How to weave braids yourself

Any girl dreams of long, beautiful, silky hair. From the most ancient times it was believed that the braid is the main decoration of a woman.. And now Spit is a fashionable hairstyle option. There are many types of braid weaving, these include various harnesses, French braids, Greek braids, fishtail and many others. Braids can be both romantic and strict, both elegant and mischievous. All these hairstyles can be done independently at home.

How to weave braids yourself?How to weave braids yourself?

It is not necessary to braid the usual braid of a special skill, but to weave something more complex - skills are needed. Therefore, you should always start with a simple, gradually increasing the complexity of the work performed. When creating hairstyles usually repelled by simple methods of weaving braids.

What braids can weave yourself?

There are several braid weave patterns that can be offered.

French braid: how to weave?

The French braid is woven from all the hair on the head, bangs are also used. Classic French braid weave butt against the scalp. Such a scythe begin to weave from the forehead to the nape. The method of weaving such a scythe is different from weaving usual. First, three strands are separated, they must be very small.

How to weave braids yourself?How to weave braids yourself?

When braiding, you need to add more hair parts gradually. As a result, all the hair will be woven into one braid. The French braid on the hair will look very beautiful if weave them a little or weave them all over the head making a pattern. In order to braid such a braid, it is not necessary to have very long hair, this hairstyle can fit all hair of any length, of course they should not be very short. This hairstyle has always a very fresh look. This is the most common and versatile type of braids. It is suitable for reception at the party and for going to work. Visually, it is difficult to perform, so others will be delighted with your skill. Weaving such a braid does not take you very much time.

How to weave braids yourself?How to weave braids yourself?

We comb the hair, then we take a strand from the center and divide it into three parts. The right part is thrown over the central part, and then the left strand is thrown through the center. We add equal strands of loose hair to the right and left strands. We must try to take identical strands so that the braid is uniform and neat. To create a more romantic hairstyle, you can take strands thicker, and to make the braid very tight - you need to take thinner locks. We need to weave the braid until all the hair is braided. Fix the end of the pigtail with an elastic band or you can twist it into a bun and pin it with pins.

Braid dragon with his own hands

There is another kind of French braid - dragon dragon.It is woven in exactly the same way as the classic French braid, only when the hair crosses from the left and right sides, the hair seems to be woven under the bottom of the central strand, and not over it.

How to weave braids yourself?How to weave braids yourself?

After each interweaving of hair it is necessary to add a little hair to the extreme hair, as if increasing each successive strand in volume. Then we continue to weave the braid, just put the strands underneath. This braid is more voluminous.

Disheveled french braid

There is another type of French braid - this disheveled braid.

How to weave braids yourself?How to weave braids yourself?

In this hairstyle should be chic. This braid is generally very easy to weave. First, we need to weave the classic French braid. From each place where the strands run along the edges, it will be necessary to stretch some more small ones, but so that the braid does not deteriorate or collapse and the braid strands do not weaken.

Spit Bezel at home

This braid is woven across the head; it is also a type of French braid.

How to weave braids yourself?How to weave braids yourself?

Parting along the line of Rostavolos, we braid the hair in the tails on the sides. We begin to weave a braid about the left ear with one of the variants of the French braid.

We strap strands of medium and equal size. Weave a braid around the head to the right ear. When the hair for adding to the braid is not enough, you can fix it with an elastic band and leave it in the shape of a tail.

How to braid a braid to itself?

From the hair weave a simple tail, which we fasten with a rubber band.

How to weave braid itself?How to weave braid itself?

We divide into two halves and wind in the same direction. Then, after winding them up, you can intertwine with each other, but in a different direction. After that we fix them at the bottom with a rubber band.

The tail can be divided into several parts, and the method of weaving will remain the same.

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Pigtails Plaits with their hands

The technique of weaving such a braid is reminiscent of the weaving of an ordinary French braid. On the head you get a beautiful neat volume relief pattern. This hairstyle is simple in execution, and after several workouts will be performed with a bang.

Parting in the center of the head. Or else we make a parting in the other direction, separating the upper part of the hair from the lower ones. We fix one part of the hair with an elastic band or barrette separately, and from the second we start to act.

How to weave braid itself?How to weave braid itself?

First, it is necessary to separate one strand from the face; it will be directed towards the temple from the parting. Twisting it several times is necessary and clamping it with your hand. When weaving this type of braid, of course, it is better to have an assistant.

Then the second strand is separated with the other hand, it is also twisted and combined with the first strand, then they are twisted and pressed by hand. Then all the strands are separated and repeat all the same as with these strands. This braid twists along the entire length of the hair. We fix the rope with an elastic band. We make the same braid from the hair on the other part of the head. After all the braids are ready, they must be fastened with a rubber band.

Spit Spike itself

Before weaving such a braid, you must first make a bouffant at the roots of the hair, so that the hairstyle is more voluminous. But if your hair is thick, then you can basically do without it.

How to weave braid itself?How to weave braid itself?

Hair begins to be braided from the top of the head, three strands of any thickness are separated: it all depends on which braid you want - thin or thick. The weaving itself is easy to perform and resembles a simple way to create an ordinary braid: the middle strand is covered with the left strand and then the right strand. At this point, you need to grab the remaining hair and weave it into a braid. Strands must be uniform so that the braid has a neat appearance. Weave the braid until the end of the hair, where the roots grow, then weave the braid in any way that you like best. Haircut is ready!

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Spit Fishtail

From the outside, this hairstyle seems to be very difficult and most likely they will tell you that you did it in the salon. But in fact, weaving it is very simple. The main thing is to weave it very carefully and not to hurry.

How to weave braid itself?How to weave braid itself?

The hair is completely combed back, 2 strands of hair are separated from the temples from all the hair. Cross them so that the right was on top of the left. From under the left strand take another strand and cross with the right. Then we take another strand, but already from under the right and cross it already with the thickened left. And in this way we weave a braid. The end of the braid is fastened with an elastic band. Beautifully this hairstyle looks on silky hair and on highlights.

How to weave braids from 6 strands?

Comb the hair from the roots to the bottom, combing all the hair back. On the back of the head, divide the hair into six strands. All strands should be the same thickness, then the braid will be neat and beautiful.

How to weave pigtails of four strands?

It is necessary to put the first strand on the second, then the first strand should be laid under the third, then on top of the fourth, again down under the fifth and sixth strand should be laid under the first. The next step in weaving this braid is laying the second strand in the same way as described above.

Put the third strand on top of the fourth, hold it under the fifth and put it on the sixth, then the end of the strand under the first should be laid, and the second one should be held under the fifth.

At the end of the work, the weaving should look like this: the ends of the strands go to the right and left sides of three pieces each way. Alternate the weaving stages to the very end and fasten the braid at the very end with an elastic band.

Greek braid: how to weave it?

Greek braids are very relevant now. This is a braid that weaves around your head. Weave only on long hair.

How to weave pigtails from strands?How to weave braids?

First, the necessary hair, then apply any styling agent and dry the hair. Then separate the strand above the right ear, divide it into three equal parts and start weaving a French braid, grabbing the locks right and then right. A braid is doped to the left ear and a little more weave an ordinary braid. The resulting braid is fixed behind the left ear and hidden under the hair. Loose hair can be curled as you like.

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These types of hairstyles will help you to always be beautiful in any situation. And you can make such braids yourself at home. And let your friends be surprised at your ability to weave them. When weaving such braids, you can use accessories: ribbons, rubber bands, hairpins. It will complement your feminine image.

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