How to weave a braid inside out


The reverse "French" braid, which has an alternative name - "Danish" is one of the options for a quick, but very interesting hairstyle. Having mastered this weaving, you will be able to create even more unusual styling, both for the everyday look and for the solemn one. How to braid such a braid and how to diversify it?

How to weave a braid inside out?

How to weave a braid on eversion?

In essence, only its definition suggests that the algorithm of operation is completely identical to that which accompanies the "French" braid, only the actions are mirrored. And to a greater extent this applies to the direction of stacked strands. We suggest you consider first the basic technology for the "dragon" on the center parting, and then try to complicate the task - for example, to make a cross-braid around your head.

  • Wash your head without using a mask - restrict yourself with a balm, otherwise the hair will be heavy, and for such a hairstyle this is undesirable. Dry them with a hairdryer, process the tips with indelible oil or emulsion - this will make them neat, remove electrification.
  • When weaving any braids, it is important that the hair is obedient, not stick in different directions, so keep with yourself a moisturizing spray or clean water in a bottle with a spray. Styling products are undesirable because they can make hair heavier.
  • Scrape the entire fabric back, use the knitting needles on the comb to separate the front area from the temple to the temple, divide it into 3 equal parts. Get the right under the center, changing their places, fingers hold the place of the "meeting". Repeat these actions on the left side: now the right strand should become left, the middle one should be right, the left one should be middle.Distribute hair into 3 partsBraid weaving patternHow to weave a braid
  • In the next step, using the same comb on the right, take the same part of the hair in terms of volume as any of the three workers. Add it to the main right, get under the center. Do the same on the left.French braidSpit contraryhow to weave a braid on the contraryAction scheme

Continue to pick up new strands from the free mass, adding them only to the side working strands. When there will be nothing to take, just dock the braid from what is left in the hand. The scheme of action remains the same: each part should be placed under the central, and not on it, as they do to create a "French" braid. Pull off the tip with a silicone rubber band.

Hairstyle design ideas

This braid is in itself an ornament that attracts attention, and, on top of that, it visually makes hair thicker because of its technology. However, if you want to go with a backslash for a holiday, you will probably want to add something to it to make the image more interesting.

Types of weaving braids on the contrary

  • Method 1: simplest. Clamp the tip of the finished braid tightly in your hand, without putting the elastic on it. Start pulling the links to the side and up, walking along the weaving from the top down. The larger the link, the more it pulls. That is, by the end of the spit should be slightly narrowed, as it was originally. After it is necessary to secure it with a rubber band, the hair can be sprinkled with varnish.
  • Method 2: school. Split the entire mass of hair in a horizontal parting into 2 equal parts, weave each of them over the braid from the temple, guiding it above the ear and ending with about 3 fingers behind it. Collect both tresses in the tail a little below the top of the crown, mix it well, pull it out if necessary. Wrap the base of the tail with a wide strand taken from it, secure it with an invisible one.
  • Method 3: combined. Change the direction of weaving, displaying it not from the crown (or slightly higher), but because of the ear. In this case, the spit will bend around the back of the head, dropping to the opposite side at the back of the head with a soft diagonal. When it turns out to be braided, from it, as described above, the links are pulled out, after which the braid is folded into a bundle. The tip is hidden, the hairstyle is stabbed with pins and stealth.

This technique can be used not only in the "French" braid, where all the strands are picked up by levels, but also in the ordinary one, when the mass of hair is immediately divided into 3 parts and does not undergo an increase in their volume. Such a move looks very interesting if you make 3 identical tails on the back of your head, braid the back braid out of each one, stretch its links, and then lay the braids horizontally, forming a big bunch. This technology is loved by professionals who create wedding hairstyles.

Wedding hair styling ideas

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the curl can be done in the same way as any other: make buns, knots, buns, bows out of it, use it for waterfalls, crowns and other complicated hairstyles. The main thing is to have sufficient hair length for this and be able to correctly perform the basic algorithm.