How to weave a fishtail

Luxurious braid - the pride of Russian beauty. The traditions of weaving Volosnaya Rus were associated not only with the desire of the fair sex to beautify themselves, but also noted important stages in the life of a woman: maturation, marriage, and the birth of children. No wonder that the ways of weaving a braid appeared over time a great many.

How to weave a fishtail?

No matter how windy fashion changes, spitalways remains relevant, feminine and stylish hairdo. Interesting and original looks spit fish tail.

Spit fish tail: how to weave yourself?

To braid a fishtail pigtail, you need a comb, spray with water or any moisturizer for hair, gum, hairpins, hairpins and of course a little patience.

Decide what hairstyle you want to get in the end, because variations on the theme of fishtail set. It is best to start learning with a spit braided from the side, as it is easier to master it yourself than weaving it from the back of the crown. In any case, the most important thing for you is to master. basics of fish tail weaving technique.

Spit fish tail: how to weave yourself?

  1. First stagefish tail weaving - hair preparation. Well comb your hair, sprinkling it with water or your usual moisturizer to care for curls. You can weave a pigtail fish tail on freshly washed, slightly dried hair. This is important because it is easier to divide moisturized hair into thin strands necessary for weaving a braid.
  2. Second phase - directly weaving braids. Divide the hair into two equal parts. Select a small strand from one part, transfer it to another part of the hair. Hold the weave with your hands so that it does not tangle. Now take the same strand from the opposite part of the hair and pour it into another part, crossing it with the first strand. Thus, continue weaving, crossing the strands from the left, then from the right, pouring them into the opposite part of the hair. Take strands from the bottom of the hair, so the hair will look smoother and neater. Reaching the very tip of the braid, secure the finished hair with a rubber band or barrette.

Spit fish tail: weaving stages

If you find it difficult to braid immediately braid fish tail on your own, try to make this hairstyle, after collecting hair in a ponytail. So hair will be less scattered during weaving.

What hair can we weave a fishtail?

Argued thatspit fish tail Available only for girls with long straight hair. This is not true. The original hairstyle can be done on the hair of medium length, curly hair, thin hair.

Important right pick up the density of fish tail weaving.

  • For classic elegant weaving it is necessary to weave the braid tight. This hairstyle is easier to perform on straight or well-prepared moisturized hair.

Spit fish tail: disheveled version

  • To get trendy in 2013Negligent hairstyle effect fish tail is woven freely enough. The finished braid can be slightly tousled by tugging, pulling it in opposite directions. Such weaving is ideal for curly hair and fine hair, which is previously recommended to gently comb to give volume.

Options for hairstyles based on a fishtail braid

Mastered fish tail weaving, You significantly diversify your daily and solemn hairstyles. It all depends on the density of the braided braid, the number of braids and the variety of accessories.

  • Slightly disheveled fish tail, decorated with ribbons, live or artificial flowers, beads - version of the romantic feminine hairstyle, relevant both in everyday life and on a date.
  • Braid several fishtail braids, starting from the temples and the forehead. Stretch them, creating the effect of lace, and collect the ends in a sloppy bundle, securing the studs. Graceful solemn hairstyle ready!

Spit fish tail: how to weave?

  • Bold and stylishLooks like a fish tail with woolen threads or colored laces woven into it. For this hairstyle, fasten several threads or laces with a simple knot on the hair, separating the small strands on the back of the head from the rest of the curls. After this, braid the fishtail braid as usual.
  • The same hairstyle will look soft and fresh, if the threads are replaced with thin satin ribbons. By the way hair with accessories woven into them look much thicker and more voluminous!

Cord fishtail with drawstring

How to weave a fishtail: tips for beginners

  • Fishtail hairstyle will look finished and stylish, if the gum that secures the braid, wrap a thin strand of hair.
  • To achieve asymmetry hairstyles, which has not gone out of fashion for several seasons, just pull the braid in different directions in several places along the entire length.

Spit fish tail: scheme

Spit fish tail in the technique of the French spit: scheme

  • It is interesting! Apply a little nourishinghair oils (burdock, avocado, almond) before weaving fish tail. The main thing is to retreat away from the root zone, smearing the curls only along the length to avoid the effect of dirty hair. You'll get perfect hairstyle, and your hair will feed all this time natural mask.

Get compliments of your wonderful spit fish tail, master different variants of its weaving, change images, inspire others with your luxurious hairstyle and learn to weave braids beautifully!

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