Hyaluronic beauty injections or the pursuit of youth


If only recently, the improvement of their appearance due to the rich and diverse possibilities of plastic surgery was fashionable and in demand, then today modern women have begun to increasingly look for an alternative to the surgeon’s scalpel. And this is not by chance. As they say, if you know that you will not find anything, then you will not begin the search. Medicine, which has given the world the magic of plastic, now presents us with new, more advanced technologies. Although, of course, how to look.

Injections are becoming more and more popular. Regarding surgical intervention, they are safer and do not require a long hospital stay and medical supervision.

These procedures involve subcutaneous administration with the help of thin needles of special preparations. The effect you can see almost immediately. The result is saved up to a year.


Specialists of modern "advanced" cosmetology distinguish two methods of correction with the help of injections:

  1. Contour correction with hyaluronic acid preparations.
  2. Botox injections

The second method prevents mimic activity in those areas that the patient considers problematic.

Botox paralyzes the muscles responsible for fading and thereby smoothes wrinkles and wrinkles in the neck area. The drug blocks the work of sweat glands, eliminating sweating.

Injections with botox are considered safe. For a lasting visible effect, it is necessary to carry out the procedure at least three times a year.

Hyaluronic Acid Injection

Hyaluronic acid restores the water balance of the skin. Normalizes metabolism in the skin. Injections are widely used to eliminate flabbiness, mimic wrinkles, scars and folds. These procedures are more expensive than Botox injections.

The above acid is contained in all living organisms. Promotes good preservation of water balance. Such injections will help you in a severe confrontation with reality, so to speak, that is, with negative environmental influences.

With age-related changes in the human body, the ability to produce hyaluronic acid is lost. It becomes less and less in the skin. The result is obvious to us - it is the loss of skin elasticity and elasticity. Our appearance leaves much to be desired.

Hyaluronic acid and injections from it will compensate for the deficiency of what is lost over the years in the inexorable process of fading. Subcutaneously injected material, the body will perceive as its own. The occurrence of some time in the process of metabolism that occurs in our body, hyaluronic acid is split into carbon dioxide and water. After the procedure, that is, after the injection of the drug under the skin, he holds water around him. The effect persists for a long period of time.

Doctors claim that allergic reactions are excluded, since the preparation does not contain components of animal origin.

Hyaluronic acid contour plastics is therefore a safe and effective procedure. It will take you some time, since it lasts no more than 30 minutes.

The effect on the skin is long lasting. The terms are from six to twelve months. So the "year of beauty" you provided.

The procedures themselves must be carried out by highly qualified specialists. When choosing a clinic and a doctor, take the trouble to inquire and collect as much information as possible about how their activities were implemented from the practical side. It is important and the opinion of those people who have directly tried on themselves the technique, so even a very specific specialist to whom you are going. Hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin by microinjection preparations. A syringe is used with a very thin needle. The particles of the injected gel will be located in the surrounding tissues. They will not in any way become an obstacle to the metabolic processes and the free distribution of oxygen in the tissues and cells.

Each preparation made on the basis of hyaluronic acid is used to solve its range of problems with which we suffer and from which we run. This is the correction of fine wrinkles, as the most simple question, and a change in facial contours, which will be more difficult.

Drugs have a difference in the size of the gel particles. And, accordingly, if you are willing to change the shape of your face, the doctor will select the injection with the largest particles. They can easily cope with the sculpture of plastic face.

In order to make the correction of small and shallow facial wrinkles the most gentle preparation with the smallest particles is ideal. Sometimes experts recommend a combination of different drugs.

Every year, doctors offer many new preparations for facial contouring, which are based on hyaluronic acid.

All new products that are successfully used today in the market of cosmetology services have been certified. They were tested for safety and ability to cause allergies.

Consequences of Hyaluronic Acid Injection

Hyaluronic beauty injections or the pursuit of youth

The types of problems that successful battles based on hyaluronic acid lead to are as follows:

  1. superficial wrinkles in the corners of the eyes or around the lips;
  2. deep wrinkles and folds;
  3. giving lips volume;
  4. an increase in the volume of the cheekbone area;
  5. deep hydration of the skin;
  6. creating the effect of elastic, fresh, radiating the energy of life of the skin.

Contouring is of increased interest among all visitors to cosmetology clinics.

Unique procedures of their kind allow you to quickly and painlessly get rid of problems that have tormented you for years. Do not think about the bad, go for life confidently. Elimination of mimic wrinkles, folds in the skin, creating a lifting effect of the skin of the face - today this is possible thanks to new technologies. And all this without the intervention of a surgeon. Beauty injections are performed by cosmetologists-dermatologists.

For the procedures, a special room should be set aside, in which all antiseptic rules are observed. For many people today, injections of beauty are a common procedure, such as going to the dentist, for example. Do not be afraid of new features of modern medicine. The right approach is important.

In modern conditions, the appearance of a person speaks of his success. Although this is not always the case in reality, many have developed just such a stereotype. As the saying goes, "meet on clothes." Appearance directly affects the career. Today’s employers, as always, always pay close attention to it. Not only the style of clothes and demeanor, the ability to keep yourself in society and to negotiate are important, but also the way you look. Agree, it is much more pleasant to communicate with a well-groomed person. Well-groomed, it means that he respects himself and others. He thinks that it was pleasant to contact him. Believe me, the negotiations will be much more successful if you confidently carry yourself. And this comes not only from confidence and their mental abilities, but also in their appearance.

Most of those who experienced “beauty shots” on themselves are happy with the results. They, as a rule, visit the doctor, after the first successful series of injections, regularly to maintain youth and beauty. Take care of yourself today.