How to whiten your skin in intimate places quickly


The question of how to whiten the skin in intimate places, recently quite relevant. This procedure is in demand in beauty salons along with hair removal, depilation, intimate hairstyles. If you set a goal, then you can find enough information even about skin whitening in intimate areas with the help of folk remedies.

We will try to answer this peculiar question.

Why is skin in intimate places darker?

First you need to find out the causes of darkening of the skin in intimate areas.

First you need to find out the causes of darkening of the skin in intimate areas. Many of us, and almost everyone, for some reason forget that intimate areas of the body require attention even more than publicly available ones, and they often take time only when they bathe.

It is a proven fact that the inner surface of the thigh, the armpits, genitals and the anus, and the nipples are darker than the rest of the body. The reasons for this, too, is no secret:

  • lack of ventilation: intimate areas usually do not get enough fresh air, and this affects the texture and color of the skin;
  • moisture: due to the closeness in intimate areas a lot of moisture accumulates, which also contributes to the change in skin color;
  • perspiration: various substances are expelled through perspiration, and again the closeness of the intimate areas contributes to the fact that a certain amount of it remains on the skin and because of this it darkens;
  • tight clothing limits skin's ability to breathe;
  • the constant friction of parts of the body also adversely affects the color and texture of the skin;
  • age-related hormonal changes affect skin color in intimate places not for the better;
  • genetics;
  • pregnancy: hormonal changes are also reflected in intimate areas.

How to whiten the skin in intimate places?

Many people ask: how to quickly whiten the skin in intimate places?

Many people ask: how to quickly whiten the skin in intimate places? Let's look at how you can achieve the desired result by chemical methods and folk remedies.

Chemical methods

We pass by rather expensive methods of skin whitening in intimate places offered by specialized salons, such as photorejuvenation and laser polishing, for example. Let us dwell on the available creams, peels, gels. The active substances that are part of these cosmetic preparations can be classified according to the method of their action as follows:

  • substances affecting the production by the human body of melanin pigment - hydroquinone, azelaic acid, alpha hydroxy acids (citric and glycolic);
  • substances that inhibit the production of the enzyme tyrosinase, which acts as a stimulator of melanin synthesis - arbutin, kojic, ascorbic acid and derivatives of it.

The most common creams for whitening intimate areas are:

  • Lakshma MAXXI;
  • Eveline Extra Soft Whitening;
  • ISME;
  • Finale Whitening Cream et al

Exfoliators are quite effective, such as:

  • Renophase;
  • multifruit gel peeling 40% PH 2,6 Pleyana, etc.

There are also manufacturers specializing in cosmetics for bleaching intimate places, for example, WhiteAnus. The action of all these cosmetics is based either on one of the substances or on the complex use of several.

Turn to folk remedies

Folk remedies can also be effectively used for whitening intimate places. Among them, the most notable are:

  • Apple vinegar. It is an effective underarm bleach. Before using it, it is necessary to wash and dry the underarm area. Then you should apply vinegar, let it dry and leave to swim. The procedure must be done daily for two weeks.
  • Apple cider vinegar with baking soda. Make a paste of these ingredients by mixing. When the reaction is complete, apply to a clean and dry area of ​​the armpits, wait for it to dry and rinse. The course is at least one week. This is another effective method of bleaching the armpit area.
  • Lemon. Its juice is very effective in skin whitening. Since lemon is safe, you can use it in all intimate areas. Cut the lemon into pieces and rub into the skin, let it dry and do not rinse before bathing. Use this method to achieve the best results should be twice a day during the week.
  • Coffee grounds and lemon juice. We make a scrub, mixing the ingredients in equal proportions, rubbing with light movements, rinse off after 5 minutes. Application course - up to 5 days a week. The result will appear in 2-3 weeks.
  • Parsley and lemon juice with sour cream. We make pasta, mixing all three ingredients in equal quantities. Apply to intimate places, wash off after 20 minutes. The course of using funds - 4 days, then a break. The result may appear after the first week of application.

Precautionary measures

Use tools for whitening intimate places carefully.

Use tools for whitening intimate places carefully, taking into account the reaction of the body and the consequences of their use. That is the question: "Is it worth it?" - should be set constantly. Especially it concerns the use of chemicals. It would seem, a cream with hydroquinone - what is seditious in it? However, after reading the instructions, raising materials about this hydroquinone, a carcinogen that can cause skin cancer, you are already thinking: "Do I need it?".

Basically, it should be remembered that after applying lightening agents, the skin requires moisturizing and nourishing with nutrients. Carefully read the instructions for use and remember that the procedure for bleaching in the axillary areas will be slightly different from other intimate places.

For some people, the issue of clarification of intimate zones in the list of priorities is the last, and for others it is a problem of all personal life. Therefore, if this question is relevant for you, you need to carefully and responsibly approach its solution. Good luck to you!