How to whiten nails at home


Very often, it is not the woman’s clothes or her hairstyle that catches the eye, but inconspicuous details. For example, the state of nails speaks about grooming. Yellow nail plates look unhealthy and ugly. Fortunately, this problem is completely removable. You can whiten your nails with the help of folk methods or with professional tools.

Nail whitening: basic methods

The whitening process is completely safe and healthy. Often, nails are applied to the plates of the nails, which remove yellow spots and lighten the surface. Choose one or another type of bleaching is, knowing the cause of yellowing. The main factors affecting the color of nails include:

Smoking - yellowing causes nicotine and other harmful substances.

Health problems - they can be expressed in the usual lack of micronutrients, and in various diseases. Thus, the yellowing of the surface of the nails is affected by liver and kidney diseases, pulmonary insufficiency, and other diseases.

Fungus - after the defeat of the nail plates, they become brownish-yellowish in color. The thing is that the fungus secretes a coloring pigment. You can also recognize it by smell. Usually with this problem, the nails smell unpleasant.

How to whiten nails at home?

Frequent use of lacquers - formaldehyde is often present in manicure products. With prolonged use, it can cause yellowing of the nail plate. Also the color change is due to lack of oxygen. Nails that are coated with varnish do not breathe for too long. As a result, they begin to turn yellow.

It is clear that before proceeding with the bleaching, it is necessary to understand what caused the yellowing. If you are sick, then no cosmetics will help you. The same applies when the body lacks minerals. Therefore, to start, you can go to the trichologist. He will try to identify the cause and prescribe treatment. As a result, nails while improving well-being over time will become whiter.

If the reason is nail polish, you can do the following. To get started, start taking breaks between periods of applying manicure. For example, walk around with painted nails for 5 days, then take a break of 1-2 days. Only after that you can re-paint the nails. Another solution is to use special varnishes. One of the most popular is American Nail Tek Hydration Therapy Color. These varnishes have a good palette. In addition, they do not contain formaldehyde, which, as mentioned above, leads to yellowing. There are other means for bleaching.

Whitening nail pencil: what is it?

This tool is more cosmetic. It brings only temporary results. Bleaching pencils, in fact, are pencils for a French manicure. It is very easy to use them. Carefully sharpened pencil paint the nail on the inside. It is best to do this procedure at night, because the paint is not resistant and quickly washed off with water. The next morning you will find that the nails have become a little whiter.

Whitening nail polish: how to choose?

How to whiten nails at home?

These tools have already proven themselves with the owners of yellow nails. The most effective varnishes are American manufacturers. For example, Crystal Clear Base Coat quite quickly produces whitening of the nail plate. The tool is a base coat, which is applied as a varnish. Another advantage is the relative cheapness of Crystal Clear Base Coat. Compared to other professional tools, it costs less.

Coverage is more expensive - Swiss Mava-white. A great option for those who think how to whiten their nails. It contains titanium oxide. This substance very quickly restores normal pigmentation, removing yellowness and spots. Mava-white is used as a varnish or base coat.

There are also other professional tools for whitening nails. Among them are powders and masks. One of the American companies has developed the Nail Whitener tool. It is sold in the form of powder, which is used for trays. The tool is produced in separate bags, designed for one-time use. It is diluted in water, and then put his fingers there. Bath do for 10 minutes. For best results, the procedure should be repeated several times.

Nail Clear is a mask for nails. It is applied in a thick layer on each plate. Then you need to wait - the mass turns from white to transparent. It is at this moment that it is removed from the nails.

Nail whitening: folk remedies

How to whiten nails at home?

  • If the nails began to turn yellow recently, then you should try the folk remedies. Incredibly, regular soda, hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice remove stains from nails! Also, some women use toothpaste and sea salt.
  • The easiest option is to make a lemon mask. The only thing is that this method is not suitable for those who have burrs, wounds, etc. damage to the fingers around the nails. It's very simple: you need to squeeze out an arbitrary amount of lemon juice and apply it on your nails. Then you should wait about 5-7 minutes. After that, the juice is washed off with warm water. It is worth remembering that this tool significantly dries the skin of the hands. Therefore, after the procedure, you should lubricate the cuticles with oil or fat cream.
  • Soda and hydrogen peroxide - based on them make whitening masks. To do this, mix both ingredients in a ratio of 2.5 to 1. You should have a pasty mass. It should be applied to the nails. Then you need to wait a few minutes and rinse with water. Peroxide is better to use a low concentration. Also during the holding of this mask weight can start to go with nails. Therefore, you should stock up with an additional bowl to hold your hands over it.
  • Whitening property has the usual toothpaste. From it also make masks. The product is applied to clean, polished nails, and then washed off after 5 minutes. Of course, it is better to use whitening paste.
  • You can combine the pleasant and useful, making the tub of sea salt. As you know, this solution also has whitening properties. To do this, a few tablespoons of salt pour 250 ml of warm water. Trays should be done until the solution has cooled.

How to whiten nails at home? You can use both folk remedies and professional varnishes and masks. Well whiten nails lemon juice, a mixture of soda and hydrogen peroxide, bath on the basis of sea salt. It should be understood that in addition to the choice of the bleaching option, it is also important to establish the reason for yellowing. Nail color can be affected by health, smoking and even frequent varnishing with varnish!