Hydrogen peroxide hair removal


At all times, a woman sought to carry her beauty with dignity in order to captivate men with just one look. And already thousands of years ago, hair on the body of the fair sex was considered a bad form. To date, there are many ways to get rid of such troubles, but often they are expensive and take time. However, there is a great alternative - removal of hair with hydrogen peroxide.

How to remove hair with hydrogen peroxide?

How to remove hair with hydrogen peroxide?

In order for this method to work and you get rid of such an unattractive hair, you need to know a little trick in the preparation of the mixture and in its use.

Hydrogen peroxide acts as follows: it reacts with air, thereby discoloring the hair. And the longer the mixture is on the hair, the brighter they become. In order to speed up the process often use hydrogen peroxide with the addition of ammonia.

Thus, immediately get rid of the hair does not work. At first, they will become lighter, and therefore less noticeable, and only with the frequency of use the hair bulb will begin to break down. It’s hard to say how long you will spend on removal specifically, since it all depends on the characteristics of your hair and skin.

The most popular recipes used for hair removal are the following:

  • Dilute 50 ml of peroxide with a small amount of wheat flour and add 10 drops of ammonia water (ammonia). On the skin to keep a quarter of an hour;
  • 1 tsp. peroxide mixed with 1 tsp. liquid soap and add 5 drops of ammonia. Apply on the body for 15 minutes and rinse with chamomile solution.

Hydrogen peroxide acts as follows

Both recipes should be applied once a week, and do not forget about the following rules:

  • It is not recommended to apply this method to remove facial hair, as there is the most delicate skin. Do not remove peroxide hair from warts and moles, it can be dangerous;
  • Contraindications for hair removal are thus sensitive skin and a tendency to allergies;
  • The percentage of hydrogen peroxide used depends on the type of hair. If they are light, thin and weak, then 4-8% will be enough, for dark and hard - 10-12%. It is clear that black and red hair are removed more difficult and longer, but you should not resort to using 30% peroxide, because it can cause severe burns;
  • For the preparation of the mixture, you can take any capacity, but in any case not metal, as the metal enters into an oxidative reaction, and the consequences can be dire;
  • Whatever composition you try, first test it on an inconspicuous part of your body, for example, an elbow;
  • Be sure to after the procedure, moisturize the skin with cream, it is better to use children's series.

If you follow these instructions, you will not subject your skin to burns, irritation and dryness, and also hydrogen peroxide from unwanted hair will show a stunning result.

What do cosmetologists say and practice shows?

What do cosmetologists say and practice shows?

Of course, beauticians are in favor of hair removal by professionals in the salon, for example, using shugaring procedures or waxing. So you will not only get rid of unwanted hair, but also make it safe for health. But if hydrogen peroxide from unwanted hair is the best option for you, then with all the rules, this method is possible and does not harm your skin.

Reviews of those who have tried this method in practice, are quite contradictory. Some ladies claim that after a few days there was no hair, while others fought for a long time, and the desired result did not come. All this once again underlines the individuality of this method and the dependence of its effectiveness on a particular person.

If you are thinking about how to lighten the hair with hydrogen peroxide, then weigh well all the positive and negative aspects of this method. Consider how suitable it is for your skin type and hairline. And if this is what you need, then follow all the recommendations above and enjoy the excellent result.