How to wind the hair on rags


If you are a happy owner of long hair and adore curls, then knowing a few simple but effective ways to wind your hair without curlers and curling at home will be very useful.

Everything is new - well forgotten old

Everything is new - well forgotten old

Methods of curling hair without using curling is not a novelty of our time. They were used even in the time of the empresses, when the curls were in great honor, and there was no super-adaptation. Today, these methods are modernized improvised devices (crabs, for example). The main methods of curling without heat treatment:

  • curls on rags
  • curls on pieces of paper
  • curls of harnesses
  • curl one large curl
  • heels on heels
  • braid weave (as simple as braids, and with the interweaving of fabric)

Beauty in health

How to wind the hair on rags: simple tips

It is undeniable that the most important advantage of such methods of waving is the preservation of the natural structure of the hair, and accordingly its health. And everyone knows that burned curls never look beautiful. But there are some more weighty facts:

  • curls on rags can be arranged even outside the house (in the car, while on the road)
  • it is easy to sleep with such a "hairstyle"
  • the method is not expensive (cooked rags can be used for a very long time with regular washing)
  • convenient self-service method

Fabric curls - step by step instructions

Fabric curls - step by step instructions

So, how to curl hair on rags:

  1. Wash your head or just moisturize your hair (curls are more likely to wash your head).
  2. We divide the hair into curls and, as we wind, we process it with foam or gel.
  3. Put the tip of the curl on the prepared shred of natural light-colored fabric (so as not to fade the color on the hair) measuring 10 by 5 cm approximately. Tie a knot of fabric at the tip of the hair and wrap up to the root. We tie another knot - we fixed the first curl. And we carry out such manipulations with the others.
  4. We put on a cap, a scarf, a polyethylene cap and go to bed. If you do during the day, you need to keep the curls for at least 5 hours, but preferably 12.
  5. In the morning, gently untie the nodules, starting from the bottom. Dissolve carefully so as not to spoil the work. Hands slightly break the curls and fix the varnish.
  6. Incredible styling is ready in 10 minutes!

Fabric curls - step by step instructions

Texture is a delicate matter!

In order to achieve the desired result, remember a few tricks:

  • beer, sweetened water or tea leaves act like froth
  • rags made of natural fabric will not only be more beneficial for the hair, but also more convenient - the hair will not slip off
  • scraps require washing after each procedure
  • wind the hair on shreds in one direction, otherwise the curls will be chaotic
  • plastic cap will create a thermo effect and curls better take
  • curl thickness can be adjusted in 2 ways:
  1. the smaller the pieces of curls, the larger the curl;
  2. the thicker the shred, the larger the curl (the thickness of the fabric can be increased using paper folded into a tube)

Beautiful women, be sure to take note of such simple ways as curling hair on rags or pieces of paper, and your hair will always look beautiful and well-groomed. Without much time and money!