is characterized by enlarged pores, increased sebum production. To combat these manifestations helps the ice from the decoction of birch buds. 1 tbsp. l birch buds need to brew in 1 tbsp. boiling water, boil on low heat. After natural cooling, you can freeze. Also, this recipe is suitable for combination skin.
  • For narrowing the pores and smoothing the tone of the face, you can use infusions of such herbs as marigolds, potentilla, horsetail, with the addition of lemon juice, due to which skin whitening is performed. It is worth remembering that it is impossible to use such ice cubes for more than 3 days in a row.
  • For problem skin there are a lot of recipes from the simplest to the most complex. An example of simple ice can be salty. For this in 1 tbsp. boiled warm water must be dissolved 1 tbsp. l salt. This recipe can be used to combat acne. After applying such ice can not wipe your face. Only after it dries itself can you wash with cold water.
  • You can use decoctions and infusions of lime and lemon. To prepare the broth is necessary in 1 tbsp. boiling water brew 2 tbsp. l lime blossom, then let it brew, add 0.5 tsp. lemon juice.
  • Dry skin needs to be nourished and moisturized; fruit ice copes well with this task, while preference is best given to red fruits. This tool should not be stored for a long time, it can be used only for a week.
  • For rejuvenation, ice from milk and water is also suitable, in a ratio of one to one. With regular and proper use, the first results can be seen literally in a week. To get rid of mimic wrinkles, you can use cosmetic ice from coffee. For its preparation it is necessary to brew strong, natural coffee, without adding sugar and other spices, after pouring into molds and freeze.

Wipe face with ice: application rules

In order for the ice to benefit and not cause harm, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions. First, work with him neatly. It is forbidden to wipe the thin skin around the eyes, and in other areas the ice should not linger for more than 5 - 7 seconds. When wiping the movement should be massage. In this case, the penetration depth of the active substances increases.

Before use, the ice cube should slightly melt so that all the beneficial substances are easily released. The procedure itself should be performed only in the warm season. In winter, washing should take place 2 hours before going outside.

Ice will bring even more benefits if you do not wipe the skin afterwards, but give yourself dry.

To be always beautiful and well-groomed is not difficult - there would be a desire. With proper use of cosmetic ice to wipe the face, you can achieve unsurpassed results. It is important for every woman to approach this issue thoroughly and carefully weigh the pros and cons.