Do you dream of beautiful, well-groomed and strong nails? Achieve excellent results will help the development of the company Famous Names. The drug, which acts from the inside and literally saves even the most fragile and thinned nails, is called ibx. Recently, more and more women give him preference.

The preparation ibx makes it possible to strengthen nails in any condition. This is the first medical composition in the cosmetic market, which makes it possible to get impressive results for a long time.

ibx: a proven tool to strengthen and restore nails

The name of the tool ibx is an abbreviation of English words: Iceberg is an iceberg, Big is a huge one, X is a number 10. The decryption is not quite obvious: care is like an iceberg. The bottom line is that only the visible side of the procedure (the tip of the iceberg) is visible to the consumer - a perfectly healthy and even manicure. The basis of a great result - internal nutrition, strengthening, recovery - remains hidden.

The main difference of this care from the many strengthening coatings that exist on the market today is that ibx perfectly adheres to the surface of the nails and penetrates into their very structure. Therefore, it cannot be removed with a special liquid for removing acrylic and gel polishes, it grows with natural nails. It is possible to get rid of a covering only mechanically, having cut off scissors.

The scope of the ibx system is impressively wide. The drug is successfully used:

  1. For restoration or with complex treatment of especially weak and damaged nails;
  2. To correct damage, such as chipping, peeling at the edge of the nail;
  3. As a protective layer under a varnish, gel, gel varnish for nails.

How to work with ibx: procedure description

The system consists of several drugs that are used in combination. On average, to achieve a visible result, you need about 3-15 procedures.

The frequency of application of the composition depends on the condition of the nails:

  • To grow nails (after removing artificial materials / exfoliating): 1 time per week.
  • To grow nails that have minor damage: 1 time in 2 weeks.
  • To tidy up the nails that do not need additional restoration and treatment: 1 time in 3 weeks.

How to work with ibx

The time of the procedure is about 15 minutes. Before it starts, old lacquer or any other coating is removed from the nail plates. Shape free edge. Perform hardware manicure. After it the nails must be completely dry. Carefully disinfect the nail plate.

Next, ibx Repair is applied to all damages. They must be filled with the composition. Dry nails under the hair dryer. Fix the coating under the LED-lamp for 1 min. or UV lamp - 2 min.

Remove the dispersion layer. Apply the drug on the entire surface of the nails. Dry hair dryer again.

Wet the nail surface with a lint-free sponge. Dry the coating in the LED lamp for 1 min. Remove the dispersion layer. Repeat the last step again.

After that, any kind of varnish can be applied to the nails. The area of ​​the cuticle is desirable to process any nutritious or moisturizing oil.

This procedure is absolutely safe and is allowed even for pregnant women who often complain of problems with nails. Many in the period of carrying a baby, they begin to exfoliate. Adolescents can be given such care starting at the age of 14, when the nail plates will be fully formed.

To maintain the beauty of natural nails - this is a real find. Manicure turns out so well-groomed, smooth and natural that it becomes not necessary to varnish.

Nail ibx tool: consumer reviews

Nail ibx tool: consumer reviews

  • Elena: I recently tried the procedure with ibx on myself. Nails have become much stronger. They have such a well-groomed look that I can afford to do without decorative varnish.
  • Rita: I've always had problematic nails. They layered, broke - that I just did not do! To grow a beautiful manicure did not work. A friend recommended a new ibx procedure. At first I did not believe that would help. But the result stunned me! With ibx, my nails began to grow faster, they no longer exfoliate and break. No problem until the desired length grow.
  • Dasha: I am not a manicure master, but I have already worked with ibx at home on my own. I did everything according to the instructions and managed. Of course, I have no special lamps, but still I got a good result. The main thing is to do everything without haste!

The new ibx nail care product is an impressive development by foreign scientists. This unique drug penetrates the structure of the nails and solves most of the problems of their health and appearance from the inside. The effect lasts so long that you can afford not to save on the procedure, making it in a proven beauty salon from a qualified master.

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